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    Is there anything more manly in life than exercising with the medicine ball? Think about it. Medicine balls remind me of people like: Turn-of-the-century circus performers, or Charles Atlas, or old-time competitive strongmen with thick moustaches and funny workout clothes. Thank goodness we don’t dress like that anymore, huh. Hey! Who took my yoga pants? Hey guys, Robbie Sondag here with a little Godly advice for living a more meaningful life. Have you ever wondered why they call these things medicine balls in the first place ? Well, it’s because years ago the word medicine used to be synonymous with the word health. And so the medicine ball came about…

  • Confetti Cannon in the Office! | 10 Party Products
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    Confetti Cannon in the Office! | 10 Party Products

    what’s going on guys I am Matthias and guess what dude guess what day it is smell smell you just took my job – no it’s smile day but we don’t make enough money to get the eat you know it’s smell day hitting 5 million subscribers is an amazing achievement done only by me ever so as a five million present to me you know it’s go yeah yes you do did I tweet it out I tweet it out as you can see right here retweet if you want me to surprise Tanner tomorrow by doing this when we shoot a video 2100 retweets alright Tanner should try…

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    What’s up YouTube! Before we start the video I just want to let you guys know that I was walking around my house the other day, and I found some of these Guave Juice Box #1, Collectors Edition, and the thing is, these are the last Guava Juice Boxes in the WORLD!! So really simple, I’m just gonna sign all these boxes right here; if you were to purchase a Guava Juice Bath-Fun Box, you might get one of these exclusive Guava Juice #1’s with your Guava Juice Bath-Fun Box. Get you Guava Juice Bath-Fun Box now! *Stomp* Back to the video *Weird Mouth Noise* *Grunting* What’s up YouTube!! Today…

  • GUYS TRY GIRL PRODUCTS (Painful Edition)
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    GUYS TRY GIRL PRODUCTS (Painful Edition)

    – What’s up it’s Collins Key and for today’s video as you guys can tell from the title I’m gonna be testing a whole bunch of different girl products but to do this I need someone very special to help me out and this time actually I brought along a girl so everyone please welcome Devin. (snaps fingers) – [Brothers] Hey! – What’s up bro? – Wait, what was that you just said? – No, it was nothing, so yeah so for this video today guys like I said we are gonna be testing a whole bunch of crazy girl products. You guys really enjoyed the first video we did…

  • You ARE The Product
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    You ARE The Product

    Good morning, Hank. It’s Tuesday. I really liked your video on Friday, I thought you did a great job explaining Facebook’s IPO, and why stock markets are so important. But then, at the end of the video, you said this, “A company that gives me a free service, that I use, and have never and will never pay for, is somehow worth one hundred billion dollars. What?” Now Hank, I don’t know if you intended that as a rhetorical question, but today I am going to answer your “what?” And here’s the thing, broadly speaking there are two kinds of companies in this world: there are companies that sell you…

  • TRYING weird beauty products THAT MAKE YOU MORE ATTRACTIVE
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    TRYING weird beauty products THAT MAKE YOU MORE ATTRACTIVE

    Either you can eat healthy and exercise Or you can tie this around your waist and then hope that your waist will be a tiny bit smaller That probably only you will realize today. I’m trying products that Instagramers. Tell us will make us hotter much hotter this much hotter Is it working yet am I a add 10 out of 10 yet. Okay, Oh No. Yeah, I think I need to be like strapped want me to help. Do you want me to put it on? Oh I got this. This is definitely not safe. You know, I want that hour glass shape Is it bad that I’m out…

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    – What’s up? It’s Collins Key. Now I sent Devan on a shopping spree so I’m gonna make him appear right now. He’s got some really cool stuff. Let’s try this. Hey! – Hey! – Welcome back, bro. Dude, you got some Kylie stuff, YEET! So today Devan and I are going to be trying out a whole bunch of viral Instagram products. You guys know Kylie Jenner Lip Kits blew up. A whole bunch of other stuff, we got Unicorn Tears. I don’t even know. I’m sorry, Devan, here you go. So we also did a magnetic face mask. Which, basically, you put a face mask on, use a…

  • Introducing Smartdogs – GEICO Insurance
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    Introducing Smartdogs – GEICO Insurance

    Humankind has a problem. Experts estimate one in three crashes are caused by distracted driving, but nobody listens to the people telling people to stop. What we need is a non-person drivers will actually pay attention to. Introducing: Smartdogs. The first dogs trained to train humans. Smartdogs will be at their best when you’re at your worst. Stopping drivers from liking, selfie-ing, and whatever this is. These Smartdogs are about to be unleashed to keep you from driving dumb. So, when will they be available to the public? Never. Smartdogs are not the answer but GEICO has a simple tip. Turn on Do Not Disturb While Driving mode. This message…