• ONE WEEK IN ??JAPAN ?(wearing only Japanese Thrift Store Clothes!)
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    ONE WEEK IN ??JAPAN ?(wearing only Japanese Thrift Store Clothes!)

    hey guys so today’s video is a little bit different I recently went to Japan and I bought a whole bunch of clothes from Japanese thrift stores I’ve already made two videos they are these ones here so I did the shopping video goodbye showing you guys shopping for thrift store clothes in Japan and then when I got home back to Australia I made another video where I went through every single item that I bought while I was thrifting in Japan today’s video is my full week where I only wore clothes from Japanese thrift stores while I was on my trip I took an empty suitcase with…

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    – Whassup, crazies? It’s your girl, LaToya Forever and my husband, Adam. – What’s goin’ on, everyone? Adam here, let’s get this rating going what we doin’? – Adam won’t lose. And in today’s video my husband yeah, this is my (“Pony” by Ginuwine) love you – Love you, too. – You look nice. – You look good, too. – Thank you, babe. In today’s video my hubby will be rating my Fashion Nova outfits. – Fashion Nova, fashion. – Yeah. – Everywhere you look, Fashion Nova. – Fashion Nova, it’s takin’ over the world. I saw Meet the Vloggers, Laila and Yasmin. I love them, they did a video…

  • $20 THRIFT CHALLENGE EP  2| sweater weather & a bunch of cute stuff #thrifthaul
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    $20 THRIFT CHALLENGE EP 2| sweater weather & a bunch of cute stuff #thrifthaul

    so today I am gonna go thrift shopping down and this time we’re doing our second episode of the $20 thrift challenge to create three looks and today my all-time favorite thrift store is having 50% off their entire store now is the best time to get all those good deals and throw in a twenty dollar challenge so let’s go so far haven’t found anything it sounded like this pink scort it was really cute but I don’t think it’ll look nice for fall or winter I’m looking for one two when he gets there’s nothing you totally off topic of why I’m here found some vintage badminton you…

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    HUGE GOODWILL OUTLET TRY ON THRIFT STORE HAUL | I got a new wardrobe for ONLY $37!!!

    (upbeat music) ♪ Alexasunshine83 it’s always sunny here! Boop! ♪♪ Hey sunshiners! Alexasunshine83 right here. Hello, hello! Super sunny day. What is up?! I am so pumped for today if you cannot tell by my extreme excitement. This video was kind of an accident but also kind of not an accident? If you guys haven’t seen my two other Goodwill Outlet videos, I will leave them linked all around. It’s just this place with literally bins of clothes and you just rummage through them? It’s a really weird concept but to me it’s kind of like extreme thrifting. And they basically weigh everything to determine how much you owe. Usually…

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    $74 Clothes Mentor Clearance Haul for Resale on the Poshmark App

    Hey y’all and welcome back to my channel! So my local clothes mentor is having their 70% on clearance sale. So I went by there today and I got 11 items: two for myself, the rest for resale. I resell on the Poshmark app. So, if you see anything you like drop me a comment. Some details will be in the description about how to get on the app. If you don’t already have an account, you can get $10 for a limited time only. If you’re watching this video a little bit later, $5. So I spent $69. It was $74 with tax, but that’s whatever. So 11 items.…

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    Women Try Amazon Swimsuits Under $8

    – Oh no. – Uh oh. – [Sheridan] Oh, we started off so good. (upbeat music) – I have recently found out that swimsuits are actually real expensive. – Very. – Because I always order from like, eBay. (laughing) – I always am looking for the next swimsuit to buy. – I don’t wear them so much that I need like really expensive ones. – Swimsuits under eight bucks, I’m like, okay. But I didn’t get to go pick, review, and find these. – Yeah. – The fact that these are under eight dollars worries me. – I just don’t think they’re gonna be cute. – I think they’ll be…