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    Modern CX: Future of Retail and Commerce (CXOTalk)

    Welcome to CxOTalk, coming to you from the Oracle Modern CX Conference. We’re here in front of a live audience, and I’m speaking with Scott Silverman and Katrina Gosek, two top-tier experts. We’re excited to talk with them about customer experience and the future of commerce. I think, if we are talking about commerce and the future of commerce, we should start with a discussion about customers. The question that we have to begin with is, what’s going on with customers today? How are customers changing and their expectations changing? To me, the one word that stands out is “impatient.” I feel that myself all the time, especially around fulfillment…

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    Bondle Product Explainer

    This is Bob, a professional like you. Bob is on the phone to an important client. The client is angry and Bob can’t find the latest contract. He asked his team, looks through his emails and searches his drive. Bob’s customer is waiting. Bob needs Bondle! Bondle organizes your client interactions securely, so you can find what you need in six seconds. It’s easy, reduces confusion and maximizes productivity. Every time you misplace a file, mis-manage a communication, or miss deadline, you risk losing your client. So, if you are serious about providing an exceptional client experience, Take the six-second test today!

  • B2B Prospecting With HubSpot CRM Prospects Tool
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    B2B Prospecting With HubSpot CRM Prospects Tool

    Oh my gosh, they’re here I can’t believe that I’ve got them You know what time it is are you a hub spot user looking for fun and interactive education that helps you be better at HubSpot then welcome to sprockets, ah Hey I’m your boy Jorge be from sprocket tock aka impulse creative and if you’re a b2b company and you’re a sales professional then the Prospecting tool might be awesome for you But did you get an email and you got excited and then you didn’t know how to use it. Well not after this Let’s go ahead and dive into this as you can see We are…

  • Livre Blanc – Les consommateurs en e-commerce – Market Academy par Sophie Rocco
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    Livre Blanc – Les consommateurs en e-commerce – Market Academy par Sophie Rocco

    Les consommateurs sont déterminants dans le réussite d’un business. C’est une évidence : sans eux, la totalité des sites e-commerce axés sur la vente aux particuliers (B2C) ferment car ils ne font pas assez de chiffre d’affaire pour survivre. Sans compter que les consommateurs, outre le fait qu’ils aient (enfin, que nous disposons car nous sommes tous dans le même panier !) des principes psychologiques contre lesquels ils ne peuvent lutter dans le cadre d’une vente, ils ont également des exigences de plus en plus développées pour une seule raison : ils ont le choix ! Ainsi, il nous a semblé judicieux de créer un Livre Blanc entièrement dédié au…

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    Les avantages du Marketing Automation – Tuto e-commerce – Market Academy par Sophie Rocco

    Les avantages du Marketing Automation ! Il est 11h ce vendredi et Julie est déjà en pause ! Comment ? Grâce au marketing automation, la fidélisation des prospects ne s’est jamais faite aussi rapidement. Selon Salesforce, en 2017, 67% des équipes marketing ont utilisés le marketing automation. Beaucoup d’entreprises et d’équipes marketing effectuent tous les jours des tâches répétitives et fastidieuses comme traiter des e-mails, gérer les réseaux sociaux, la publicité en ligne, etc. Le marketing automation est une technologie qui permet de gérer automatiquement ces tâches. Pourquoi utiliser le marketing automation et quel est le bénéfice ? Grâce aux plateformes dédiées, les entreprises peuvent cibler et transformer des prospects…

  • monday.com Webinar: Basic walk through
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    monday.com Webinar: Basic walk through

    hi everybody welcome to the basic walkthrough overview that’s going to get you started with your Monday comm account this wonder called money comm is going to help you meet your goals of team collaboration and communication in context there’s a lot of power to money comm and it can be used for just about anything I will take you through the basics of money comm but there’s so much more to explore so don’t forget this is just the beginning of your Monday comm journey let’s dive right in what you see here is a board and this is where the magic happens we have three types of ports…

  • Brightpearl Multichannel: Shopify
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    Brightpearl Multichannel: Shopify

    hi I’m Grainne from Brightpearl, and I’m going to talk you through our world-class Shopify integration. It’s designed for retailers to easily manage their online stores as well as their back office operations all from one reliable system. Shopify and Brightpearl share a common goal. To provide a powerful yet simple solutions for retailers to grow their business from. With Brightpearl you can, analyze you inventory flow, accurately forecast, measure revenue, and sync all of your sales channels. Once and order’s been place Brightpearl takes over, and as the order makes its way through your unique workflows, we keep Shopify up-to-date with order statuses & tracking references. So there’s never…

  • Defining Multi-Channel Ecommerce Platforms With GoECart
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    Defining Multi-Channel Ecommerce Platforms With GoECart

    CAROLYN: Good morning. This is Carolyn Conant, along with Manish Chowdhary, at the second day of Shop.org in the beautiful city of Denver, Colorado. Good morning, Manish. MANISH: Good morning, Carolyn. CAROLYN: So the show has just started. For the second day, the doors have opened, people are starting to funnel in. We just wanted to grab Manish for a few quick questions before he gets taken away from us. MANISH: Thank you. CAROLYN: Actually I’ve already heard this morning there have been a lot of buzz words going around, different companies describing their version of multi-channel conveniently shaping it to their product. We have cross channel, omni-channel. How would…