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    How to Track What You’ve Sold: Inventory, Summary Reports, & More | QuickBooks Online Tutorial 2018

    you can see which specific inventory items you sold and how much of them you’ve sold by going to the report Center and then opening a report named the sales by product service summary this report shows you which specific products and services you’ve sold over the selected period of time it also shows you the quantity amount percent of total sales average price and in the case of inventory your cost of goods sold gross margin and gross margin percentage the cost of goods sold is calculated by the amount of money that you spent to buy the inventory that you have now sold this company has sold six…

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    $9,999 NERF FORTNITE EBAY MYSTERY BOX 📦❓Fortnite Gear, NERF Toys & More!

    hey yo what’s going on everyone its father JP approach it with me and we are back with a brand new video and today guys we are doing another Mystery Box challenge that’s right you guys have been asking for it so we are back today and we’re doing the nerf fortnight Mystery Box challenge if you guys are brand new to our mystery box challenges and you’ve never seen them before basically we have to well this time they came huge these these boxes are huge guys you know we got that we got this one down here and they are two different mystery boxes one of them is…

  • OpenCart Mobile Framework: install and set up
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    OpenCart Mobile Framework: install and set up

    This video will guide you through the installation of OMF. Before you start you need vQmod, because OMF runs on top of it. Once you finished installing vQmod be sure to check if it was successful. To do this navigate to yourstore/vqmod/install and you should see the success message Now you can download OMF. Next, unzip the archive to a folder on your computer, and open you favourite FTP client. This is FileZilla here. Connect to your server, locate the folder where you extracted OMF and make sure that you’re in the root directory of your store. Upload the contents of the upload folder and not folder itself. You might…

  • The Developer Show Ep 002 (Cardboard, Firebase, Android, & Policy)
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    The Developer Show Ep 002 (Cardboard, Firebase, Android, & Policy)

    TIMOTHY JORDAN: Hello and welcome to the “Developer Show.” I’m your host Timothy Jordan. Let’s start with a quick review of what happened recently with the Google Developer platform, also known as the TLDR. Perform complex back end logic on data store in real time with automatic synchronization across devices– Android plus Firebase plus Google App Engine makes it happen. David East is here today to explain it all a bit further. DAVID EAST: That’s me. TIMOTHY JORDAN: Logs just got a lot better with Metrics Advanced Filters and Charts brought to you by Google Cloud Logging and Google Cloud Monitoring, available today in beta. Improved navigation, search, customization, and…

  • 10 Products With Hidden Features!
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    10 Products With Hidden Features!

    “This was issued…” Say that 5 times fast This was issued (5 times) Alright, shut up fancy boi FAST BOI *LAUGH* *intro* Hiiiii! I Am MatThIaS! Tanner: Hello Matthias! Hi. (laugh) Tanner: I feel like we’re in a kid’s show. *Still laughing* We are dude. Welcome to real life. Today we are looking at 10 products that have hidden features. Like this feature of Matt. HUY!! Today I’m going to let you know whether these items with hidden features are believable or INCONCEIVABLE! Tanner: Nice one Princess Bride Princess Bride. INCONCEIVABLE! Meh, first item. Epic Dragon’s Grasping Claw Walking Cane. I need a grasping claw. Tanner: No you don’t. Tanner:…

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    MONEY MONEY MONEY! Selling at flea market I bought an abandoned storage unit

    this is what the flea market is all about right here and that’s the gold price sale there 520 put that in our pocket for now so this is our sales for today we’re a little over – this is – ladies and gentlemen boys and girls parents of all ages it is Wednesday morning in the house we have Tony that’s weird a to give you a cool nickname salt princess and over here we got the man the myth the legend unload in the van 300 dollar unit lots to do today we got to get this van unloaded we got to get this trailer unloaded we got…

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    Tom Clancy’s The Division 2: Tips & Tricks | Inventory Management | Ubisoft [NA]

    At the core of The Division 2 is the loot. It’s plentiful, important and being able to manage the incoming piles of gear and weapons is key to a tidy collection in your inventory. As you play through the game you’ll find new pieces of gear that you want to equip. To make sure it’s providing the benefits you want, you can compare it against your current equipped gear by pressing the appropriate button. Once you’re happy with your equipment, you’ll probably want to get rid of the old stuff. You can individually deconstruct your unwanted items to get some crafting materials or sell them to a vendor if you’re…

  • How to enter survey data into Excel from a pen-and-paper questionnaire
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    How to enter survey data into Excel from a pen-and-paper questionnaire

    I have 62 questionnaires with raw data and they’re all been filled out by hand by my participants and now it’s time to enter all this data into Excel. Let me show you how I do it. The first thing I do, is to put a unique, consecutive identification number on top of each questionnaire. The next step is to start Excel. In Excel, my first row, is where I put my headers. The second row, is where I put the first respondent. The columns are my variables. My very both my first column header, is ID. The first respondent has the identification number 1. My next header, is q4,…