• Ebay LED floodlight scam warning.
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    Ebay LED floodlight scam warning.

    LED floodlights are very popular on eBay at the moment They’re cheap, and they seem to be quite bright and they certainly do save a lot of energy so let’s plug this one in and just see how bright it is Oh, that’s pretty good, looks okay The sensor works okay, but is it 20 Watt? Well, let’s bring in a power meter here and we’ll plug it into the power meter The power meter says the 20 Watt light is drawing 13 Watts And I know that the passive infrared sensor here uses one of those Watts So the actual power of the LED is 12 Watts And you…

  • Anti-fraud expert debunks ecommerce fraud myths from the internet
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    Anti-fraud expert debunks ecommerce fraud myths from the internet

    Really? No. No. No way. Hi, guys. I’m CJ Zhuo and I’m an anti-fraud expert. Today in Tech in Asia, we’ll be debunking online fraud myths from the internet. The first myth, ecommerce fraud only happens when your credit card details are stolen. This is not true. Ecommerce fraud like loyalty program fraud, e-wallet fraud, and account takeovers does not require credit card details. Examples of loyalty fraud is frequent flyer programs where your miles are being compromised. E-wallets could be funded by bank accounts. So again, credit card details are not required. Account takeovers, you have a customer account with any ecommerce merchant. You would probably have your card…