• How Wigs Are Made From Donated Hair | The Making Of
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    How Wigs Are Made From Donated Hair | The Making Of

    What you’re seeing is 200,000 ponytails of human hair. Combined, that’s at least 25 miles of hair. Dean Riskin: The hair is just busting out all over the place. Too much. Narrator: All these ponytails are donated. But not all of them will be made into wigs. In fact, many get eliminated at the beginning of the wig-making process. Suzanne Chimera: Cannot be used. So, it’s a shame that these people donated their hair and they thought that it was gonna do something nice for somebody. But it’s not usable. Narrator: So, how do they decide which ponytails to keep and which to toss? And once hair makes it through…

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    How to Analyze Product Lines For Licensing Potential

    (upbeat electronic music) – [Stephen Key] Okay everybody, this video is extremely important because as you know, we’ve had a little trouble with people submitting ideas to companies that just aren’t a good fit. And one particular company reached out to me and said, hey Steve, your community is sending me ideas and they’re just not doing their homework. They don’t know what we’re looking for, they’re sending us bad ideas that don’t even fit our product line. So, what I wanted to do today was to show you how to look at someone’s product line, how to find a company that’s looking for ideas, such as this company here,…

  • How to: Get the most out of your product development process.
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    How to: Get the most out of your product development process.

    Product development consists of several phases. All equally important and exciting, and all with the goal to create something new. A product always starts with an idea. Followed by important questions. Like why, where, what, when and not at least how? When the concept is set, it’s time for research and analysis. We will help you identify the challenges, growth potential, and compliance of your product. When all parameters are set and analysis complete, you are ready to start designing. We have the experience and knowledge, to help you decide the right design early in the process. It will save you time and money. Next up is the prototyping. One…

  • Institute for the Future Foresight Talks with Lisa K. Solomon of the Stanford University d. School
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    Institute for the Future Foresight Talks with Lisa K. Solomon of the Stanford University d. School

    hello everyone and welcome to the foresight Talks webinar from the Institute for the future where we talk about the practice of foresight all things about future thinking and we are here today with Lisa Kay Solomon I’m gonna give folks just a minute or two to get themselves settled on the line before we formally start but happy to have you here and we have a poll here as you can see where we’re asking people to questions we’re trying to get a sense of who’s on the call and what’s the balance between design and foresight with our attendees and that’s really what we’re here to talk about…

  • PDL | Electrical And Electronic Products | Auckland Home Show 2018
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    PDL | Electrical And Electronic Products | Auckland Home Show 2018

    – Hey everybody this is Robert from PDL by Schneider Electric. We’re at the Auckland Home Show wanted to show you a couple of things we’ve got on the stand today, walk this way. Now we’re quite excited to be showing off the new PDL Iconic range, in particular the brand new Iconic Style skins. This is a really innovative product. It gives us the ability to upgrade the look of the switch gear, just by changing the switch plate. So, if you have a look at this one over here we’ve got our standard white colour. I can remove this skin and I can very easily upgrade that to…

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    Inspiron 13 7000 (2019) Product Walkthrough

    [INSPIRON 13 7000 2-in-1] [Featuring an all-new] [Innovative hinge design] [With built-in pen storage] [Adjusts to 4 different modes] [Stays cool to the touch] [ADAPTIVE THERMALS] [Anytime, anywhere] [POWER KEY + FINGERPRINT READER] [Beautiful and slim] [INSPIRON 13 7000 2-in-1] [Design hinging on innovation] Dell

  • Simplicity in Design | Simplexity Product Development
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    Simplicity in Design | Simplexity Product Development

    People often ask me, “how do you achieve simplicity in design especially when you’re designing such complex products?” The most important step is actually the very first one: asking the right questions. People are so excited about their product they want to just jump right into the designing the engineering details, schedules are tight, that seems like the right thing to do. Yet by taking a step back and really understanding what the product must do and why it must do it, that’s really where you’re going to get the most simplicity in the design. So by understanding the core needs of why the product must function how it does,…

  • How to choose between 2 designs | Attention Insight
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    How to choose between 2 designs | Attention Insight

    You have website design options from your agency and you have no idea how to choose. You don’t have time for user research, so you rely on your gut feeling. There should be more simple data-driven way, right? Well, that’s why Attention Insight was born. It’s an AI-powered design analytics that enables you to see design through the eyes of users. Besides, it’s very simple to use. Upload website design files, mark the most important objects and in less than 1 minute you will get heatmaps which enables you to identify visual attention errors. It’s like eye-tracking research just more affordable and faster. Make data-driven decisions!