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    Women Try Amazon Swimsuits Under $8

    – Oh no. – Uh oh. – [Sheridan] Oh, we started off so good. (upbeat music) – I have recently found out that swimsuits are actually real expensive. – Very. – Because I always order from like, eBay. (laughing) – I always am looking for the next swimsuit to buy. – I don’t wear them so much that I need like really expensive ones. – Swimsuits under eight bucks, I’m like, okay. But I didn’t get to go pick, review, and find these. – Yeah. – The fact that these are under eight dollars worries me. – I just don’t think they’re gonna be cute. – I think they’ll be…

  • How I Made $15,000 on EBAY in 60 DAYS!  Episode 1 CC MULTILINGUAL 6 LANGUAGES
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    How I Made $15,000 on EBAY in 60 DAYS! Episode 1 CC MULTILINGUAL 6 LANGUAGES

    hello guys this is Ronnie and welcome back to the 50k hobby chick where I like to talk about designer dinero and diet I am sharing with you my first episode on how I made $15,000 on eBay in only 60 days so make sure you subscribe and look out for the other episodes coming with this one today we are focusing on where you need to be buying if you want to make approximately $15,000 or more on eBay in 60 days I only have about three days a week that I even have time to source I’m a mom I’m in grad school and have another small business…

  • We Bought Shorts From Amazon • Ladylike
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    We Bought Shorts From Amazon • Ladylike

    – It has been really cute to look around and just see so many thighs. – Okay, the shorts are here! ♪ They’re here, they arrived. ♪ I ordered two pairs. – The shorts are in! And you know what else is in? My (bleep). – Yeah, not yet. That was stupid. I’m sorry. – I got two shorts, because Kristin loves me. I got two pairs of shorts– – You love me. Why do you have to take it back? – I ended up ordering some pretty basic shorts. I think I just got some light-wash, high-waisted denim, vintage-style shorts. I think there’s a cuff at the bottom. –…

  • My First Primark Haul
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    My First Primark Haul

    Hello friends, I am here today with an important message from Tyler’s parent’s basement. And that is that I have never been to Primark before. (Sophisticated Music) I feel like some of you might not even know what Primark is. That’s okay, we’re kind of on the same page. In my lifetime, I’ve watched a lot of haul videos and a lot of Zoella videos. And one of Zoella’s favorite place to do haul videos from is Primark. But what is this magical land? I know what ASOS is. TopShop, you know TopShop’s made it across the pond. I have an idea of, like, what it must sell, right, she…

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    We Tried Bras From Amazon • Ladylike

    – Clothes shopping on Amazon can lead to some incredible fashion successes. – Or cratering, disappointing failures. – But can Amazon stand up to one of the biggest clothes shopping challenges of all? Bra shopping. – Suspenseful noises. (screaming ) – It’s Ladylike and we’re gonna buy and try some Amazon bras. – I love Amazon. I probably shop on Amazon once a week. – Am I an online shopper? I am, I am an online shopper. – I have a pretty good track record of success in terms of buying things from Amazon. – Because there is a $50 price limit, which I imposed, I don’t really know what…

  • my poshmark closet haul *READ DESC*
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    my poshmark closet haul *READ DESC*

    hey guys! really quick before you watch this video i’m- first of all i’m sorry i look like trash right now because I’m exhausted um second of all these are- all the closing i’m about to try on are up for sale on my poshmark page. i’m gonna put the link in the description and a lot of these girls are big on me because they’re like my family’s old clothes and my old clothes mostly my old clothes umm and so i’m just i decided i’d put them up for sale cause it was either that or goodwill and so i- in the bottom right corner of everything i’m…

  • I Tried Asos Wedding Dresses Under $300
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    I Tried Asos Wedding Dresses Under $300

    I don’t like this I love it this isn’t it at all and also you guys nothing is it so far yikes you know hello my name is Nina and I am engaged to my wonderful fiance Chris we’ve been together for four years and we’re getting married in June of next year we’re having a traditional Hindu ceremony and I tried on some traditional South Asian outfits for it but for my reception I think I want to wear a western wedding dress I grew up watching say yes to the dress and seeing just traditional Western wedding dresses everywhere and I think I want a little part of…

  • Amazon’s Best-Selling Dresses On Different Body Types
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    Amazon’s Best-Selling Dresses On Different Body Types

    – I’ve just accepted it, that I don’t have boobs. Things that I come to realize in dressing rooms. (bright music) – [Narrator] So today we’re going to be trying on the best-selling dresses on Amazon. – I buy everything on Amazon, but clothes. I tend to have trouble because I am six feet tall. – When it comes to dresses, I’m like, really, really in between sizes, so I don’t like shopping for them online. – Plus my expectations are low. Like I’m not expecting to it to be like a Givenchy gown off the runways of Paris. – I think hoping they all look good, and if they…