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    Use Call Extensions to Drive Phone Sales – Google Best Practices

    Hello the Internet, welcome to our ongoing series all about the wonderful world of ad extensions. My name is Sean Quadlin, I’m a product marketing manager here at Google for SEM best practices. Right now we’re talking all about using call extensions to drive phone calls for your business. You’re going to want to use call extensions if you want to give users the option of calling you directly from the Google results page. Can be a great option for users who are on their phone who just wanna talk somebody to get their answer immediately. So, when you’re setting these up, you want to add a phone number or…

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    Top WooCommerce Plugins to make Order IDs Sequentially

    If you have a WooCommerce store, you might have come across your irregular orders IDs in your WooCommerce orders dashboard. While you may think you are missing out on some orders, you are actually not! WordPress uniquely identifies every element in its system as post IDs. So in a WordPress database, a page, post, image, category, etc, are given a unique post ID. The major reason to do this is that it becomes easier for developers to access these entities. WooCommerce follows the same sequence format, in which its product, category, tag, and attribute values are also uniquely identified with a post ID. Hence when you create WooCommerce orders as…

  • Amazing website effects with modules
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    Amazing website effects with modules

    Modules are the easiest way to add cool effects to your website. They’re easy to install and to customize. On each of our product pages there’s a list of Modules available on the right hand side. There are over thirty Platforms available and we’ve created over two hundred modules for them. Say you had a WordPress website and you want to install Magic Zoom Plus. Select the WordPress icon and you’ll be taken to the Magic Zoom Plus for WordPress module page. Simply download the demo and save it to your computer and then upload the file to your WordPress admin area and Activate it. That’s it. That’s how easy…