• Testing As Seen on TV Products #701
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    Testing As Seen on TV Products #701

    Hey everybody! Welcome to another video where I do whatever. I want and today. I want to test more As Seen On TV products. Because that’s my whole goal with this YouTube channel that’s all I want to do is be able to test these products because this is what I wanted to do my entire life I used to stay up like 3:00 a.m. Watching infomercials and wanting to test out all these products, and I’m an adult now And I spent my adult money’s on these things cuz I find it fun and entertaining and I hope you do too So we have some really good products today…

  • Living in 8 Bits #41 – Inventory Screen
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    Living in 8 Bits #41 – Inventory Screen

    I’m a busy guy. Things to do! Places to go! Over time, I’ve accumulated quite an inventory of items over my random meanderings . The problem is carrying all that stuff around. Son of a… Storage cabinets. Closets. Sheds. They’re all for wimps. A real man carries all of his inventory at once. So I need a solution and I needed it fast. That’s when I came across this pouch. Boom! Who’s next? Now it makes zero sense and defies all logic. But it works! You may wondering how the weight is evenly distributed. Science. The only downside Is I’m temporarily blinded blinded everytime I have to get something out…

  • Guys Try Hair Removal Products For The First Time
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    Guys Try Hair Removal Products For The First Time

    Do you guys want us to shave our downstairs areas?! I have very low pain threshold. I’m feeling kind of nervous. There’s going to be a lot of noises. Sound like I’m describing sex. Something which is so normal for women out there which we don’t go through ever. Yeah. Let’s put ourselves in those shoes… …or heels. Let’s do it. This is the most scary part. Already. I can’t do this. This looks like honey and I want to eat it. I do not think you should eat that. Both: Can you taste it? Should we? It tastes sweet. Oh yeah. Oh. my god. Are you okay? Wait, are…

  • I Got Married in Minecraft! (Again)
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    I Got Married in Minecraft! (Again)

    this is the wedding ring I used to propose to Breanna in real life but as we gamers all know it is not official until you marry your wife inside of Minecraft in fact I see Breanna coming down the stairs as we speak where are you going Breanna look Breanna I know it’s our wedding day I’m just in the pool chilling relaxing trying to get ready for the big day okay don’t be mad at me I’m getting relaxed wait a second our wedding is tomorrow I thought it was today well that goes to show you guys that I am clearly not prepared for our big minecraft…

  • A Far Out Collection of Sci-Fi Sketches
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    A Far Out Collection of Sci-Fi Sketches

    – Hi, guys! Welcome to the Studio C sci-fi compilation! – It’s the place where you go see all our sci-fi compiles. – Yes. – Prettty self-explanatory. – May the sketches be with you, always. [laughs] That’s right, right? Star Wars? – Mr. President, he wants to speak with you directly. – Or what? – He’ll blow up the earth. – Fair enough. Put him through. – Uh, Mr. President? Are you sure this is unprecedented? We have never dealt with extraterrestrial life before. – We don’t have any other options. Do it. – Greetings, earthlings! My name is General Zordex, leader of the planet Sweetara, and I am here…

  • I predicted the exact time of my daughter’s birth using science and data – from Just For Graphs
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    I predicted the exact time of my daughter’s birth using science and data – from Just For Graphs

    So, er, I became a dad recently. (Audience cheer) Thanks so mu – I mean, it was easy. (laughs) for me, anyway. Um, I… Stop trying to check Matt’s Maths! I’m going to turn this round. No, sorry, I’m not going to be upstaged by a square. And that thing that he drew. Um… (laughs) So, yay, I wanted to talk about childbirth. You know, childbirth is a wonderful opportunity for data collection. Er, yeah, honestly, it is, because… when you go into labour you get asked this question all the time “How long are your contractions?” Everyone wants to know, the midwives and the doctors because, the closer you…

  • Melting Metal In My HAND! | 10 Strange Chinese Products
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    Melting Metal In My HAND! | 10 Strange Chinese Products

    wait so what does this do it’s supposed to stretch out your neck this is upsetting what’s going on guys I am Matthias and welcome back to another ten alright guys videos over by five welcome back to another ten strange Chinese items that Tanner here found on all these shut that Tanner found on all of these Chinese websites what were some of these websites Aliexpress Alibaba dealextreme oh that’s what I say when I Oh gotcha guys it’s gonna be my job to let you guys know whether each of these products is a buy or a deny okay Oh newest hot sale yellow pink robotic cute electronic…

  • Testing Hair Removal Products!!!
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    Testing Hair Removal Products!!!

    hey everybody welcome to another video where I do whatever I want and today I want to try different hair removal products and that’s why I’m not wearing makeup today because I wanted a clean slate I bought 4 different products on Amazon All highly-rated. I got the good stuff guys, I didn’t go cheap I went good Although later in life we might test them against dollar products but that’s another video ready? let’s begin alright so we got four things we got essential epilation maybe… I don’t know what this is it’s a thing. It’s like a little razor I got this spring thing Says it’s gentle and…

  • 10 Ridiculous Cooking Products!
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    10 Ridiculous Cooking Products!

    oh look at that it’s working I don’t even think it needs to be hot it looks like you’re popping a pimple yeah that’s disgusting what’s going on guys I am Matthias and welcome to a brand new video Tanner has joined me the man who will eventually take over my channel has joined me down in the comments let me know do you really think Tanner’s a horrible person that he can’t accomplish such a task if that’s what who you are as a person I guess write it down in the comments below or if you’re just so afraid of change anyways today we’re looking at cooking products…