• 🔴A.M. Tech Talk 3/15: Let’s talk E-commerce.
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    🔴A.M. Tech Talk 3/15: Let’s talk E-commerce.

    there are a bunch of free solutions and you might be interested oh here we go live on Facebook I’ll be right back um hey it’s Sara from close to the Earth IT services and today I’m going to be talking about e-commerce solutions and I’m all fired up about this because there are so many cool solutions for e-commerce now and so many ways that you can promote in like bring people from social media into your e-commerce funnel that it is too exciting to ignore and I also want to talk about my unlikely mentor and you if you know me you’ll not freaking believe this so the…

  • Oprogramowanie Multi Sales Platform
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    Oprogramowanie Multi Sales Platform

    Software Sales support system Manage efficiently Sales channels – stationary shops – mobile commerce – online shops Goods movement Employee Connect into one system Central Online shop Stationary shop Warehouse Dealer Online shop Integration with E-Commerce platforms Functionality Synchronize item inventory Synchronize contractor files Update product prices Synchronization of orders Other functions… Dealer Mobile commerce service View warehouse inventory Preview route Service surveys Analysis of payment Warehouse Processing inventory documents Order picking Prewiev goods Stocktaking Online shops integration with any systems in terms of Sales Orders Warehouse management Manager Reporting and analysis Monitoring traders Scheduling meetings and routes Create surveys and tasks synchronization with popular ERP systems System ready for…

  • How to optimise Shopify?
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    How to optimise Shopify?

    – So, Shopify is one of the biggest e-commerce platforms globally, where a bunch of store owners get to sell their products both online and offline. However, out of the box, it can actually be quite tricky to optimize from an SEO point of view. Namely, because you don’t have access to the server, can’t change the robots file, and you’re stuck with the out of the box XML site map that puts everything into it. So, in this video, we’re going to demonstrate how you can successfully optimize your Shopify store to generate more traffic in the long run and increase those sales. (upbeat music) In particular, we’re gonna…

  • Scallog mobile robots @ Shophair
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    Scallog mobile robots @ Shophair

    Aiming for faster productivity, we visited many companies and platforms, and we chose Scallog. Scallog’s advantage is its simplicity. I’m not a computer scientist but it’s very simple! Weight lifted: 600Kg Shophair is the leading supplier of products for hairdressers. The Scallog solution was set up in a few weeks, Installed in two weeks fitting smoothly into an existing process. Manual picking for fast-movers products, Scallog automated system for slow-movers products. Those orders are finalized and sent to the hairdressers. Nowadays, robots are becoming more common. Scallog lets operators concentrate on other jobs than collecting — thus improving storage. It won’t mean laying people off … …That’s not true! ……

  • Shared Inventory
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    Shared Inventory

    For omni-channel retailers it is crucial to make sure that an item that has already been sold in the brick-and-mortar store, isn’t sold again in the web store. This is solved with NP Retail and NP Ecommerce, as they have shared inventory. Let’s use this Festina classic steel watch as an example. It’s for sale both in the brick-and-mortar store, as well as the web store. In NP Retail you can look up the watch, by means of the lookup function. Here it is. As you can see there is currently only one Festina classic steel watch in stock. In the web store and online customer considers buying this particular…

  • She borrowed her mom’s savings to build a multimillion-dollar fashion empire | Make It International
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    She borrowed her mom’s savings to build a multimillion-dollar fashion empire | Make It International

    Augmented reality runways, automated queuing systems, online availability checks They’re just some of the ways Rachel Lim is using technology to reinvent retail. It’s the omnichannel approach that’s helped take this Singaporean entrepreneur’s female fashion line from a $300 side hustle in 2005 to a multimillion-dollar international fashion empire. In this day and age, where we both can get anything that we want online, any time of the day, you really have to give people a good enough reason to come all the way down to your store. And it’s a good job too – because she bet the house on it. I was bonded to the government, so I…

  • How To Make Money Online Philippines – 5 Legit Ways (Ep. #1)
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    How To Make Money Online Philippines – 5 Legit Ways (Ep. #1)

    Are you tired of the heavy traffic going to work and work with a job with a boss you hate? Are you a someone who’s looking for ways to earn money without leaving the comfort of your home while taking care of your family? In this video I’m going to share to you 5 legitimate ways you can make money online here in the Philippines… coming up! Hello Millionaires! This is Fibo Lim, your wealth & life coach. In this channel, we publish weekly content that will help you earn more income and achieve success in business and in life. So if you’re new here consider subscribing. Don’t forget to…