• Live to Fight Another Day – 18 DAYS
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    Live to Fight Another Day – 18 DAYS

    Come down off your hill and fight me, blade to blade. What blade, boy? Yield, child. You do not have a chance. Yield? Never! Get down! Run, boy! You’re beaten. Let me find another weapon, then I… You are BEATEN! I did not realise I’d raised a fool! What madness possessed you to challenge Bheeshma? Madness? The madness is letting Bheeshma rule the battlefield! Someone needs to stop him! That someone being you? You? A mere boy! I am not afraid, father! But I am, son. Afraid for you. You have skill, you have talent, no man denies that. Bheeshma is our grandfather, Abhimanyhu. He is a super-warrior from a…

  • Gatok’s Oath – 18 DAYS
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    Gatok’s Oath – 18 DAYS

    Bhima’s half-rakshasa son? You are hard to ignore, especially after your stunt today. Please, Sire, do not let anyone else know. Least of all my father. Your father deserves to know who saved him. You should be sitting beside him as it was your victory today, as much as it was his. Come, join us. Your uncles and cousins are all eager to greet you. You have become a mighty warrior, Gatokacha. It is time to embrace your destiny. I… I cannot, Sire. I cannot reveal my true heritage and betray my mother’s promise to my noble father. I shall fight, but as a common soldier. I will only join…

  • The Burden Of Kings – 18 DAYS
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    The Burden Of Kings – 18 DAYS

    But he should value their sacrifice. That is the burden of kings. They follow the path of victory. The western flank weakens, my lord. Shall I withdraw the troops, Karna? And victory is paid for in blood. No, add two more divisions. In the horned formation. Trap the enemy. Then obliterate them. Ha! Look at them! The Pandavas crumble! They flee! They abandon the battlefield! It is a slaughter! They should have surrendered to me when they had their chance! Yudish, you arrogant fool! Yet again you gamble it all, and lose! Surrender? Yes, the Pandavas should have surrendered… …When Krishna sued for peace, in Hastinapura. Yudish is an arrogant…

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    Just The Beginning – 18 DAYS

    Aaargh! Ugh! Aaah! Stop, Bhima! it’s finished brother Finished?! No, brother… It’s just begun. I tell you, lads, fighting elephants gives you one hell of an appetite! Get me more wine! More meat! More rice! More everything! Ah! That’s good! Where was I? The storm! Tell us about the storm! What happened? I don’t mind telling you boys it was a close thing. Closer than I’ve ever experienced. I felt the shadow of Yama upon me. Then the storm came… I don’t know who brought it upon the battle but if it wasn’t for that whirlwind… … I wouldn’t be feasting here now. Not celebrating with the others, my friend?…

  • The Value of Sacrifice – 18 DAYS
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    The Value of Sacrifice – 18 DAYS

    Such extraordinary skill deserved reward. Ask anything of me, and I will give it to you. I wish nothing, my lord… …but to fight him. I have many kingdoms yet as maharajah I cannot rule them all. Anga lacks a ruler. It is yours, Karna. That makes him a king, and a noble. Is that good enough for you, Yudish? Let Arjuna and Karna fight. There shall be no fight. The tournament is over. What trickery is this, grandfather? Let them fight! No trick, Duryodhana. The sun has set. The day is ended. Put down your weapons. As you wish, grandsire. Cowards. They hide behind the skirts of an old…

  • A Wounded Tiger – 18 DAYS
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    A Wounded Tiger – 18 DAYS

    …there is one within Duryodhana’s court whose equal to Arjuna in all things. I.. I am firm. You and Gatokacha must remain here. When war comes… I’ll go alone. [MONSTER GROWL] Ugh! Uff! Resting? Mighty Bhima? [ELEPHANT TRUMPETS] It seems as though the stories of your legendary strength seem to have been exaggerations. I am disappointed… When you’ve come to talk; talk. But when you’ve come to fight… That was a dishonorable blow – A true Super-Warrior… – Shut up! Pick up your weapon! Ugh! Do you… Heh… Think this fight’s gonna be won by your toy? What?! Impossible! Yeaaargh!

  • Terror Of The Night – 18 DAYS
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    Terror Of The Night – 18 DAYS

    I am the irresistible storm. No… no… NO! I am the summoned nightmare. I am stalking fear. I am the terror that night brings. My lord, the elephants are being destroyed! We must flee! What? Coward! Victory is at hand! But…UGH! This battle is not over until I say so! Not until Bhima is dead! Charge! Destroy Bhima! Bhagadatta seeks to slay this man. That I cannot allow. They still attack. They are brave. Yet they are fools. And they are doomed. What’s happening? I can’t see anything! That storm’s unnatural, it’s blocking all the wavelengths! I suggest we move, Sire. Swiftly. What? Why? Now, Sire? Aaah! Did an elephant…

  • Born Warriors – 18 DAYS
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    Born Warriors – 18 DAYS

    Stay back! I’ll deal with this! Yearrrgh! Ha! You’re nothing but an over grown worm! I like the way you fight, boy. Who taught you? My… my father. It’s good! In your face! None of this hanging back and shooting arrows! He must be proud to have a son like you! Proud? I fear he would be angry, if how knew I fought here. Angry? Why? You are a warrior born. He has forbidden me to take part in this war. Then he is a fool. You were right to ignore him. Surely it is the duty of a son to obey his father? And it is the duty of…

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    Hi guys, welcome back to my channel. so, today we are doing something different. today we’re not doing a makeup video. I’m just going to show you guys like what I’ve thrifted over the past couple of days. I don’t know if a lot of you know but, I’m a fashion reseller on Poshmark, Mercari, Ebay, Esty, oh and depop. Yeah. So, my boyfriend actually found this one. it’s an NFL jersey. It’s actually in mint condition. It’s like brand new; I don’t even think its been worn before. It’s a large. It’s got the Nike on it. So,this is actually already listed on a couple of my platforms for…