• Choosing the right partition key for cost and performance with Azure Cosmos DB
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    Choosing the right partition key for cost and performance with Azure Cosmos DB

    (introductory music) Hello and welcome. Please enjoy this short readiness video on Azure Cosmos DB. Hi Deborah, how are you doing today? Hi Sanjay, great to be here. Great, it’s always fun to talk to you. So what you going to do First of all about your role at Microsoft. So my name is Deborah and I am a program manager on the Cosmos DB team. We are focused on the developer experience. So this covers the SDK portal and the Notebook experience. I see. So what are you going to cover today? Today we are going to be covering Partitioning. Which is one of the core topics that you…

  • Top 7 IoT (Internet of Things) Projects | IoT Project Ideas | IoT Training | Edureka
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    Top 7 IoT (Internet of Things) Projects | IoT Project Ideas | IoT Training | Edureka

    Hello all, this is Neel from Edureka and welcome to this interesting session on Internet of Things projects. Now in this session we’ll be talking about the top seven projects which are outstanding themselves in the Internet of Things domain now before we talk about each of these projects let me start off with a simple introduction to what is Internet of Things Internet of Things basically is a concept or a technology which aims to connect all the devices to the Internet and help them communicate with each other using the Internet as a medium now these devices can be anything it could be a TV it could be…

  • Digital Technologies Department, FoICDT, University of Mauritius
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    Digital Technologies Department, FoICDT, University of Mauritius

    welcome to the department of digital technology at the University of Mauritius so as the name implies, our focus is to provide high quality higher education and training in different areas of applied information and digital technologies. Currently we have our department which consists of nine very dedicated staff and a student community of around two hundred students. We are running one undergraduate program is the applied computing and a commissioned postgraduate program which is the MSC applied super technologies in collaboration with Accenture. Lots of effort is being made to deliver quality and up-to-date materials to our students. We are strengthening the ties with industry and working in close…

  • IBM Db2 Warehouse: Stream IoT data with Apache Kafka
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    IBM Db2 Warehouse: Stream IoT data with Apache Kafka

    Hi and welcome to this demo on how to combine the powerful capabilities of IBM Db2 Warehouse with the flexibility of a Jupyter notebook. In this video, we will use PySpark to analyze streaming data coming from an IoT device, and see how to make the streaming data land in IBM Db2 Warehouse. This notebook is connected to IBM Db2 Warehouse using Livy, which is an open-source REST service for Apache Spark. You can use Livy with sparkmagic in a Jupyter notebook to execute Spark jobs easily. Refer to the README file for information about how to configure a Livy connection. A Livy connection enables you to work on a…

  • Atonix Digital Monitoring & Diagnostics Product Overview Video
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    Atonix Digital Monitoring & Diagnostics Product Overview Video

    Infrastructures that serve vital human needs – like power, water, and communications – are growing in size and complexity, while more and more engineers are tasked with managing multiple sites from a single control center. This often leads operations managers to discover problems only after failures occur, too late to head off outages, too late to avoid costly crises. Managing mission-critical infrastructures has never been more challenging – or more essential. Introducing Atonix Digital Monitoring & Diagnostics, powered by ASSET360. Monitoring & Diagnostics is a cloud-based data analytics product that combines big data and machine learning technologies to simplify and improve operations in energy, utilities, and other industries. Designed specifically…

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    Siretta Snyper-LTE-Graphyte Tutorial from Gateway Electronic Components

    Good Morning, my name is Tracey Langston I’m from Gateway Electronics and i’m going to give you a quick introduction to the Siretta Snyper Graphyte. This is a cellular signal analyser and i’ll just show what comes in the box when you actually purchase the product. The box is all padded out with foam to make sure that nothing moves around when you are using it in transit. First of all we have got the Signal Analyser, which comes in a little stand and it also comes with a tripod, which i’ll show you later how we use that. Then along with this, you get quite a few accessories. You…

  • Value of Inventory Management Automation | Cognizant
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    Value of Inventory Management Automation | Cognizant

    We at Cognizant, especially in our group called Connected Products came across multiple use cases throughout the year: one of them you know was about inventing management in the manufacturing shop floors and with that being the core requirement or a use case, we basically built a algorithm that could solve the real time problem on inventory management. The beauty about this algorithm is it’s a self learning algorithm; so it keeps learning on the new patterns that it keeps seeing; it’s like an Alexa. You speak to Alexa today and by the next time you speak next time to Alexa it’s. It’s this similar kind of an algorithm that…

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    Why is innovation crucial for retailers? [Telstra Expert Series]

    So now let’s move to the future.Let’s talk about a time, say, five years into the futurewhen the internet of things means everything’s connected –all machines are connected, all people and devices are connected,and lots more information is being generated.What will that mean for retail?For us, the biggest technology change is the integrationof how we access customer data.So sometimes they might order on their mobile phones,sometimes they might just walk into a store,sometimes they engage with us on Facebook,they look at us through the internet,they order online in different ways and forms.And being able to access and trackhow customers want to access our brandsthrough all those various different communication processesis…