• How To Make A 2 Stroke Exhaust Pipe Look Incredible!
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    How To Make A 2 Stroke Exhaust Pipe Look Incredible!

    hey what’s going on guys how have you been so I’ve got a really cool project coming your way today been getting a lot of questions asking what am I gonna do for exhaust on the CR 350 bill so I’ve got that figured out got the system here behind me so let me show you what’s up so here’s the pipe it is a custom hand welded pipe by DPR out of the Netherlands very very cool-looking pipe exactly what I wanted for this build but there’s a few things I want to do to it beforehand mainly I’ll show you right here it seems like after the after…

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    (slow electronic music) (reggae music) (singing in foreign language) (speaks foreign language) Huntys and Huncles! (speaks foreign language) means what’s up or how you doin’ in Jamaican. Well, I should say Patois because that’s what they call their lingo here. It’s Patois! So (speaks foreign language). Let me know (speaks foreign language) in the comments below. (laughs) Anyways, today, I’m about to give you a room tour. Okay, this ain’t no damn room. This is a condo, okay! This is a damn condo! It’s called a presidential suite. So let’s go ahead and start at the front foyer. Yeah, because there is a front foyer up in here, okay? Alright,…

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    Implementing Android In-App Billing – The Zen of Monetization #7

    Within the Billing API, you can integrate in-app billing into your Android applications. Hi. I’m Neto Marin. In a previous episode, we looked at what you can offer to users through in-app billing. In this episode, let’s implement it. To make it generally more comfortable, we created a [INAUDIBLE] implementation for in-app billing version 3 API called Trivial Drive. This app includes convenience class to quick setup the in-app billing service. You can import this sample from Android Studio or use a GUID to clone repository. But before we actually start coding, I will help you to set up your app in the Google Play Developer Console and prepare development…

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    Unity Packages for AdMob Mediation – Mobile Ads Garage #15

    [MUSIC PLAYING] ANDREW BROGDON: Hey, everybody. I’m agent Brogdon and welcome back to the Mobile Ads Garage. Today, with the help of my partner, Gary the Graphics Guy, [SWOOSH] We’re going to cover some new resources for Unity Publishers using AdMob mediation. Now, a while back, we did an episode in this series that talked about open source mediation adapters for Android and iOS. I think, we had three or four adapters for each platform at that point. But since then, we’ve gotten that number up to an even dozen, which we maintain in partnership with some of the networks that have joined our open source initiative. So that’s 12…

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    Women’s Best Review | Slim Body Shake, BCAA’s & More

    What’s up it’s Vanessa coming at you with another video and this one is gonna be my women’s best review video I have seen this all over Instagram and I was really really curious to try these products if you guys like videos like this don’t forget to give the video a huge thumbs up it does help me out tons so don’t forget to enter my giveaway guys I’m having a huge giveaway on my Instagram all the instructions will be in the description box down below and the giveaway ends May 31st and it is open internationally also don’t forget to subscribe on your way out and let’s…

  • How to 10 times your profit online – simple steps – JR Fisher
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    How to 10 times your profit online – simple steps – JR Fisher

    hey guys JR Fisher here I want to share with you a way that you can actually ten times your income right now okay so you’ve probably heard that you know to make more money you’ve got to do several things you’ve either got to sell more to the customers you currently have or you got to get more customers or you’ve got to sell at a higher price to the customers you have now so I’m going to tell you a method here that we do and it’s it’s amazing how many people miss this they don’t do it and it costs them tons and tons of money and…

  • Sales Hunter – How to track and List items from your eBay competition
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    Sales Hunter – How to track and List items from your eBay competition

    sales hunter in today’s video tutorial we will present our most advanced tool to date we call it sales hunter the sales hunter can track stores on me they grab their recently sold items and list those items to your store with the eBay title or Amazon title whichever you prefer the sales hunter is featured in our global settings area here you will be able to find it when scrolling through the global settings page and when you reach it you can set it to your preferences so who can use sales hunter all sale freaks members can use it but with some restrictions depending on your plan bronze…

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    – What’s up, crazies! It’s your girl LaToya Forever. Did you miss me? I know, I missed you too. Come here. Give me hug. Give me a hug. And give me a little kiss, you know what I’m saying? Right here on my cheek. (kissing) You know what I’m saying? I missed you! Why do I sound like Cardi B? You know what I’m saying? Anyways, today’s video is sponsored by the world’s largest thrift store, a.k.a. thredUP. You know what I’m saying? Y’all, I was on that website and I went hammer time. I went crazy ordering stuff. You could get top-of-the-line brands. I’m talking about $500 dresses for…

  • Zero Risk Way to Make Thousands of Dollars Every Month Online
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    Zero Risk Way to Make Thousands of Dollars Every Month Online

    what’s going on guys welcome to the video so today I got another great tutorial of cashback arbitrage and a cashback website test song calm that you can utilize to get free products and also very very cheap products if you want to you know experience all of those you can get very very cheap products as well I personally just use this as a cashback website to get free products and then you can utilize this website to get those free products to your door and then resell them back on online like sites like Poshmark Macari ebay i don’t recommend you resell them back on amazon like i…

  • Marketing Live 2019: Delivering frictionless experiences with app deep linking on mobile
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    Marketing Live 2019: Delivering frictionless experiences with app deep linking on mobile

    SPEAKER: Did you know that it takes the average shopper at least six visits to an app or a mobile website, searching at least three different categories, before they check out? I think we all know this from our own shopping behavior. People move between websites and apps constantly, but it’s not always a seamless experience. My biggest pet peeve is when I go and click on a website, and it doesn’t bring me automatically to the app that I’m already signed in and have on my phone. It drives me nuts. Like come on, it’s 2019. I’d love if somebody could make it easier. Well, the Google Mobile team…