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    Oh my.. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH Ah! Good day everyone and welcome to today’s video where I have another Mystery box. Like I told you guys in the first one I ordered an $1000 dollar box and a $500 But the thousand dollar one looked like it was Halloween themed so I wanted to open it first, before Halloween came around So now we’re going to open the $500 mystery box and see what’s inside So this is already a lot smaller and a lot lighter than the last one The last one I had was like this big if you guys haven’t seen it I will link it down below this one…

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    Hey guys, it’s Annika. Welcome to my vlog-ika. So, I’m leaving for Quebec tomorrow, and honestly, I don’t have very many videos planned for then. So I honestly just think I’m gonna take a break. I’ll be back on the 28th. And it’s the 21st right now, but I’m leaving on the 22nd. But I just want to pack with you guys, maybe. I thought that that would be cool. I’ll vlog when I’m in Quebec, and then when I get back, I’ll do a Christmas haul, and you know, whatever. My brother’s girlfriend loves cleaning, and she cleaned my room, and I’m nutting. But there are just a few…

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    Trying On $3 WEDDING Dresses I Bought From Ebay *DISASTER*

    HOW TO MAKE $3 EBAY WEDDING DRESS “AWESOME” hey everyone THANK YOU FOR YOUR INTEREST IN MY CHANNEL It’s millie to episode 3 on my eBay series thing that I’ve got going on this channel Today we’re gonna be trying on wedding dresses I don’t plan on getting married anytime soon. This video is just being made out of curiosity These dresses were ridiculously low like 3 dollars, so obviously I’m not expecting amazing quality from these dresses at all. You know You get what you pay for But what I’m curious is to what will actually arrive because on the like image on eBay showed you the dress you…

  • We Bought Shorts From Amazon • Ladylike
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    We Bought Shorts From Amazon • Ladylike

    – It has been really cute to look around and just see so many thighs. – Okay, the shorts are here! ♪ They’re here, they arrived. ♪ I ordered two pairs. – The shorts are in! And you know what else is in? My (bleep). – Yeah, not yet. That was stupid. I’m sorry. – I got two shorts, because Kristin loves me. I got two pairs of shorts– – You love me. Why do you have to take it back? – I ended up ordering some pretty basic shorts. I think I just got some light-wash, high-waisted denim, vintage-style shorts. I think there’s a cuff at the bottom. –…

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    Smart Glasses Test! Trying Amazon’s New Version of Google Glass

    – Seeing your notifications, getting directions, ordering an Uber and talking to Alexa. All inside a light and stylish frame. Is smart glasses technology finally here? (upbeat music) – [David] Alright, Fin. – Yes. – You went to New York. You only stayed there for 24 hours. – Yep. – My question is why? What were you doing there? – Oh, boy. (hip hop music) I have to tell you, I was very excited for this. I wanted Google Glass to be a thing, – [David] Yes – but it never really took off. But I think I found the next Google Glass. It’s a company backed by Amazon, it’s…

  • I Dissected A GIANT Gummy Bear! | 10 Strange Amazon Products
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    I Dissected A GIANT Gummy Bear! | 10 Strange Amazon Products

    Feels great, I think I’m gonna use this for the rest of my videos just stay like that Yeah, I mean like just a lot less effort. I could just-your about to fall of the edge What’s going on guys hey try to be quiet right now You woke the baby! you’re a baby now?I mean, what bit was this that we are doing Okay, are you eating that hot sauce popcorn?! No! People are gonna cringe when they hear you chewing off-camera There’s no way they hear me. Guys- Give this video a like for how much you’re cringing that you can hear Tanner chewing. Give it another like…

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    This other lady in line,like not even part of the conversation, she just like whips around like if I had said something super vulgar or something. Hey guys it’s Amy! So before I get started I just wanted to thank you guys so much for the overwhelming response I’ve gotten on my storytime videos, I’ve been getting messages from my friends,my family, from people I haven’t talked to in years, telling me how much they like my storytime videos. So I guess I’ll just keep making them. Because if that’s what you guys want to watch then I have so many storytime videos that I could make, so I’ll just…

  • MONTHLY FAVORITES: AUGUST SH*TS AND HITS (this is mad funny, y’all should watch)
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    MONTHLY FAVORITES: AUGUST SH*TS AND HITS (this is mad funny, y’all should watch)

    I’m sorry, but I don’t think I’ve ever looked so f-ing busted in my life. But it’s okay. Hey guys, it’s Annika. Welcome to my Chann-ika. So I’m in a different background today, because I’m in a different house today. I’m gonna get into this whole f-ing story about why my life is like a f-ing slow-motion car crash. But that’s not for today. I’ll explain it later. On a scale one to Phineas and Ferb, how f-ing busted do I look? Like, b.u.s.t.e.d. I am f-ing busted. Anyway, today we’re gonna be doing an August Sh*ts and Hits. I haven’t brushed my hair either. I’m just a f-ing mess.…

  • Top 6 Glute & Hip Accessory Exercises | Butt Workout/Grow Your Lower Body
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    Top 6 Glute & Hip Accessory Exercises | Butt Workout/Grow Your Lower Body

    What is up guys it’s Vanessa coming at you with another video now this one is my top 5 glute accessory you see what I’ve been there workout now these were also highly requested and I also have a little surprise at the end it’s probably the top 6 maybe I may be through like a little extra one in there for you guys if you like videos like this don’t forget to give the video a huge thumbs up it does thelp me out tons let’s try to get the video to 200 likes and don’t forget to subscribe on your way out let’s get on with the video…

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    – Hey Huntys! It’s your girl LaToya Forever, back at it with another story time video. (chokes) Did my voice just crack like a twelve-year-old boy going through puberty? (coughs) I’m going to start calling you Huntys instead of crazies, okay? No more, what’s up, crazies? Every time I do it, I cringe on the inside part. Do you like my red hair? (laughs) I feel like I color my hair red once a year. I love the red. Should I keep it? Comment below. Anyways, let’s jump right into today’s story time, shall we? Let’s see if we can get this video to 15,000 likes. Sorry for spitting on…