• Online Reselling with Poshmark
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    Online Reselling with Poshmark

    hello everyone and welcome back to the frugal Dada Channel I just want to take a minute real quick just say thank you for joining me again thank you to all those who have subscribed if you have not go ahead and click that button down below and get that subscription so you don’t miss anything so today it’s gonna be real quick videos you can see them in the collar out running errands and stuff on my lunch but a little m.i.a from YouTube for a little bit and I wanted to kind of touch on that and tell you guys what I was doing and some of them…

  • October 2018 Budget | My Short Term Financial Goals | Aja Dang
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    October 2018 Budget | My Short Term Financial Goals | Aja Dang

    All right budget time nothing really new to report I Did get close to reaching my goal of putting $6,000 a month towards What’s it called my student loans my very first month, I think I would normally be upset about that But I’m really not because I still put a couple thousand towards it so it’s okay I did have a really busy September and I’m going to have a really busy October So I anticipate being back up to my goal within the next couple months, so that makes me feel good, but I really wanted the first month to be like yeah, but it wasn’t but you…