• Ecwid Review | Best of Ecwid Paid Features | Ecwid Pricing Review
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    Ecwid Review | Best of Ecwid Paid Features | Ecwid Pricing Review

    A venture plan currently costs 15$ per month and includes some incredible features making it the plan with the highest value for small business looking to increase their online revenue. Access to Unfinished Sales One of the Venture plan’s top features is the ability to checkout unfinished sales. These unfinished sales are orders that were started by customers but never actually paid. In the following example we can see that there are over 325$ of unfinished sales just sitting there. You could let those 325$ go, or be proactive and make some easy sales. You can approach the problem by contacting your client a week or so after they did…

  • Weebly Review and Pricing for 2019
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    Weebly Review and Pricing for 2019

    So you’ve got a great idea for business and you need to get that business online, eh? Well fortunately for you it’s never been easier to build your own beautiful website with absolutely no coding skills whatsoever. There’s a lot of different platforms you can choose from but I’m going to show you why Weebly is the best web design platform out there. So one of the biggest things people are concerned about when they are having to build their own website is dealing all that behind the scenes background techie stuff. The DNS settings and IP addresses and all that nonsense. So fortunately, with Weebly you don’t have to…

  • Make a Free eCommerce Website in 5min! No Programming
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    Make a Free eCommerce Website in 5min! No Programming

    Hi everyone. This is Daniella from Daniella.io and today I have some pretty awesome news! Ecwid just made their online store even better. Check it out! You can now turn your store into a full blown website, for free. They have added a cover photo section for your value proposition with a clear call to action. Right underneath you have your store, a testimonial/recommendation area, an about us section, and a map with contact information. This is a very modern design that you can fully customize without needing any programming knowledge. So, today we are going to have a look at how to customize this awesome new storefront that you…