• Beloit announces Amazon distribution warehouse will come to the city
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    Beloit announces Amazon distribution warehouse will come to the city

    Amazon warehouse distribution facility could come to Beloit city officials approved an agreement with Seyfried industries a build-to-suit company that specializes in large-scale industrial buildings the city agreed to sell 80 acres in the Gateway Business Park to Seyfried for 80 dollars and eight cents after closed session at last night’s City Council meeting city manager Lord Curtis and US Amazon is the anticipated tenant but she said no further comment is available

  • eBay Retail Revival – Wolverhampton, UK
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    eBay Retail Revival – Wolverhampton, UK

    We are here to help. We only succeed when you guys succeed. We wanted to partner with a city council that we thought was forward looking and ambitious for a city, but ultimately what we’re here to do is build confidence and skills. Wolverhampton is a city with young people. It needs as much innovation as possible. We’ve had a really rough time over the years, but now we’re beginning to grow. And we wanted to partner with eBay because we recognize the challenges there are to the high street here now and coming in the future. A lot of the traditional jobs have disappeared. Anything that can bring a…

  • The Business Society: eCommerce
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    The Business Society: eCommerce

    – Alright folks. Good afternoon. How are you? Wow, we’ve got a great turnout today. I’m so delighted that you all are here and that you have an interest in e-commerce. Welcome to the Business Society. Our first meeting for the semester. My name is Professor Kasomenakis, I am the faculty coordinator and I also teach accounting for the business department. And with me are my officers, please stand up. This is Eliea, and this is Phillip. They are my former students and they are the officers of the business society. They help me out tremendously, great resource to have. Before we begin our meeting, I just want to make…