• Journalizing Using a Perpetual Inventory System
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    Journalizing Using a Perpetual Inventory System

    This video is on journalizing using a perpetual inventory system, please pause the video and make sure you have a piece of paper so that we may record the journal entries together on the books of the purchaser and the seller. Okay let’s read the directions, journalize the following transactions on the book of the purchaser and seller assuming they both use a perpetual inventory system. On October 2nd Costco, Inc. sold merchandise to MSK, Inc. for $470, terms to 2/10, n/30 – FOB destination (Inventory sold cost Costco $200), so what we’re gonna do is determine who is the purchaser and who is the seller. Now if Costco sold…

  • eBay and Craiglist, the reality of doing business.
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    eBay and Craiglist, the reality of doing business.

    A lot of people want to ask me questions about how I operate my Business, and so I thought I would [just] go [ahead] and put together a little video here Talking about some of the realities of doing business particularly on ebay and Craigslist So the first thing I want to go over is I’ve compiled a list of the six most common questions that I get asked from Potential Buyers on eBay The very first question on the list the most commonly asked question is what condition is it in? Now in order for you to understand. Why this is ludicrous? I want to show you a sample…

  • Checking the status of a return and refund on eBay
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    Checking the status of a return and refund on eBay

    In this video, we’ll explain our return process and refund policy. You should’ve already received confirmation that your return request has been sent to the seller and the date the seller has to respond by. You can check the status of your return by going to My eBay at the top of your screen. on the My eBay page find the item you’ve submitted a return request for and click on the See Return Details button. This will take you back to the Return Details page showing the status of your return. if you haven’t received a response from the seller or a return shipping label you’ll have to wait…

  • ebay | How To | Return an item on eBay
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    ebay | How To | Return an item on eBay

    We hope you love your purchases on eBay, however we know that sometimes you may need to return an item you’ve bought. In this video, we’ll show you how to submit a return request to your seller on eBay. First, login to your account on eBay.com. Go to my eBay at the top of the screen and click Purchase history. On this page, you’ll see a list of all your recent eBay purchases. Find the item you’d like to return and to the right of this click on More actions and select Return this item in the drop down menu. If your item is defective or doesn’t match the description…