• Madura Garments Business Model | Case Study | Aditya Birla Fashion
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    Madura Garments Business Model | Case Study | Aditya Birla Fashion

    Hello friends my name is Sahil Khanna and you are watching intellectual indies and today we gonna to talk about Madhura Garments or aditya fashion and retail haven’t heard have you herd peter england louis philippe,van heusen all of this come in aditya fashion it’s top 4 brand are-louis philippe allen solly,van heusen,peter england all these individually earn Rs 1000 crore every year it’s positioning statement or it’s sub brand louis philippe is of rich people brand one who want to focus global fashion high quality product can move to louis philippe. next is van heusen,this is for professional people basically they target professional outlook and they want to look…

  • Positive Media – Product Photography
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    Positive Media – Product Photography

    Recent studies show that online shoppers consider high quality photos more important than product descriptions. We take our time when shooting products making sure they’re in line with your brand and on trend in your market. When captured properly these images are ideal for a variety of media uses. If you have a product or two, or two hundred that need to be captured our photographers are at the ready.

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    Getting to Grips with Digital Marketing for Retail

    Hi, I’m Simon and welcome to Retail 90. This week, we’ll be talking about digital marketing for retail. Hi, I’m Simon Wishy and I’m Managing Consultant of Voco Veritas, a Digital Marketing Consultancy based in Exeter. One of the most common mistakes retailers make is not doing your preliminary keyword research, so that means not understanding the overall demand for products and brands that you’ll be selling through your website. Remember to trust your instincts. You’re the expert in your industry, but of course don’t take un-calculated risks. My next tip is to always do your homework. Do your research on keywords, the platforms you choose. Do your cost-modelling, everything.…

  • Sales Training – 1| कुछ भी बेचने का तरीका | Art Of Selling
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    Sales Training – 1| कुछ भी बेचने का तरीका | Art Of Selling

    Hello friends my name is sahil khanna and you are watching intellectual indies and today’s our series 1st chapter is get to start this series name is selling from heart in this we will have almost 10 videos where we gonna to master selling technique how to sell? and all that.I would have made the course paid, but I did not did it as I wanna to make this course free video is a bit of long and may contain ads every few minutes plus we will work on target based in this video I want 1000 likes,then only on next week I will upload the next part if no…

  • How to Increase Mobile Coupon Redemptions: buybuy BABY Case Study
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    How to Increase Mobile Coupon Redemptions: buybuy BABY Case Study

    Hi there. Derek Johnson with tatango.com. Today I’m gonna be showing you a trick that you can use to increase the conversion rate of a previously sent out text message offer to your customers. So here’s how it works. buybuy BABY sent a text message offer a week ago about one of their promotions. And today, what they did is they sent this text message. It reads, “buybuyBABY: Final days to use your mobile offer in-store or online. Lost it? Text RESEND to 42229 to retrieve it at any time.” So what I’m gonna do is because I don’t have the previous text message, the offer, but maybe I wanted…

  • How To Market an App or a Mobile Game and Get More Exposure!
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    How To Market an App or a Mobile Game and Get More Exposure!

    I’m on the way to a Google event but today I’m gonna talk about how to launch your product successfully they might be wondering how should you launch a new product in market there are so many variables depending on the products or the app or the game whatever you’re creating but I would say that the fundamentals is to understand exactly how the market who are the companies that are doing something like this right now what are they where are they selling are they saying on Amazon are they selling on their own e-commerce or the sale far fetch aces you should be launching products in blue ocean…

  • Product Marketing Summit | Summary
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    Product Marketing Summit | Summary

    We wanted to bring together the community and product marketers that we knew existed out there. But who were underserved by way of an event or really any kind of forum to connect with each other, share insights and kind of hone their craft as product marketers say product marketing world was born.