• Distribute: Masabi – turning user insights into scale
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    Distribute: Masabi – turning user insights into scale

    GIACOMMO BIGGIERO: –transit agencies across the world. So what I’m going to talk to you about today is how we’ve gathered customer insight and data to build business cases and to subsequently grow our company. This might be a little different to some of the other presentations insofar as some of the data that we’ve been collecting isn’t just from analytics but is from social behavior and beyond, really. So a little bit of flash history. We started writing mobile apps back in 2002 when phones looked like that. That was off the back of the promise that this was very imminently going to become a huge channel. Of course,…

  • NotificationListener (Flutter Widget of the Week)
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    NotificationListener (Flutter Widget of the Week)

    ♪ (music) ♪ Did you know that some widgets dispatch notifications? For instance, scrollable widgets, likeListView, dispatchScrollNotifications. Notifications bubble up the tree, visiting each ancestor widget, unless they’re handled somewhere along the way. You might need to handle notifications if you’re using a widget that has aScrollablein it but it doesn’t expose callbacks. So, how can you listen for these notifications? UseNotificationListener!Take a widget that dispatches notifications and wrap it withNotificationListener. It doesn’t have to be the parent, just an ancestor. Then specify the type of notification you want to handle using the generic type parameter. Finally, add theonNotificationcallback. Returningtruemeans the notification has been handled and it will stop bubbling…

  • Έλληνες Δύτες στη Μάχη κατά του Ξενικού Λεοντόψαρου |Spearfishing Life 🇬🇷 [4K]✅
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    Έλληνες Δύτες στη Μάχη κατά του Ξενικού Λεοντόψαρου |Spearfishing Life 🇬🇷 [4K]✅

    Hello my fishermen! I’m back in Athens And what you just watched was a small sample of what happened a few days earlier I decided to visit the beautiful island of Crete and in just a few hours after contacting ichthyologists from the HCMR of Irakleio area We arranged the 1st Meet Up ever in Greece Targeted to the removal of the invasive Lionfish by spearfishing the area! We enjoyed an amazing day at sea Where we had the whole beach for ourselfes We removed as many Lionfish as we could We gave a few gifts to the divers that participated And ofcourse we gathered a lot of data for…

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    Lenovo’s new Yoga Book: almost a laptop

    – Hello, I’m Vlad with the Verge here at IFA 2018, and this is the new second generation of the Lenovo Yoga book. This has always been quite a particular and peculiar device because it’s never been quite a laptop, it’s never been quite a tablet, it’s a thing in between. What Lenovo has done now is they’ve enlarged it, they made it 10.8 inches instead of 10, so it feels more substantial, and now I would really classify it as a laptop. But once you open it up, and the way you open it up is pretty cool, they have a new mechanism where you do a double knock…

  • Street View on Google Maps
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    Street View on Google Maps

    >>Hi, I’m Pegman. You might recognize me from Street View on Google Maps. With our new look, Street View has become a more integrated part of Google Maps. Let me show you my new home. Whoo! Let’s explore San Francisco. Since you’re in an area where Street View is available, I’ve lit up yellow. To enter Street View, grab me and drop me wherever you like. Street View is available on any street outlined in blue, and thumbnail images appear as you hover over any point on the map. Hello, painted ladies. You’re now exploring a neighborhood in our full-screen mode. Zoom in by double-clicking on the map or by…

  • ShaderMask (Flutter Widget of the Week)
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    ShaderMask (Flutter Widget of the Week)

    ♪ (theme music) ♪ShaderMasksare one of Flutter’s hidden gems.ShaderMaskslet you apply a shader to one or more widgets in the tree. Shaders are very flexible. In Flutter we can use them to apply gradients to widgets. We can also use them to apply images. To apply a shader to a widget, wrap the widget in aShaderMaskand supply theShaderMask with the shader you’d like to apply. How do you create shaders? Fortunately, Flutter’s gradient classes have a handycreateShadermethod to do just that. Let’s take a look at a cool effect and apply some flames to text. Wrap the text in aShaderMask and give it aRadialGradient,and give the gradient some good fiery…