• Walmart’s E-Commerce Business is Big, But is the Stock Worth Buying?
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    Walmart’s E-Commerce Business is Big, But is the Stock Worth Buying?

    Mac Greer: Let’s start with Walmart. Stronger than expected earnings. 11 straight quarters of sales growth now. E-commerce sales up 43%. And, Walmart raised full-year guidance. That all sounds great. And then I go and I quote the stock, and shares are down. Andy Cross: Of course, one day, the stock price can move on a lot of reasons. The story here with Walmart, as we talked about last quarter, is really the e-commerce, the change that they’re really trying to push ahead. Even the commentary, there’s so much conversation about the investments they’re making in more sophisticated distribution. Warehouses, online grocery, delivery, grocery pickup is a big push for…

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    Inxeption Onboarding Process – Inxeption, an Industrial-Strength eCommerce Platform

    Get started with Inxeption by setting up your Inxeption I-commerce website. Pick a template and customize it with branding. You own the look and feel of your site. Every template works seamlessly with various digital marketing platforms. Have an existing eCommerce presence? Or prefer WordPress? Integrate with the platform and Supercart using the Inxeption plugin. Choose a first set of products or services to upload to the Product Ledger. Add graphics, product information, pricing and transaction tools, such as custom logistics options and subscription billing. This Product Ledger becomes the core of your digital transformation. Add an infinite number of products and scale your business through multiple channels. Watch orders…

  • How to Increase Sales (QUICKLY)
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    How to Increase Sales (QUICKLY)

    Hey everyone, it’s Jessica with Oberlo, and today we’ll talk about how you can sell products as quickly as possible, using 3 proven marketing tactics. Done right, each of these tactics has the potential to make you sales — fast. Method 1: Promote your products in online groups and forums. Online group and forums are great places to engage with customers on a personal level. Plus, 20% of Americans recommend their favorite products in forums. What’s more, around 33% of marketers choose to market their brands on forums to reach a bigger audience within a specific niche. Bottom-line? These places present a great opportunity to get your products out there…

  • Indian E-commerce is about to change | Reliance E-Commerce | Case Study
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    Indian E-commerce is about to change | Reliance E-Commerce | Case Study

    Recently if you have seen news, you might know that That mukesh ambani is entering the ecommerce field. Here he is going to compete with amazon,flipkart Paytm , big players. But there’s a twist here When did he declared this news? When government changed some rules of FDI. Because they were doing some illegal activities. I’ve already told you about this in the last video. Governement has declared that these companies can not work on inventory Because 100% FDI doesn’t exist in the ecommerce field. And they created a loophole and they were operating illegally and also they were providing enormous discounts. Which affected the offline stores. side by side…

  • Retail VS. Ecommerce | Natasha Courtenay-Smith
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    Retail VS. Ecommerce | Natasha Courtenay-Smith

    – We’ve just driven across Oxford Street, and we’ve been looking at all the shoppers in Oxford Street. And obviously what we do is e-commerce retail, and similar sort of brands that are on Oxford Street, like mass consumer brands. And it just got me thinking about the expectations between a shop and e-commerce. Now nobody expects that every customer that comes to their store is gonna buy, so if you’re in a shop, that’s really prevalent because however many people walk through the door, not everybody buys. In e-commerce you see the same thing and it’s a conversion rate, like X number of people come in, 2.5% good target…

  • An introduction to eCommerce for small business – Small Business Victoria Workshops
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    An introduction to eCommerce for small business – Small Business Victoria Workshops

    G’day. It’s Tim Gentle, and we are talking eCommerce or selling online. So what sort of things can you sell online? Well of course you can sell products but you can also sell services, time. Say you’re a hairdresser, people could book an appointment online. Now we can sell eProducts, those are the electronic products, things like PDFs or audio files or videos. We can accept donations, we can sell subscriptions and we can also sell gift certificates. There’s so much out there. Okay. So we know what we can sell online, but what are the benefits? Well first of all people are getting more and more confident in buying…