• I Bought a Mystery Box from Dark Web & It Was Scariest Thing I’ve Ever Done (Deep Web Challenge)
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    I Bought a Mystery Box from Dark Web & It Was Scariest Thing I’ve Ever Done (Deep Web Challenge)

    (rock music) – (muffled) let’s go, let’s go. (heavy breathing) Um … No. – Nope. Nope. – There’s illegal stuff in there. Alright, so I’ve just found out there’s this thing called the dark web, and it is as bad as it sounds. Apparently, apparently, I’ve never been on … I’ve known about it, like everybody else I’ve known that this, these websites that exist with bad stuff on, I know that the dark web was there, I’ve just never had the intention of going on and doing this thing. But today, that all changes. Today, it’s all gonna change! (laughing) What we know as the normal internet, the normal…

  • Korea′s Coupang makes name for itself in e-commerce industry   쿠팡의 성장과 미래
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    Korea′s Coupang makes name for itself in e-commerce industry 쿠팡의 성장과 미래

    On this week′s Industry Insight… We take a look at a local e-commerce startup…. that has become one of the country′s leading online retailers. It′s called Coupang [ ],… and its innovative strategies and breakneck growth have attracted investors from home and abroad. Connie Lee has more. It′s a click, click here… and a click, click there and whether it′s a box of diapers,…. a bag of coconut flakes… or a new winter coat,… you can get the item delivered right to your door, before the end of the day. It′s all done through Coupang,… which promotes itself as the country′s leading e-commerce company. The four-year-old company has grown quickly…

  • E-Commerce Giant Rakuten Buys Viber Messaging App for $900M
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    E-Commerce Giant Rakuten Buys Viber Messaging App for $900M

    Japanese e-commerce giant Rakuten is plunking down $900 million for mobile messaging app Viber. The deal would bring Viber’s 300 million users under Rakuten’s customer umbrella, giving it growth opportunities in developing regions of the globe where its online shopping, travel and banking services don’t currently reach. (Via The Wall Street Journal) As Rakuten CEO Hiroshi Mikitani told Re/code, “This is a no-brainer. Messaging apps are taking over the world and … what is happening in communications is very, very important.” Viber provides multimedia messaging to other Viber users, without requiring a traditional phone plan — calls, texts and photo messages are free over Wi-Fi, or use a customer’s wireless data…

  • Best Ketchups on Amazon RANKED
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    Best Ketchups on Amazon RANKED

    Welcome to Sauced, a series that ranks the highest rated sauces on Amazon. I am your saucy boy Joey Skladany and today’s episode is obviously ketchup… ketchup. We love it, we know it, we’ve all had it. In fact 97% of American households have this in their refrigerator. What makes a good ketchup? There are three criteria, first being sweetness level. Heinz is sweet enough as it is — I won’t like a ketchup that’s sweeter than that. Second is consistency. I like a thick sauce — two Qs, extra extra thick. to Lastly texture, I want that silky smooth texture on my tongue. All right first one: Sir Kensington’s.…

  • Sign up to be a #Riich member NOW for free!
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    Sign up to be a #Riich member NOW for free!

    Welcome to Riich.me Let’s create new Riich account together Now we only need to fill the name and email address But be in mind that For password we can’t use simply using phone number or your birthday because it’s a security matter it’s easily hacked so in the password we need to include a series of number and Sign and capital letter So your account is more secure the process is simple you only need to fill up your personal information as above we wait a bit then we’re on landing page of riich’s website ok, now our account is ready but there is another important step to do see!…

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    Hello, the culture ministry inform you that if this video enjoy you, you can click on the blue thumb and subsribe to Amixem’s channel, goodbye! Hello ! Clap! No… Clap! Hello, You’re doing good ? We’re back together today for a new video Few days ago, I went to the 4L trophy, I just came back home I was extracting my 4L few days ago from the Moroccan sand, it was incredible Meanwhile, I wanted to propose you a little video that will look a lot like the worst advertisements from leboncoin But this is, this time, on Amazon The website is called “Weird or Confusing” So it generates by…

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    Hey guys, it’s Annika. Welcome to my “Channika.” Today I’m going to be taking off my clothes for views. Just kidding. Kind of. Today I’m going to be doing something a little bit different than I normally do. Normally I do makeup, yeah? But today I’m going to be doing a try-on haul. This is a try-on haul of clothes that I got from Zaful. I just wanted to say that Zaful did partner with me. Eww. I sound like such a beauty guru. Ugh. Zaful did sponsor this video. You know I’m so straight up with you guys. I love telling you guys what’s up with my life, what’s…

  • Your Ecommerce Website Speed Has A Significant Impact On Bounce Traffic
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    Your Ecommerce Website Speed Has A Significant Impact On Bounce Traffic

    So, I was as talking about Google analytics and if you’re in Google analytics and you put a segment on for bounce traffic and then look at that bounce traffic in terms of page speed compared to your normal traffic and see the difference. Now bounce traffic will always have a higher page speed load, load speed. But if it’s hugely different, then you can see that the the the page that the site loading speed is having a significant impact on the bounce traffic. Because you’ll see you’ll see people will be must massively affected by our, Of course it will and it’s like it’s you know, imagine this…