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    – It’s so hard being in school, one, and then being in school and kinda doing something that you’re not 100% sure about. (“Someone That You Love” by Jarreau Vandal) – Hey, hunkies and hunkles. So Milan is about to take the kids. I love this girl! – As usual. – As usual, she’s always taking the kids. Let me find out you want children. – No, I want your children. I don’t want my own children. – Holy crum, ‘lan! So anyways, what did Granddad do now? – I saw Grandma and Granddad driving. – Yeah. – Granddad is obviously driving, Grandma is in the back seat, and the…

  • The Business Society: eCommerce
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    The Business Society: eCommerce

    – Alright folks. Good afternoon. How are you? Wow, we’ve got a great turnout today. I’m so delighted that you all are here and that you have an interest in e-commerce. Welcome to the Business Society. Our first meeting for the semester. My name is Professor Kasomenakis, I am the faculty coordinator and I also teach accounting for the business department. And with me are my officers, please stand up. This is Eliea, and this is Phillip. They are my former students and they are the officers of the business society. They help me out tremendously, great resource to have. Before we begin our meeting, I just want to make…

  • QA Apprenticeships – Maginus case study
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    QA Apprenticeships – Maginus case study

    – [Peter] Maginus is a software house, about, uh, 100 employees, 10 million turnover. We need to get bright individuals into the business to keep us going. And, they come from a variety of sources. The obvious one is graduates. But there are other untapped resources out there we wanted to get them. We worked with QA for many years, so we had a chat with them and the Apprentice scheme was obvious for us. But, the one area we’re concerned about was maturity. These are very young people. We wanted to make sure that, um,they were gonna be able to exist, in our, uh, workplace. Consequently we, uh, liaise…