• What Is Student Data?
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    What Is Student Data?

    What is student data? You may not think of empowerment when you think of data, but when used effectively, data can give you the full picture needed to support the incredibly important education goals of parents, students, educators, and policymakers. That said, there’s a lot that must happen before data can be meaningful and useful to everyone. Student data are collected from many sources and in many formats, although the type of data and who can access them, is different at each point. But what do we mean by student data? First there’s academic information: student growth, courses, grades, enrollment, completion, and graduation. Then demographics: students’ age, race, gender, economic…

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    How IBM Does Data Science Consulting in 2020

    Hi everybody! In this video, we will focus on a fascinating topic – the step-by-step process IBM’s data science team applies when working on a consulting project. We believe this overview can be highly beneficial for both experienced professionals and data science beginners. We’ll explore a best-practice framework applied by one of the pioneer and leading companies in the field. This way, you’ll get an insider’s look at how a consulting project that involves data analysis and data science unfolds. In addition, we’ll examine the results achieved in IBM’s data science consulting projects with major clients from different industries. Why is that important? Well, each of these initiatives serves as…

  • Why is data quality important to TPIs?
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    Why is data quality important to TPIs?

    Hi, my name is Nina and I’m part of the TPI team here at Stark. We’re dedicated to supporting you and your customers by providing easy access to high-quality energy data. By why is high-quality data important, and why should Stark be your only choice for energy data collection services? Consider a plane on a runway heading to Rome… If you changed the positioning of the nose of the plane by just a few inches before take off – the plane would end up in a completely different location. This represents the massive negative impact small inaccuracies in energy data can have on the desired end result. If your customer’s…

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    Motsai – Data collection, Data fusion, Data routing, Data analysis – EN

    IoT technologies will increase future productivity with automated data collection and analysis It will optimize logistics and reduce costs. Make your home smarter, more secure and more energy efficient. And connected devices will improve your performance. Automated Data Collection generates large volumes of data. Sensor Fusion reduces the data burden, as it provides upstream analysis of important information. Data Routing reduces the complexity of the IoT network. Long ranges may be required to reach sensors. Smart homes require multiple protocols to support evolving standards. Other systems may focus on data security and robustness. IoT routers require flexible software solutions to support diverse use cases. Deriving value from the collected data…

  • CribMaster Product Portfolio
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    CribMaster Product Portfolio

    What’s that sound? That’s money staying in your pocket. Many manufacturers don’t even know how much they waste each month, replacing perfectly good gloves or drill bits, letting gauges get out of calibration, replacing lost tools, grinders here, earplugs there. And those little things become expensive headaches. For some, this is the sound of a slipping bottom line and rising expenses. But with CribMaster’s suite of software and vending solutions, listen to the sound of money saved. Configure our machines to vend to your demands and security needs, and let our software keep track of your tools and optimize indirect materials, alerting you to issues like calibrations, usage trends, reorders,…

  • DRIVER by Minerva Intelligence
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    DRIVER by Minerva Intelligence

    Hello, my name is Samuel Cantor with Minerva Intelligence and I will be giving an overview on one of our products called DRIVER. DRIVER sits within the larger TERRA Mining AI Suite. For more information on the other products, please visit minervaintelligence. com. In this video I will provide an introduction to the product and describe the problem that DRIVER solves, as well as where it fits in the mining value chain. Following that I will discuss the industry applications and how it can be applied to different portions of that chain. I’ll briefly run over our standard workflow, followed by some technical details on what it’s actually doing. Finally…

  • How China Is Deploying Drones and Data to Tackle Coronavirus | WSJ
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    How China Is Deploying Drones and Data to Tackle Coronavirus | WSJ

    (man speaking foreign language) – [Narrator] This woman is being scolded for being outside without a face mask and was chased back into her home. (man speaking in foreign language) – [Narrator] These people are being admonished for hanging out in a group. (drone buzzing) They were all caught by Chinese authorities who have been deploying drones equipped with high-resolution cameras and loudspeakers. (man speaking foreign language) – [Narrator] It’s one part of China’s massive surveillance strategy to tackle the spread of the coronavirus which has reached just about every region in the country. The virus has infected more than 80,000 in China, resulting in the deaths of more than…

  • Itaú Unibanco boosts service availability and data processing with SQL Server 2019
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    Itaú Unibanco boosts service availability and data processing with SQL Server 2019

    Itaú Unibanco is a Latin American global bank. It’s 95 years old and the largest bank in Brazil. Itaú Unibanco’s purpose is to stimulate people’s power of transformation. With the digital transformation, we can enhance our relationship with our customers. Every single day we have five billion transactions. So our infrastructure needs to be really resilient in terms of traffic that we have to handle. The application needs to be online 24 hours a day, seven days a week. But it’s not easy to deal with all the services that we have to support. It’s a bank. We have a lot of transactions online. We were using SQL Server 2008,…

  • Tableau Data Prep: Cleaning and Restructuring Data for Visualizations | UTA Libraries
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    Tableau Data Prep: Cleaning and Restructuring Data for Visualizations | UTA Libraries

    [light upbeat music plays] Hello! This workshop is part of the Data Analysis and Visualization series, and it’s about using Tableau to prep your data. All of the files and the handout for this workshop can be found at this URL, which is libguides.uta.edu/davis, which is “Data Analysis and Vis” for short. If you scroll down and use the Tableau tab, you can then see all of the files as well as the handout. And, the handout looks like this, and it actually walks you through step by step of the instructions; so, hopefully with both the handout and the video you’re able to get what you need from this.…