• Data Hygiene: Best Practices for Keeping Your Data Clean | UTA Libraries
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    Data Hygiene: Best Practices for Keeping Your Data Clean | UTA Libraries

    Hi, my name is Hammad Khan, and I am the Data Management Librarian here at UTA Libraries. Today’s presentation is about Data Hygiene: Best Practices for Keeping Your Data Clean. This presentation will cover best practices and tools used for data cleaning and how we can practice good data hygiene, which is an ongoing process of keeping data clean. Now, if you look at this photo – it is a bar of soap with the words “Data Hygiene.” I want you to not think about the word “data” for a second and just focus on this word: “hygiene.” When we think of hygiene, we think of conditions and practices in…

  • Digital Technologies Department, FoICDT, University of Mauritius
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    Digital Technologies Department, FoICDT, University of Mauritius

    welcome to the department of digital technology at the University of Mauritius so as the name implies, our focus is to provide high quality higher education and training in different areas of applied information and digital technologies. Currently we have our department which consists of nine very dedicated staff and a student community of around two hundred students. We are running one undergraduate program is the applied computing and a commissioned postgraduate program which is the MSC applied super technologies in collaboration with Accenture. Lots of effort is being made to deliver quality and up-to-date materials to our students. We are strengthening the ties with industry and working in close…

  • Rugged Combo 3 Product Overview
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    Rugged Combo 3 Product Overview

    meet the rugged combo three designed with educational professionals it unlocks the potential of your iPad in classrooms or anywhere you take it here’s how you can use rugged combo 3 to make the most of your classroom rugged combo 3 has been engineered to exceed military standards of drop protection that means you can drop it from 4 feet and it’ll still protect your iPad the magnetic latch keeps your iPad in place and protects it while you’re on the go the resilient keyboard features a spill proof pry proof membrane that can withstand classroom mishaps when spills happen just wipe it and keep going the extra large asset…

  • Women and Careers in Electronic Technology
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    Women and Careers in Electronic Technology

    Closed Captioning (CC) by Sharon Kennedy & Aisha Rangoonwala [Music]>>Mary Phillipp: There’s no reason that a woman couldn’t do a good job and, in fact, Mayuri does a great job in this position and I highly encourage other women to enter the technical fields because it’s loaded with opportunity and, at this point, it’s difficult to find people in this area.>>Doreen Wills: You’re selling expect you to do something for them, that’s why they hired you to be their sales person, and if you don’t do it, if you don’t crack those accounts that they want you to crack, you’re failing. So, with that, my biggest challenge would be to…

  • SMART Spotlight – Episode 3 “New Product Launch & More Showcase”
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    SMART Spotlight – Episode 3 “New Product Launch & More Showcase”

    Speaker 1: Welcome to the SMART Spotlight, our monthly update covering helpful resources, new product releases and behind the scenes access to tech events around the world. Speaker 2: As a global company committed to inspiring your greatness, we’re here to empower students, teachers and leaders with the right tools and resources for success. Speaker 1: Today we’ll run through some of the latest updates on SMART products and partnerships. Speaker 2: Feel free to share with your colleagues and your networks and subscribe by clicking the red subscribe button below to be the 1st to know about new episodes. 1st up, the upgraded SMART board MX series has arrived.…

  • Inventory role (Angela Tumino)
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    Inventory role (Angela Tumino)

    In this lecture, we are going to have an overview of the role and of the typologies of inventories in a logistics system. In general, inventories can be classified on the basis of: the inventory role, the typology of stored goods, and the phase of the production or logistics system. Let’s start to consider the role of inventories. Inventories can be used to improve efficiency (i.e. to reduce costs) and/or to improve effectiveness, in order to better satisfy the customer needs. As for efficiency, the inventories can allow the reduction of other production or logistics costs (like for example purchasing, production or transport costs), thus minimising the total costs. Let’s…

  • UTA Libraries | REIMAGINED
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    UTA Libraries | REIMAGINED

    The traditional model of the library forces users into a box. It says no, requires silence, and closes early. This model offers little room for its users to grow. UTA Libraries broke this mold for two reasons: The first is our core values. We want to inspire risk-taking and innovation, encourage collaboration and community, celebrate scholarship and access, balance excellence with flexibility, and integrity with discovery. The second is our mission to flip the model on service, and center our users in every decision we make, from collections to events to design. We said yes to a new, on-demand acquisitions model, staying open twenty-four hours a day to serve our…

  • Discrimination Complaint Tracking System (DCTS) Tutorial
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    Discrimination Complaint Tracking System (DCTS) Tutorial

    Hello! This tutorial will show you how to open case, enter required fields, and close the case in the Discrimination Complaint Tracking System, known as the DCTS. We will go step by step entering this required information. You will learn how to open a case, add an incident, assign an investigator, enter complaints, and add parties. Next we’ll upload files, add outcomes, and then complete three other required fields needed to close the case. First I will go to the website. After entering my username and password and clicking log in, the system will email me a code to verify my user identity. This is called two factor authentication, and…