• Mobile Marketing Consultants – Strategic Commerce
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    Mobile Marketing Consultants – Strategic Commerce

    strategic commerce is a team of mobile marketing consultants specializing in developing unique low-cost methods to find and attract new customers and clients for your business some of the technologies we utilize include but are not limited to text message marketing voice mail drops video marketing incentive marketing mobile business cards mobile publications and online reviews contact us today to have us suggest a totally unique and cost-effective method to attract and keep the new customers and clients that your company needs

  • How important is mobile e-commerce for conversion?
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    How important is mobile e-commerce for conversion?

    – You’re touching up on a very interesting topic, which is the different channels you can use for doing online commerce. The website is, or the desktop website, is the most traditional one. I believe, and correct me if I’m wrong, that mobile, the mobile website is also already very important also in converting or is that not true? – That’s one of the main reasons, for example, that we saw there was a big change on hand. What we saw in the last year, so 2018, we saw that during our TV campaigns or video campaigns, there was an enormous drive of mobile traffic. There were moments where we…

  • Mobile usage
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    Mobile usage

    Would you give up eating chocolate to keep using your cell phone? More than 85% of Canadians answered yes to that question! Ok, we made that number up… But all the rest of this video is 100% true, checked and double checked again. Mobile usage has never been so high, and it keeps growing. Smartphones are always with us, always on and always connected. We don’t go online. We are online. This is transforming the shopping experience, and is having major impacts on local businesses’ marketing strategies. Here’s what you need to know about smartphone usage in Canada, and what your local company should do to make the best of…

  • Snapchat announces e-commerce platform – Digital Minute 23/02/16
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    Snapchat announces e-commerce platform – Digital Minute 23/02/16

    Hello and welcome to Digital Minute, where we’re talking about another social platform, fighting for your ad budget. Snapchat has finally announced that it is working on a new ecommerce platform. The video messaging app is looking to become much more than a content platform for publishers, and will launch in an attempt to lure big brands onto the service. This isn’t Snapchat’s first flirtation with revenue-driving developments. The app already offers a payment service, called Snapcash, and it also offers a ‘Discovery’ platform, which allows users to find content from a range of leading publishers. Reports suggest that products will be showcased via a 10 second video, retaining the…

  • Mobile Commerce
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    Mobile Commerce

    Did you know that today, North Americans access the web through mobile devices more often than computers, and that they use their smartphones increasingly to buy items online? Mobile Commerce is booming, and if your company sells products online, it’s a great opportunity you don’t want to miss! Let’s take a look at some key facts! Today, more than a 3rd of e-commerce transactions are made on a mobile device. While ecommerce is growing fast, mobile commerce is gaining an increasing share of the whole pie… And it’s only the beginning! Smartphones are the dominant mobile channel worldwide More than 56% of North Americans now own a smartphone. iPhones are…

  • Merchandising New In-Stock Inventory
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    Merchandising New In-Stock Inventory

    Hi, this is Shane Hambly from eDealer as well as Kyle Orlando. What we’re going to talk about today is 5 things that we think dealers have to be doing right now in automotive. One of these things that we definitely think dealerships should be doing without question is merchandising their new in-stock inventory. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve looked at a dealership website and there’s been stock photos, call for pricing, all of these things consumers don’t want. What they actually want to see is they want to get an attachment to that vehicle that they’ve actually been thinking about buying. They want to see actual…

  • Free Google Ads Account Audit
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    Free Google Ads Account Audit

    hi I’m Olly for repeat digital and we’re at Google Ads specialist agency we’re also at Google… oh that was a bit oh but let me try again we’re also at Google Partner much better I wanna talk to those you that already have a Google Ads account running so we can offer you a free Google Ads account audit in the audit we have an in-depth look at your account and we basically tell you what we like about account what we don’t like as much about the account how we can reduce the wasted ad spend and how to increase conversions which in turn gives you more bang…

  • Amazon Advertising 101: How to Use Amazon Advertising to Sell Your Products
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    Amazon Advertising 101: How to Use Amazon Advertising to Sell Your Products

    Amazon advertising is a relatively new concept that can hugely benefit businesses looking to sell more products online. In this Amazon advertising 101 lesson, I’m going to cover what types of ads you can choose from, how to pay for your ads, and how to sign up and get started on your Amazon advertising strategy. Amazon is an e-commerce superpower. Back in 2017, Amazon reported having over 100 million Prime members. That’s only the people who pay for a subscription. In 2018, Amazon was the “third-largest ad business,” right behind Facebook and Google. Amazon advertising is very similar to Google Ads. You have the option of optimizing your products to…

  • Sign up to be a #Riich member NOW for free!
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    Sign up to be a #Riich member NOW for free!

    Welcome to Riich.me Let’s create new Riich account together Now we only need to fill the name and email address But be in mind that For password we can’t use simply using phone number or your birthday because it’s a security matter it’s easily hacked so in the password we need to include a series of number and Sign and capital letter So your account is more secure the process is simple you only need to fill up your personal information as above we wait a bit then we’re on landing page of riich’s website ok, now our account is ready but there is another important step to do see!…