• Dialogflow Intents: Know what your users want [Basics 1/3]
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    Dialogflow Intents: Know what your users want [Basics 1/3]

    [MUSIC PLAYING] DANIEL IMRIE-SITUNAYAKE: Hey, everyone. This is the first of three videos that will teach you the basics of Dialogflow, an incredible tool for building conversational experiences that help your users get things done. My name’s Dan Imrie-Situnayake and I’m a developer advocate at Google. In this video, we’re going to talk about intent matching, which is how we figure out what a user wants. When we’re building a conversational experience, our number one task is to understand what our users are saying. With Dialogflow, our fundamental tool for doing this is the intent. We create an intent for anything a user might request. In this example, we’ll create…

  • Overview Of the Google Analytics Platform
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    Overview Of the Google Analytics Platform

    [Music Playing] NICK MIHAILOVSKI: In the past, analytics has been, put some JavaScript code on your site. There’s this black box called Google Analytics which processes this data, and then you see the data in your reports. Can you talk a little bit about how the API makes that process different? And some of the components that had it and thought that went through architecting this new API. RUTH DOANE: Sure. We hope that the front end of Google Analytics has given you a lot of helpful, good ideas, examples of how to interpret and understand your data. But we think that you might have some good ideas maybe even…