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    eBay Everyday Heroes Making a Difference

    [MUSIC PLAYING] I recognized what that cup meant to her. And wouldn’t you know, eBay had it. [MUSIC PLAYING] We decided that we would create a product that would raise money and awareness for three long-term recovery centers. [MUSIC PLAYING] When folks shop on eBay, and they purchase from Reflections of Trinity, that money is used to purchase food for somebody that’s in need. To see the people that show up here stressed, leave with smiles on their faces, that makes it all worthwhile. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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    eBay Everyday Heroes – Closing the Technology Gap

    There’s a big technology gap that’s happening. If you don’t know how to use technology, this day and age, you will not be successful. I like the laptops that they brought here because I feel like they can help many kids learn more. Our business model is based upon taking the computers and assets from large businesses, completely refurbish it, and then physically deploy it to our schools. eBay literally gave us an opportunity that no other platform would have. We have about eighty to eighty-five percent that are free or reduced lunch. Many students don’t have access to a computer at home. I’ve always believed that kids, all kids,…