• Increase E-Commerce Store Conversion
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    Increase E-Commerce Store Conversion

    let’s talk about e-commerce store conversions and a few tips that will help you increase Hi Justin Christianson in here the co-founder and president of conversion fanatics and the number one best-selling author of conversion fanatic how to double your customer sales and profits with a be testing and today we’re going to talk about e-commerce store conversions now ecommerce stores have been popping up left and right now thanks to solutions like Shopify magento and it’s making it easier and easier for people to sell amazing products and actually do it quite well but what happens when you want to increase your store conversions well here are a few…

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    Testing Your Product and Getting Feedback: Crash Course Business Entrepreneurship #7

    To figure out if an idea is as good as we think it is, we have to talk to our customers. We’ve said it over and over again. We have to ask them what they like, dislike, want, or need, and we want honest feedback about our product or service. But… how? Just walk up to them on the street? Or in the produce aisle? Or in spin class? Start babbling about value propositions and minimum viable products? That’s definitely how you make friends. As entrepreneurs, we’re creative problem solvers willing to take risks for our ideas — and this is part of that risk-taking. We have to be the…

  • 🔴A.M. Tech Talk 3/15: Let’s talk E-commerce.
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    🔴A.M. Tech Talk 3/15: Let’s talk E-commerce.

    there are a bunch of free solutions and you might be interested oh here we go live on Facebook I’ll be right back um hey it’s Sara from close to the Earth IT services and today I’m going to be talking about e-commerce solutions and I’m all fired up about this because there are so many cool solutions for e-commerce now and so many ways that you can promote in like bring people from social media into your e-commerce funnel that it is too exciting to ignore and I also want to talk about my unlikely mentor and you if you know me you’ll not freaking believe this so the…

  • Mike Webster: DocuSign Leads Top Stocks As Coronavirus Stock Market Attempts A Rally
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    Mike Webster: DocuSign Leads Top Stocks As Coronavirus Stock Market Attempts A Rally

    okay hello everybody and welcome to investing with IBD sponsored by market Smith today is March 25th 2020 I’m your host Irusha Peiris and with me again dude you can I get rid of me I have not left this spot I don’t even need to introduce you anymore I almost think that it should be investing with IBD with Mike Webster always Mike and Russia yeah dude Mike Webster’s here again head of market strategy at investors business daily thanks for being here once again Mike of quiet my new co-host yes you know Chris Gessle in the in the very beginning started off did the first three episodes…

  • Want Instant BOOST?!? | Elmer Racing/Turbosmart Spool Valve Experiment [TECH NUGGET]
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    Want Instant BOOST?!? | Elmer Racing/Turbosmart Spool Valve Experiment [TECH NUGGET]

    – One of the problems when it comes to turbocharger performance is balacing outright power with boost response. It’s easy to go and bolt a massive turbocharger on an engine and make a lot of power at high RPM but of course this absolutely kills low RPM response. In particular if you’re talking about a street car, that low RPM response is often much more important than the maximum power that you’re making at let’s say 8000, maybe 9000 RPM. One of the solutions that’s been around for a while to deal with this is the addition of a spool valve. Now while there’s nothing particularly new with the spool…

  • Products Liability | KBG Injury Law
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    Products Liability | KBG Injury Law

    Every day defective products injure people. Manufacturers have a moral and legal obligation to make sure their products are designed safely and do not injure or endanger consumers. They are liable for the products they introduced to society. The effects of product liability injuries can be devastating. Products liability cases usually involve complicated legal and factual issues and are among the most complex cases in our legal system. Under Pennsylvania state law you may file a products liability claim based on negligence strict liability and breach of warranty. To prove a product liability claim, you will need to be able to demonstrate that the product was defective and caused your…

  • How To Teach A Child To Read – In Two Weeks
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    How To Teach A Child To Read – In Two Weeks

    Do you want to give your child the best chance to be successful in school? Then let me show you how to teach them to read the right way. And don’t worry that they’re too young. This new method I’m about to show you has been used to teach children younger than 3 years old how to read! But first, I need to make you aware of some important new findings. The Whole Language Method is no longer the recommended method for teaching children to read. That method teaches children to learn complete words based on their shape. In the long run, this will slow your children’s reading mastery. Because…

  • 5 Tips for Product Photography at Home | BL Quick Tips
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    5 Tips for Product Photography at Home | BL Quick Tips

    Hey, there. I’m Tom from BorrowLenses.com and as you can see, i’m not in the studio, but actually in my home. At the time of filming, many of us around the US are stuck at home and might be looking for some interesting projects to take on. I take a lot of product photos in our studio at the office, but also at home on my own time. Today, i’m going to give you a few tips on how to shoot macro product photography at home with a limited setup, and a little bit of creativity. It’s a ton of fun to photograph small objects like figurines or jewelry or…

  • MSOE 2020 Winter Commencement
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    MSOE 2020 Winter Commencement

    (upbeat music) – Good morning. On behalf of the entire university community, welcome to the 2020 Winter Commencement at the Milwaukee School of Engineering. Thank you to all in attendance today for being a part of this special celebration. We are gathered here to celebrate an important milestone in the lives of our newest graduates of MSOE so let me be the first to say congratulations. It is also worth noting that February, leap day today, is our last day in February is also Black History Month. So it is fitting that we remember the first African American alumnus of MSOE. Mr. Clarence LaRue was born on December 20 1923,…

  • OIL & WATER (full documentary HD) oil industry Cajun deepwater horizon feature film
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    OIL & WATER (full documentary HD) oil industry Cajun deepwater horizon feature film

    His grandpa was a fisherman, years ago His daddy was a fisherman–sane–they used to fish, pulling the nets in the water, and when my my great-grandfather looked at my grandfather one day, they saw a boat coming with an engine in it. They had never seen that before. They were rowing out there. And all of a sudden, this guy throws in a net and a set of wooden doors and man, they were pulling nets by hand. He turned to my grandpa and said, “you’re looking at the end of the shrimp right there.” He thought that was it. Every modern… Technology Technology, man. That was technology. My grandfather…