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    Implementing Android In-App Billing – The Zen of Monetization #7

    Within the Billing API, you can integrate in-app billing into your Android applications. Hi. I’m Neto Marin. In a previous episode, we looked at what you can offer to users through in-app billing. In this episode, let’s implement it. To make it generally more comfortable, we created a [INAUDIBLE] implementation for in-app billing version 3 API called Trivial Drive. This app includes convenience class to quick setup the in-app billing service. You can import this sample from Android Studio or use a GUID to clone repository. But before we actually start coding, I will help you to set up your app in the Google Play Developer Console and prepare development…

  • Retail Wars: Amazon vs Walmart
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    Retail Wars: Amazon vs Walmart

    Amazon is preparing for a showdown with an unlikely foe Walmart this is a war that has been quietly building for some time and now making a lot of noise amazon is the king of e-commerce with 40% of online market shares supported by their prime service which provides value delivery merchandise and cloud services all for a low annual membership fee recently Amazon has been making a series of moves to also dominate logistics a territory dominated by super chain Walmart, Amazon is aggressively moving in this direction with the 13.7 billion acquisition of Whole Foods and by building more of their already 215 nationwide US fulfillment centers Walmart…

  • What is Google AdWords AND How Exactly Does it Work?
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    What is Google AdWords AND How Exactly Does it Work?

    AdWords is an auction like system that enables advertisements on google.com and other Google properties. Businesses bid to place their ads in the search engine results for relevant keyword searches. It all starts with a search. For example, a user searches for “pet medicine”. If more than one advertiser is bidding on a keyword that Google deems relevant to the search query, an auction is triggered. Google then looks at two key factors to determine where the ads rank. The best combined bid and score will get the best position. To determine how much advertisers pay for each click, Google uses a quality score system. The higher your quality score,…

  • Meet a Software Engineer on the Google Ads Team
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    Meet a Software Engineer on the Google Ads Team

    Coming to Google and understanding the mantra of putting the user first is very important. You can do all sorts of cool engineering, but if it doesn’t make sense to the user at the end of the day, it’s just going to be a waste of effort. My name is Dooyum Malu. I’m a software engineer on the Ads platform. I work on the Overviews page, which is the homepage, and gives businesses a snapshot of how their business is doing. Because we have a very diverse category of users, we’ve designed the product in a way that will let them slowly peel away layers, kind of like an onion.…

  • Como anunciar no Google Ads | Tutorial completo de como anunciar no Google Ads em 2019
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    Como anunciar no Google Ads | Tutorial completo de como anunciar no Google Ads em 2019

    você tem dificuldade em que essa campanha no google apps ou sua campanha não está gerando resultado nós vamos te mostrar como que essa campanha de maneira prática a campanha grupo denunciou 20 anos [Música] oi eu sou roger trabalho aqueles resultados digitais com média paga e hoje nós vamos te ensinar como que a sua campanha possa aposta no google apps se você é novo no canal e aprender mais sobre marketing digital se inscreva e ativa as notificações toda semana nós temos novos conteúdos para você preparar as suas anotações e vamos para a prática hoje nós vamos criar uma nova campanha no google apps para fazer todo…

  • Crown Catering talks about Google AdWords
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    Crown Catering talks about Google AdWords

    My name’s David Warren. I own Crown Catering. It’s a great little business. It’s a family business. Five years ago my grandmother lent me $30,000, and I bought the business from the Trading Post. I knew that there were caterers operating in Sydney doing 20, 30, 40 functions a week. So, I started looking at all my different types of ways of generating business. Hence, AdWords. This was a means and a way for me to get the website out there. With every single person that looked at that website as a potential customer, there’s no doubt whatsoever in my mind that Google AdWords is by far the most effective,…

  • Основы онлайн-маркетинга: Что такое AdWords?
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    Основы онлайн-маркетинга: Что такое AdWords?

    Google мектебі AdWords-тың не екенін білесіз бе? Бұл Google-дың сайтыңызға әлеуетті клиенттерді тартуға арналған жарнамалық платформасы Күн сайын миллиондаған адамдар Google-дан әр-түрлі ақпаратты іздейді және олардың көпшілігі дәл сіз ұсынатын тауарлар мен қызметтерге қызығушылық танытуы мүмкін Google-да жарнаманызды орналастырыңыз және сіздің хабарландыруларыңыз тиісті іздеу сұрауларына Google іздеу нәтижелерінен жоғары немесе олардың жанында көрсетіледі Идеясы өте қарапайым: сіз өзіңіздің тауарлар мен қызметтеріңізге сәйкес кілт сөздерді енгізесіз Содан кейін Adwords сіздің хабарландыруларыңызды Google дан тиісті іздеу сұрауларына көрсетеді AdWords қалай жұмыс істейді? Айталық, сіз терезелер жөндеуді іздеп отырсыз Миллиардтаған веб бет, блогтардан және басқа ресурстардан Google сұранысыңызға ең сәйкес дегендерді таңдайды және нәтижелерді шығарады Таныс көрінеді, солай емес пе? Бірақ тоқтаңыз, мына…

  • AdWords Cross-Device Conversions
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    AdWords Cross-Device Conversions

    [MUSIC PLAYING Did you know 90% percent of consumers start an activity on one device and finish it on another? Google created AdWords Cross-Device Conversions to give marketers a more accurate picture of how their advertising drives conversions across devices. By measuring more, marketers can value mobile marketing more accurately, better optimize for consumer behavior, and earn more customers. Cross-Device Conversions start as a search or display ad click on one device and end as a conversion on another browser or device. AdWords measures Cross-Device Conversions for millions of users who have previously signed into Google. Using this data, a sophisticated algorithm uses a number of signals like country, conversion…

  • Creating and Managing Google Ads with Hootsuite Ads
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    Creating and Managing Google Ads with Hootsuite Ads

    You can now create and manage Google search campaigns using Hootsuite ads. Hootsuite ads offers simplified campaign creation and lets you manage your Google Ads alongside Facebook and Instagram. using a standardized interface you can quickly shift budget toward better performing venues and share assets across campaigns and channels. Get started by connecting your Google Ads account in the ads dashboard. Under your settings, click AdWords then connect. Choose your Google account and accept the prompts. If you’re not already logged into Google, you’ll be asked to do so.Iif you don’t have a Google Ads account, no problem, just create an account on Google and connect it to Hootsuite ads.…