• A funny look at the unintended consequences of technology | Chuck Nice
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    A funny look at the unintended consequences of technology | Chuck Nice

    Future tech always comes with two things: promise and unintended consequences. And it’s those consequences that I want to explore. And before we get to how future tech may affect us, I’d like to spend a little time exploring the unintended consequences of some of our recent tech, namely, social media. Social media, a few short years ago, was the tech of future you. Now it just is you. Social media was supposed to bring us together in ways we could never imagine. And the predictors were correct. These three girls are talking to one another without the awkward discomfort of eye contact. (Laughter) I call that advancement. We were…

  • Testing Instant Beauty Products
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    Testing Instant Beauty Products

    Instant beauty: How instant and how beautiful is it? Let’s talk about that! ♪ (theme music) ♪ – Goooooood Mythical Morning! – Today, everybody wants instant results. Why wait one minute for that drip coffee to come pouring out when you can mix some hot water with some crystals and have tasteless crystal coffee right now? That’s right. And you know, the beauty industry is a big instant offender and a few weeks back we did a beauty hack parody, but today we are going real. – We are going to Real Town. – Oh gosh. We’re gonna do it for real. We’re gonna test five instant beauty treatments and…

  • John Boyega Reveals How His Star Wars Script Wound Up on eBay
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    John Boyega Reveals How His Star Wars Script Wound Up on eBay

    -You’re a stud. This is a movie star here. I love that suit. -Look, man, the paycheck came through. [ Laughter ] New suit, new suit. -This is the final “Star Wars.” -Yeah, man, it’s the last one. -The last one in the whole — the whole saga. -It’s the end. It’s the end. -What does it mean to you to be part of this? -It’s a — it’s a humbling experience. A life-changing experience and something I’ll always cherish for the rest of my life, it’s just been amazing meeting great people, having good fun, and most importantly entertaining you guys. It’s been really, really cool. -Yeah. It’s been…

  • Unexplained Scratches
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    Unexplained Scratches

    Hey, guys. I… am not a very supernatural-esque kind of a person. Like, I don’t feel really inclined to assume everything is supernatural in my life. But I just want to say, whenever I piss a certain someone off in my life, who has been in my life for many years, I tend to get unexplained scratches on my body. Pretty creepy, right? And I know this individual is into supernatural stuff. And I know that people have in the past claimed to be scratched by supernatural entities or by spells or something? But last time when I pissed them off, it was all over my back. So it made…

  • Yours To Give
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    Yours To Give

    Hey, guys! A user calling themselves Jordan posted to onision.net/contact asking me whether or not I believe that being molested means that they are no longer a virgin. What do you guys think? First of all, molestation is not sexual intercourse, to my understanding. Molestation is touching someone inappropriately in a sexual manner against their will. But I could be wrong. Um, so obviously that’s not going to strip anyone of their virginity. But the question is, what is your idea of virginity? Because in my opinion, virginity is a gift that can only be given. Just like any gift. If you steal it, it’s no longer a gift. Which…

  • SHOCKER: Onision’s Innocent
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    SHOCKER: Onision’s Innocent

    Hey, guys. A while ago, I promised on a live feed, that if you came to me with a question in a civil manner, I would answer that question in a civil manner. Well, someone did just that, asking me quite a lengthy list of questions. And I answered them. What I found was, most of the questions that they said were revolving around inconsistencies, actually just revolved around hater stupidity. Because if they had thought into what I was saying, if they had actually paid attention to the obvious, they wouldn’t have had to ask these questions. But that’s what haters thrive on, is ignorance and stupidity. As you…