• Amazon ASIN Analysis Tool
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    Amazon ASIN Analysis Tool

    The IFC ASIN Crawler Light Version makes product research on Amazon easy. It integrates with your Google Chrome browser to streamline your product research on Amazon. In this video I will explain the 3 simple steps you need to take in order to use our Amazon tool correctly. First of all, download the crawler from the Chrome Web Store and open the Amazon website. As the second step, type in the search term about which you want to receive more information. In this example, I will type in TV. Now click on the IFC ASIN crawler icon, which should appear in the toolbar after the successful installation of the application.…

  • Search Marketing Strategist Career Video
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    Search Marketing Strategist Career Video

    When an Internet user enters a search term in a browser like Google, every company wants their website to come up near the top to get noticed. Search engine optimization, or SEO, is the way websites try to improve their position in search engine results, and direct more users to their site. Search marketing strategists, also called Internet marketing or SEO directors, are the masterminds behind website positioning. SEO directors review data on their website to learn how many visitors use each page on the site, how long they stay, whether they order products or services, and where and when they leave the site. These marketing professionals regularly examine the…

  • Blockers and failures of digital transformations in eCommerce – Martin Himmel | eCommerce Talks #3
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    Blockers and failures of digital transformations in eCommerce – Martin Himmel | eCommerce Talks #3

    Divante presents eCommerce Talks for industry experts share their insights about the ever-changing world of e-commerce, today we’ll be talking with veteran ecommerce consultant Martin Himmel Okay thank you for joining us one more time you guys we have a special episode today and a special guest we’re going to talk about something we don’t usually talk which is about little more of failures we’ll be talking about a lot of successful companies and successful experiences and for that today we have Martin Himmel which is the founder and the managing director of ECOM Consulting Thank You Martin for joining us today Thank you for having me Martin you are…