• EBay Mystery Tires Review
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    EBay Mystery Tires Review

    EBay Mystery Tires. Hello thanks for watching. I want to show you these tires I got from ebay. Sometimes you are shopping on ebay for parts and you see something that looks too good to be true. I was looking on ebay and I found these cheap tires. Set of four. With wheels. With foams. The whole set is about 12 usd. Another 4.5 usd to ship them here to the us. This is what you get. I’ve been using these ones already. They have a few different tread patterns. They have different styles of wheel. And they have foams inside. They come like this. They are marked “www.kforce-racing.com”. When…

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    eBay is dying, and here is why!

    It is late 2018 and maybe eBay is still not dead, but I think is safe to assume that eBay can�t keep with competition and slowly dying. Actually I don�t think that eBay is dying. eBay It’s committing suicide Hi, my name is Nikola and today I will explain why eBay lost so much of market share. Somehow, eBay managed to create issues with both, buyers and sellers. From buyers perspective I used eBay in last 8 years and from seller perspective I used eBay in last 3 years. In both cases I have issues. Ebay doesn�t really have a seller protection program that actually works. Is very easy for…

  • 10 Things You Didn’t Know About eBay
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    10 Things You Didn’t Know About eBay

    10. In 2013 a teenager accidentally paid $705 for a photo of an Xbox One rather than the console. He’d been saving for 1 year when he bought the ‘Photo, Brand New’ for his son. 09. The most expensive item ever sold is a $168 million ‘Gigayacht’. The luxury 123m boat has a helicopter garage, cinema, workout room, office & 10 multilevel suites. 08. In 2005 a woman got revenge on her cheating husband by selling his beloved car on eBay. Within 2 hours she had sold the $45,000 Lotus Esprit Turbo – for 90 cents. 07. eBay helped discover new species of sea life in 2008. Scientist Richard Harrington…

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    Oh my.. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH Ah! Good day everyone and welcome to today’s video where I have another Mystery box. Like I told you guys in the first one I ordered an $1000 dollar box and a $500 But the thousand dollar one looked like it was Halloween themed so I wanted to open it first, before Halloween came around So now we’re going to open the $500 mystery box and see what’s inside So this is already a lot smaller and a lot lighter than the last one The last one I had was like this big if you guys haven’t seen it I will link it down below this one…

  • eBay Horror Story: 1,000 Listings and Thousands of Dollars Lost
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    eBay Horror Story: 1,000 Listings and Thousands of Dollars Lost

    Hey ebay sellers is it Suzanne A. Wells! Thanks for coming back for another video. And today it’s time for another ebay horror story so here is what happened. I know some of you out there do your best to help others learn how to sell on eBay because you know that it’s a great moneymaker. Tt can be a life changer and you’re passionate about it. Okay so my daughter and I we live in Atlanta and we have helped a lot of sellers people get started selling – they are not sellers yet they want to be. So we had this one client this was about five years…

  • Quinton Reviews ‘eBay’
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    Quinton Reviews ‘eBay’

    So, i have some bad news, my friends… It appears that I’ve developed a bit of an addiction. Yes… for the past several weeks i have been… Recklessly spending all of my money … ON E-BAY BIDS All right! Here we are! We gotta get to my watch list! *this is the joke* *obligatory career reconsideration Iron Man Lego? BUY IT NOW Sample clip only put on to make their listing appear in the bottom of searches? Uh, i’m gonna say… BUY IT NOW E-Bay is your one-stop shop for ALL used underwear. Six piece set truck vehicle mini pullback model movable racer child toy? BUY IT NOW Oh god,…

  • Was will Bao wirklich?
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    Was will Bao wirklich?

    Hi, ich bin Bao. Ich bin Kikos Freund. Ich wollte ihre Sachen abholen. Wie bitte, was? Leute, ich helf euch jetzt mal ein bisschen auf die Sprünge Erinnert ihr euch an meine Ex-Freundin Kiko? Dat is sie! Und das hier ist ihr Freund Bao. Der ist gekommen, um ihre alten Sachen abzuholen. Das Problem ist nur, Tommy hat die alle auf eBay Kleinanzeigen verschenkt. Und deswegen guckt Tommy auch so. Hannah, die sieht aus wie immer. Kein Problem. Und ich… ist eigentlich ein gutes Foto von mir. Okay, nochmal. Ich bin Bao. Ich wollte Kikos Sachen abholen. Ehm ja. Da hättest du dich vielleicht mal anmelden sollen. Dann hätten wir…

  • Reasons to have multiple eBay accounts!
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    Reasons to have multiple eBay accounts!

    Hi, it’s Neil Waterhouse Today I want to talk about Why, if you have an eBay business, you should at least consider having one or more spare eBay accounts? The first reason is insurance, so peace of mind for a better word. The same reason with car insurance just in case, what if something goes wrong with your main eBay account. What if something unforeseen happens, you suddenly get random negative feedbacks or defects? Approximately 40% of all eBay buyers will leave feedback and the other 60% simply won’t leave any feedback at all. Most eBay buyers do the right thing and if they want to leave feedback, the feedback…

  • SellHound App: Sell Your Fashion Fast and Easy! (eBay)
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    SellHound App: Sell Your Fashion Fast and Easy! (eBay)

    SellHound makes it easy to sell second-hand items in a few simple steps! You snap the photos, we do the rest. First, identify an item from your closet you’d like to sell. We recommend reselling items that are in good condition, have no noticeable flaws and either have a recognizable brand name or is a current style. Open the SellHound app and select the camera icon. Follow our prompts to snap photos of the front, back and label. back, and label. Select new or Pre-owned. You can add other details, if you like, including measurements or special colors. Hit Submit and you’re done! Our innovative “recommerce” engine will identify your…