• How to Remove Listing Limitations as an eBay Seller
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    How to Remove Listing Limitations as an eBay Seller

    hey guys it’s Brian from BG media innovation and I got a great one for you today so today we’re gonna piggyback off that that last video that eBay video where I talked about kind of the overview of me launching into eBay and seeing what it’s all about and kind of testing it out for you guys so you know if that if it’s actually a legitimate ecommerce platform that you might want to get into you know if you know anything about the channel if you own anything about me are you taking any of my courses you obviously know like I said in the past video that…

  • How To Set Up Billing: Printful Tutorial 2019
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    How To Set Up Billing: Printful Tutorial 2019

    If you’re creating a manual order with Printful – for example, ordering a t-shirt for yourself – you simply pay at the end of the order process and the order goes through. But if you have a store connected with Printful, there are two transactions that take place. First up, your customer places an order from your store and pays you using your store’s payment platform. For example, they buy a t-shirt from your store for $20. Secondly, The order comes through to us from your synced store and we bill you through your connected payment method for fulfillment and shipping for that order. For example, the fulfillment for the…

  • She Now Makes $115,000 Per Month On Amazon & Shopify 🤑💰
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    She Now Makes $115,000 Per Month On Amazon & Shopify 🤑💰

    So this is the front end of the Shopify store, this is what customers see. Now, I’m logging into the backend of the Shopify store. This is what me and my employees see and you can see here that within the last 30 days, this store has done $81000 in sales. Now, let me show you the Amazon store. So Amazon store in the last 30 days, we’ve done $34000 in sales. I started the business on Amazon. And then I was making around 40 or 50, $60000 a month on Amazon and then I took it off Amazon and started focusing more on the website. So you know my…

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    Ebay Title Builder – Title Optimization Amazon to eBay drop shipping

    title optimization hi guys in this segment we will explain about title optimization sale phrase provides a tool for title optimization which can help you improve your sales in order to check your title optimization options go to items title optimization in this section you will need to follow a few steps in order to optimize the title now you may ask yourself how our system chooses the title suggestions well the title suggestion is based on which title associated with the product has the highest amount of sales on eBay for example you want to list an item from Amazon named Sony KD for 3 X 720 e 43…

  • Работаем на eBay. Что нужно знать о дропшиппинге на eBay?
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    Работаем на eBay. Что нужно знать о дропшиппинге на eBay?

    Ребята! Всем привет! Меня зовут Дарья и это мой канал о дропшиппинге. Сегодня я хочу развеять те мифы о которых нам говорят, которыми нас пугают. Что дропшиппинг на eBay больше не работает, это невозможно. eBay сразу блокирует таких продавцов, которые хотят заниматься дропшиппингом на eBay. И это вобщем-то безрезультатно. Тоесть тебе нечего туда лезть и можешь забыть про это, идти работать на обычную работу. Это неправда! Дропшиппинг на eBay работает. Неважно откуда вы занимаетесь дропшиппингом, где вы находитесь, какой у вас поставщик. Что самое важное, когда вы занимаетесь дропшиппингом – это то, как вы это делаете, какие вы товары выставляете, как вы их оформляете, какая подача этого товара покупателю. Будет…

  • 10 Fast Hacks to Grow Your Ecommerce Print-on-Demand Store
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    10 Fast Hacks to Grow Your Ecommerce Print-on-Demand Store

    Small things can add up to some real growth! Whether you’re trying to get your first or your 10,000th sale, there is something for everyone in this video. 10 Fast Hacks to Grow Your Ecommerce Print-on-Demand Store Hey, it’s Wes from Printful! Let’s be real for a second. There’s never enough time to do everything you could to boost your store’s sales. We’re all busy. We often get overwhelmed with everything that we should be doing, and end up not being able to find time for any of it. The next time you have spare 15 minutes, take a look at this list of fast hacks and check off something…

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    Your 2018 eCommerce Strategy For Drop Shipping on Shopify

    All right. So 2018 is right around the corner, but since e-commerce and drop shipping especially is always evolving, how are you going to go ahead and strategize for the new year? Because I’ll tell you guys what, it’s definitely not the same way you should be executing as you have been for the past couple of months, or maybe year if you’re a little bit of a veteran, because we definitely are going to be stepping up our game in 2018. So make sure you go ahead and stay tuned. And let’s get right into it. [MUSIC PLAYING] First off, I want to congratulate the $100 winner from yesterday’s…

  • Reasons to have multiple eBay accounts!
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    Reasons to have multiple eBay accounts!

    Hi, it’s Neil Waterhouse Today I want to talk about Why, if you have an eBay business, you should at least consider having one or more spare eBay accounts? The first reason is insurance, so peace of mind for a better word. The same reason with car insurance just in case, what if something goes wrong with your main eBay account. What if something unforeseen happens, you suddenly get random negative feedbacks or defects? Approximately 40% of all eBay buyers will leave feedback and the other 60% simply won’t leave any feedback at all. Most eBay buyers do the right thing and if they want to leave feedback, the feedback…

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    Printful – Push generator Tutorial

    Let’s look at the basic features of Printful’s Push-generator. The push-generator lets you add products from your Printful account to your store more easily. This tool is available for most of ecommerce platforms, for those few exceptions you’ll have to add products manually. We’ll use Shopify for this tutorial, but the basics of how our push generator works – applies for all other integrations that support this feature. You can click the “Add” button here or go in to your Sync settings and hit “add product” at the top. Let’s go ahead and add a product. Here you can see list of all our products, this time we will add…