• eBay Everyday Heroes – Extraordinary Impact
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    eBay Everyday Heroes – Extraordinary Impact

    [MUSIC PLAYING] My daughter is an addict. I have found that if I can help other people who are ready to heal, it actually is extremely healing for me. Because of the amount of products that we sell on eBay, then we’re able to take a percentage of that and create star ceilings for children with special needs. Jamie was born with no left hand. We’re going to print out this arm and see what happens. Now he’s got a bionic arm. He’s showing it off all over the place. We sell so that we can feed. We can take care of human needs. We can take care of people…

  • Using Google Grants for Non-Profit Advertising in AdWords
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    Using Google Grants for Non-Profit Advertising in AdWords

    Hello. My name is Tara, and today I’m going to be talking to you about AdWords for charities. So Google offer a special scheme called Google Grants, which allows charities and non-profits to get $10,000 a month in ad spend absolutely free. This video is going to look at who is eligible for this scheme, how it works, and different ways that you can use it. So to be eligible you need to be registered as an official charity in your country. It varies from country to country, but there will be an official body that you need to register with in order to be eligible for the scheme. You…

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    An eBay for Charity Story: A Little More Good in the World

    Most of us would like to do good more of the time than we actually do. So why don’t we do more? I think the biggest reason is that we don’t believe we could make enough of a difference. Let me start at the beginning. Sarah and I love to travel. We can go practically anywhere. We love a road trip. We’d both been active in anti-apartheid politics and we had a multiracial family. And all of a sudden Mandela was out of prison. And I looked at her and said, we have to go. We had to sell everything we owned except for our house. Got on a plane,…

  • An eBay for Charity Story: More Than Just a Second Chance
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    An eBay for Charity Story: More Than Just a Second Chance

    eBay is opportunity. Most of my life I felt like I just wanted to do what I wanted with no planing ahead. I burned a lot of bridges with people. No one wanted to be near me. I’ve always had interest in comics and my big passion is video games. If I’m having a bad time, I could just escape to that. The power I probably wish I had the most When I was a kid was invisibility. So when I embarrassed myself, no one would see me. Growing up I was never really accustomed to relying on others. Why not just be invisible and away from people. I couldn’t…

  • Welcome to Google Ad Grants
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    Welcome to Google Ad Grants

    Welcome to Google’s Ad Grants program social good is a core tenet at Google and we are grateful for the work nonprofits such as you do to make the world a better place. We are pleased to support you with Google’s advertising tools and services. Thousands of organizations serving a variety of causes find benefit from our program, from arts and culture such as museums, theater and film, zoos and botanical gardens, humanitarian efforts such as providing access to clean water, educating girls on computer programming, and so much more. AdWords is the tool that enables your organization to appear on Google right at the moment it matters– when someone’s…

  • The Value of Sacrifice – 18 DAYS
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    The Value of Sacrifice – 18 DAYS

    Such extraordinary skill deserved reward. Ask anything of me, and I will give it to you. I wish nothing, my lord… …but to fight him. I have many kingdoms yet as maharajah I cannot rule them all. Anga lacks a ruler. It is yours, Karna. That makes him a king, and a noble. Is that good enough for you, Yudish? Let Arjuna and Karna fight. There shall be no fight. The tournament is over. What trickery is this, grandfather? Let them fight! No trick, Duryodhana. The sun has set. The day is ended. Put down your weapons. As you wish, grandsire. Cowards. They hide behind the skirts of an old…

  • eBay Everyday Heroes – human-I-T Helps Connect a City
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    eBay Everyday Heroes – human-I-T Helps Connect a City

    When I see the community of Los Angeles, I see myself. These are the neighborhoods I grew up in. This is where I’m from. Today we’re going to connect 100 low income young mothers to their very first computer. So that’s exciting, right? Yeah! [CLAPPING] All right. It’s our mission to shrink what’s known as the digital divide. human-I-T takes in unwanted or inoperative technology. We refurbish that technology, and then we redistribute it out into low income families, veterans in need, and other nonprofits. eBay is responsible for about 60% of our revenue, so they’re a really key piece to what we do here. Not having a computer it’s…

  • eBay Everyday Heroes Making a Difference
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    eBay Everyday Heroes Making a Difference

    [MUSIC PLAYING] I recognized what that cup meant to her. And wouldn’t you know, eBay had it. [MUSIC PLAYING] We decided that we would create a product that would raise money and awareness for three long-term recovery centers. [MUSIC PLAYING] When folks shop on eBay, and they purchase from Reflections of Trinity, that money is used to purchase food for somebody that’s in need. To see the people that show up here stressed, leave with smiles on their faces, that makes it all worthwhile. [MUSIC PLAYING]