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    Women Try Amazon Swimsuits Under $8

    – Oh no. – Uh oh. – [Sheridan] Oh, we started off so good. (upbeat music) – I have recently found out that swimsuits are actually real expensive. – Very. – Because I always order from like, eBay. (laughing) – I always am looking for the next swimsuit to buy. – I don’t wear them so much that I need like really expensive ones. – Swimsuits under eight bucks, I’m like, okay. But I didn’t get to go pick, review, and find these. – Yeah. – The fact that these are under eight dollars worries me. – I just don’t think they’re gonna be cute. – I think they’ll be…

  • SPRING TRY ON HAUL // Lulus, Topshop, Madewell, + Sephora ♡
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    SPRING TRY ON HAUL // Lulus, Topshop, Madewell, + Sephora ♡

    Usually hats make me look like a boiled egg, but this one I think compliments pretty nicely Hey guys, it’s Jess welcome back to my channel I hope you guys are having a great day so far So if you guys have been following me on social media You guys might know that I am currently in Las Vegas for NAB which is basically a big convention Where I actually I got to speak I spoke on two channels yesterday Which was very cool and super exciting and then tomorrow I actually leave on another trip, which is insane So to prep for all of that and make sure I…

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    Trying On $3 WEDDING Dresses I Bought From Ebay *DISASTER*

    HOW TO MAKE $3 EBAY WEDDING DRESS “AWESOME” hey everyone THANK YOU FOR YOUR INTEREST IN MY CHANNEL It’s millie to episode 3 on my eBay series thing that I’ve got going on this channel Today we’re gonna be trying on wedding dresses I don’t plan on getting married anytime soon. This video is just being made out of curiosity These dresses were ridiculously low like 3 dollars, so obviously I’m not expecting amazing quality from these dresses at all. You know You get what you pay for But what I’m curious is to what will actually arrive because on the like image on eBay showed you the dress you…

  • My First Primark Haul
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    My First Primark Haul

    Hello friends, I am here today with an important message from Tyler’s parent’s basement. And that is that I have never been to Primark before. (Sophisticated Music) I feel like some of you might not even know what Primark is. That’s okay, we’re kind of on the same page. In my lifetime, I’ve watched a lot of haul videos and a lot of Zoella videos. And one of Zoella’s favorite place to do haul videos from is Primark. But what is this magical land? I know what ASOS is. TopShop, you know TopShop’s made it across the pond. I have an idea of, like, what it must sell, right, she…

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    – Wassup, crazies? It’s your girl, LaToya Forever, and I’m here with my bestie, Dom! – Hey guys! I feel like I haven’t been on here in a while. – Yeah, you haven’t appeared on this channel in years. So, I’m so excited to have you here because today we’re doing a bestie- – I’m excited. – Rates my FashionNova outfits. So I’ve put together five outfits, and my bestie is gonna rate my outfit from one to ten. – I’m excited, because one: I don’t own anything Fashion Nova, – Yeah, she doesn’t! – So I’m very excited to see if this is gonna win me over, and two:…

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    – What’s up, crazies? It’s your girl, LaToyaForever back at it with another video. Today’s video is sponsored by Ebates. Yes! I’m so excited about this collaboration, you guys, ’cause I’ve been an Ebates member since 2014. If you guys don’t know what Ebates is, you sleep, okay? Wake up. Ebates is the largest cashback site online, okay? You literally get money back for shopping, alright? I do online shopping damage every single day to my bank account through Ebates, okay? I shop at Forever21, The Gap, Ulta, Sephora, Walmart. I go off, you guys. But luckily, we’re saving money when we spend money, okay? We save and we spend…

  • my poshmark closet haul *READ DESC*
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    my poshmark closet haul *READ DESC*

    hey guys! really quick before you watch this video i’m- first of all i’m sorry i look like trash right now because I’m exhausted um second of all these are- all the closing i’m about to try on are up for sale on my poshmark page. i’m gonna put the link in the description and a lot of these girls are big on me because they’re like my family’s old clothes and my old clothes mostly my old clothes umm and so i’m just i decided i’d put them up for sale cause it was either that or goodwill and so i- in the bottom right corner of everything i’m…

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    – Wassup crazies? It’s your girl LaToya Forever, and welcome back to my channel. In today’s video, I’m doing a slay or (thud) throw away featuring Fashion Nova (metal clanging) clothes. How this video works is I’ll let you know if I would slay the outfit or just throw it away, hence the garbage can, okay, because I’m literally throwing out the stuff that I don’t like, kay? Let’s jump right (clap) into the video! Yes! Oh my god, I love this! It’s so cute. I love the color. I’ve been loving color a lot lately, if you’ve been following me for a while, you know that I live in…

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    Hi guys, welcome back to my channel. so, today we are doing something different. today we’re not doing a makeup video. I’m just going to show you guys like what I’ve thrifted over the past couple of days. I don’t know if a lot of you know but, I’m a fashion reseller on Poshmark, Mercari, Ebay, Esty, oh and depop. Yeah. So, my boyfriend actually found this one. it’s an NFL jersey. It’s actually in mint condition. It’s like brand new; I don’t even think its been worn before. It’s a large. It’s got the Nike on it. So,this is actually already listed on a couple of my platforms for…