• Google Play Services 5.0
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    Google Play Services 5.0

    ANKUR KOTWAL: Hi. I hope you’re ready to see all the exciting new stuff we have added in Google Play services 5.0. As you already know by now, Google Play Services rocks. I’m Ankur Kotwal, and I’ve subbed in for Magnus, as he well, got a little bit carried away with the whole rocks theme. But rest assured, he’s recovering well. Let’s just look at the latest additions in Google Play Services 5.0. It’s one of our biggest releases to date, including new APIs like Android Wear, the Dynamic Security Provider, a major set of additions to Google Play Games Services, and the App Indexing API. We’ve also added new…

  • How to Group the Vue ListBox Items
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    How to Group the Vue ListBox Items

    Hi everyone, Welcome back. In this video, I will show you some of the useful features of Vue ListBox like how to group the list items as well as how to drag and drop items between one or more list boxes. Look at this online example, here you can see data items that are grouped under different categories like Fruits and Vegetables. Also, you can drag and drop the items within same list box or between 2 list boxes. So now, let me proceed to show you how to enable the drag and drop functionality in ListBox using my existing application. Let me open my existing vue application, where I…

  • Getting Started with the WinForms DataGrid of Syncfusion
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    Getting Started with the WinForms DataGrid of Syncfusion

    Hello everyone welcome to this video tutorial on how to get started with the Windows Forms data grid of Syncfusion. In this video, you’ll see how to add a data grid control to winforms project and how to bind data collection to it. You will also learn how to perform a few of its interesting features like filtering, grouping, sorting, selection and editing. So let’s get started. In this video I’ll be using Visual Studio 2017 and here I have created a new Windows Forms application. Now let’s see how to add the data grid control from the toolbox. In the toolbox, under the Syncfusion controls, you can find a…

  • Google I/O 2014 – HTTPS Everywhere
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    Google I/O 2014 – HTTPS Everywhere

    PIERRE FAR: My name is Pierre. I work in web search. ILYA GRIGORIK: And I’m Ilya, a developer advocate for the Chrome team. PIERRE FAR: We’re here today to talk to you about why HTTPS matters. And we want to convince you that all communication should be secure by default. I know there may be some skeptics here. We’re going to talk about the motivation to explain to you why that’s the case, we’re going to talk you about some common questions and misconceptions that we’ve seen. And we’re going to give you some hands on tips and best practices about how to go about doing that. ILYA GRIGORIK: So…

  • Improving Retail Processes and Profits with Data Visualization [Webinar]
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    Improving Retail Processes and Profits with Data Visualization [Webinar]

    Hello guys. I am very excited to present this webinar today. As mentioned in agenda, in this webinar, let us see about retail industry and how data visualization is important for the same. Proceeding that, let’s see some important KPIs in retail industry that are mostly related to retail stores management. And finally, let me create a dashboard for scenarios and extract some actionable insights out of that. I hope most of you know about Bold BI. Let me give a quick intro. Bold BI is a new brand powered by Syncfusion. This is the same kind of application which we had as Syncfusion Dashboards earlier. To detail, Bold BI…

  • How to Raise Capital for an Ecommerce Startup
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    How to Raise Capital for an Ecommerce Startup

    How to Raise Capital for an Ecommerce Startup What are Venture Capital funds ? When you start a business, you usually make no revenue at all while you always need cash to pay your first employees (and yourself as well..). You may also have to invest in building your product or in marketing in order to get known from your customers. It means you need capital. It is the same when your company is bigger but not profitable because it has not yet reached its critical size. What Venture capital firms do for entrepreneurs is providing this capital to support startups from their creation to their profitability. They invest in…