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    An eBay for Charity Story: A Little More Good in the World

    Most of us would like to do good more of the time than we actually do. So why don’t we do more? I think the biggest reason is that we don’t believe we could make enough of a difference. Let me start at the beginning. Sarah and I love to travel. We can go practically anywhere. We love a road trip. We’d both been active in anti-apartheid politics and we had a multiracial family. And all of a sudden Mandela was out of prison. And I looked at her and said, we have to go. We had to sell everything we owned except for our house. Got on a plane,…

  • Beautiful Leather Like Option W/ LOW Cost
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    Beautiful Leather Like Option W/ LOW Cost

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  • My Top Three Drop Shipping On eBay Tips
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    My Top Three Drop Shipping On eBay Tips

    Hi, it’s Neil Waterhouse. My top 3 tips for anyone building an eBay dropshipping business At #1 – Build an extra strategy into the business from Day 1. Whether you’re intending to sell that business down the track or not, build an extra strategy from Day 1 so that the business not just runs without you, but also it grows without you. Many people when they get on building an online business have dreams of owning an online business where money is deposited in their bank account 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and even when they’re not there. However, many people just end up building themselves a…

  • Can I Build an eBay Business From Scratch In Australia
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    Can I Build an eBay Business From Scratch In Australia

    Hi guys, Neil Waterhouse Received an email from Kirk Waters saying Hi Neil, hope you can help. I’m 65 years of age with very little eBay and computer knowledge. Am I still able to build an Bay business from scratch with next to no existing knowledge? Well Kirk, absolutely yes you can build a full-time eBay business even if you have no eBay experience and very little computer knowledge. The fact that you managed to send me this email means you have all the knowledge required to get started. I remember back when the email starts taking off back in the 1990’s. Anybody with a knowledge of how to send…

  • An eBay for Charity Story: More Than Just a Second Chance
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    An eBay for Charity Story: More Than Just a Second Chance

    eBay is opportunity. Most of my life I felt like I just wanted to do what I wanted with no planing ahead. I burned a lot of bridges with people. No one wanted to be near me. I’ve always had interest in comics and my big passion is video games. If I’m having a bad time, I could just escape to that. The power I probably wish I had the most When I was a kid was invisibility. So when I embarrassed myself, no one would see me. Growing up I was never really accustomed to relying on others. Why not just be invisible and away from people. I couldn’t…

  • Switch Ebay to English
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    Switch Ebay to English

    I haven’t been to Ebay for quite a while, only to get an unpleasant surprise. Everything is now in freaking Russian, as obviously I have a Russian IP address. This is insane, as the translation leaves much to be desired. Even if it was perfect, Russian is a good language for poetry and literature, but it is absolutely not suitable for trade and finance, and moreover, for interfaces, as any Russian phrase will be typically 30-40% longer the laconic English expressing the same idea. I couldn’t find language switch in the account settings, which for some reason remained in English. Google didn’t help either. And then I saw the tiny…

  • Making ART with an EBAY MYSTERY BOX 🎄Arty Advent Day 12 🎄
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    Making ART with an EBAY MYSTERY BOX 🎄Arty Advent Day 12 🎄

    Hey everyone, so in today’s video I thought I would try making some art using an ebay mystery box. I’m Canadian so I have to use eBay.ca and it will show listings from eBay.com but only if that item ships to Canada and when I search this on eBay.ca this is the only mystery box that came up. It says art supply mystery box But this is the only art related one I could find so this was my one option, and I think it cost $48 so Hopefully it’s worth it. It is quite heavy. I don’t know what’s all in here I don’t know. It’s a mix of…

  • Top Ecommerce Platform and Online Marketplace Comparison – Printful Integrations 2019
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    Top Ecommerce Platform and Online Marketplace Comparison – Printful Integrations 2019

    Haven’t decided which ecommerce platform to use? In this video, we’ll cover the ins and outs, in our opinion, of the biggest ecommerce platforms we integrate with to help you decide which one suits your needs. Hey! It’s Māris from Printful! When figuring out which ecommerce platform to use, you need to consider how their features fit your needs and business. I’ll be going over all the platforms we integrate with and break down their main features so you can make an informed decision. But before we continue, subscribe to our channel and click on that bell icon so that you get notified when we publish more content just like…