• Quaderno Demo: How to automate your digital taxes
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    Quaderno Demo: How to automate your digital taxes

    Hi there! In this demo I’ll explain why Quaderno is the easiest way to solve your tax compliance and invoicing needs First I’ll explain a bit about tax laws and how Quaderno helps you comply with taxes all over the world Then I´ll go into how the application automates everything regarding tax receipts Afterwards I’ll talk about tax reports and how the app can give you all the numbers you need to file your taxes in no-time Last I’ll explain how you can get started It’s an easy set-up process In most cases, you’ll be done in less than 10 minutes! But first, international taxes If you sell products or…

  • Oxxy Website Builder – Official Demo Video
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    Oxxy Website Builder – Official Demo Video

    Hi! Welcome to Oxxy, the place where you can create and launch your websites in minutes. No coding skills needed. Oxxy allows completely customizable templates. And many features to create your content. You can create a new website with a click of a button. Browse easily through your website pages and manage them. Create a new one. Drag to reorder. And style each page individually. From the Elements’ toolbar, using drag and drop, you can build your webpages by adding images, galleries, videos, menus, Soundcloud, Spotify, buttons, Paypal and many other. Another awesome feature is the “Style editor” that allows you to add visual effects to each element. Set corners.…