• Vlog #1 2019 Hoe zorg je voor een toekomstproof B2B E commerce platform?
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    Vlog #1 2019 Hoe zorg je voor een toekomstproof B2B E commerce platform?

    goede dag mijn naam is Lucas Thie van Techtribe dagelijks spreek ik beslissen en beïnvloeders op het gebied van B2B E-commerce uit de groothandelsbranche, al mijn ervaringen en kennis deel ik met jou Een e-commerce platform kies niet voor 1 of 2 jaar maar voor de lange termijn.Je wil namelijk niet dat je na een jaar erachter komt dat je nieuwe ideeën niet kan ontwikkelen in de huidige e-commerce omgeving dan zal je e-commerce oplossing niet toekomstproof zijn en dat zou dat we als doel moeten zijn in deze vlog geef ik je een tip hoe je kan voorkomen dat je e-commerce platform maar één jaar meegaat maar wel een…

  • Space 48: The award winning ecommerce consultancy
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    Space 48: The award winning ecommerce consultancy

    Space 48 are one of the UK’s leading ecommerce consultancies for retailers that are looking for fast growth and internationalisation. The team that we have put together at Space 48 are some of the UK’s leading ecommerce professionals. We’ve got some of the best developers in the UK, and also strategists, and when we work together as a team we can produce some extremely exciting results for our customers. Space 48 work well with customers and brands that have got ambitious plans or ambitious projects. We’re looking particularly for projects that are challenging both technically and in terms of strategy and the delivery of that strategy. So, our customers would…

  • Comment cibler les Seniors en marketing digital ? – Tuto e-commerce – Market Academy
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    Comment cibler les Seniors en marketing digital ? – Tuto e-commerce – Market Academy

    Salut les marketeux et bienvenue sur notre chaine Market Academy ! On a tous des idées reçues sur le marketing digital et sur les stratégies à adopter. Bien qu’à l’échelle d’internet ce soit une éternité, le marketing digital est une pratique relativement jeune. Et les pratiques récentes, plus que les autres, sont entourées de mythes et autres idées préconçues absolument fausses ou déjà datées. Surtout quand le marketing en question implique des nouvelles technologies aussi opaques que les algorithmes et internet de manière générale. Il faut donc savoir faire le tri dans les opinions biaisées présentées comme des stratégies marketing éprouvées. Car il y a bien des bonnes pratiques du…

  • Adobe Acquires Magento
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    Adobe Acquires Magento

    It’s been a transaction, I think, that’s been a long time in the making. It plugs a really serious hole in the Adobe set. There was a really big gap there around e-commerce which was surprising. So I think this was naturally going to happen and I think basically if you look at the other acquisitions that we’ve seen from its rivals in the marketing space this is where they are always going to end up. The other bit which i think is really important is that Magento has a really vibrant ecosystem wrapped around it, and I think that extends the Adobe ecosystem into a customer’s set which is…

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    Jenny Cheng, PayPal | Adobe Imagine 2019

    >>Narrator: Live from Las Vegas, it’s theCUBE. Covering Magento Imagine 2019, brought to you by Adobe.>>Welcome back to theCUBE, live from Las Vegas. Lisa Martin with Jeff Rick. We are coming to you from Magento Imagine 2019 with about 3500 or so folks here. Big community, big open sort of spirit. We’re very pleased to welcome, from the keynote stage, Jenny Cheng, VP at PayPal. Jenny, welcome to the Cube!>>Thank you, thanks for having me, Lisa.>>So, really enjoyed your keynote this morning. We’ll get into a lot of the specifics, but just looking at Magento, Adobe, this evolution of e-commerce that’s really driven by consumers. We want to have everything…

  • Top 10 E – COMMERCE platform for creating online store
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    Top 10 E – COMMERCE platform for creating online store

    top ten e-commerce platform for creating online store number one Shopify more than 10,000 stores using this platform on internet it is an excellent search engine optimization it provides 26 free templates and 70 gateway options it is best for to set up your own site with a unique Uniform Resource locator number two Magento it is third rank in the United States and Canada’s top 500 e commerce trader Magento users find it flexible and user-friendly it has maximum security and flexible payment option it allows you to pick the hosting service you want number 3 woocommerce woocommerce is open-source e-commerce platform based on WordPress woocommerce is easy to…

  • Marketing Dashboard – Ecommerce
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    Marketing Dashboard – Ecommerce

    Hi and welcome to this tutorial from emarketing.com. This is the dashboard tutorial so app.emarketing.com/overview. This is the first view that you see when you sign into your emarketing account. The emarketing account is free, so even if you don’t have ads running, you can also use this platform. You can also create ads in this platform, Google Ads, Facebook ads, even Amazon advertising. So I want to go over quick how this tool works, what you can see in your dashboard, and what it can tell you about your advertising spend. So when you login here, the first thing you’re going to see is this panel. You see your…

  • 50Five powered by Smile and Magento Commerce Cloud, a successful e-commerce story!
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    50Five powered by Smile and Magento Commerce Cloud, a successful e-commerce story!

    The world around us continues to change at a rapid rate, paving the way for smarter and more integrated technological home solutions. They make our lives easier, safer and more fun. Through our connected smart devices, we too are more connected ourselves. How does a smart home company stay on top in such a volatile and ever-growing market? By combining the best smart products with premium advice, always keeping a keen eye on innovations and opportunities. Enter 50five! With smart advice for every smart device, 50five serves as a beacon in personal and home automation. Within five countries in western Europe, 50five had a booming start, resulting in a dynamic,…

  • Définition Cross Canal – Tuto e-commerce – Market Academy par Sophie Rocco
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    Définition Cross Canal – Tuto e-commerce – Market Academy par Sophie Rocco

    Cross canal : Il s’agit de l’évolution de la stratégie multicanal visant à exploiter l’ensemble des canaux de vente pour construire un parcours client optimisé et une expérience client globale. Du site web, à l’application mobile en passant par le point de vente, on assure au client la cohérence d’image de marque. La stratégie cross canal prend en compte l’ubiquité du consommateur en multipliant les opportunités de vente et en l’accompagnant tout au long des différentes étapes du cycle d’achat sur tous les canaux. Abonnez-vous et actionnez la petite cloche pour ne pas manquer la prochaine définition ! Posez un like, ça nous fera plaisir, à bientôt !

  • Magento: The cure for Shopify
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    Magento: The cure for Shopify

    Are your soft soft? Are you and your customers no longer satisfied with your site’s features. If so, your SaaS may be suffering from Limited Ecommerce Platform. But don’t worry, LEP has a cure because now there’s Magento. Magento helps your site be ready, anytime. If you experience intense sales spikes lasting more than four hours don’t worry, that’s normal. Magento is not intended to treat or cure any disease or ailment except perhaps lack of judgment from where you chose a SaaS ecommerce platform. Ask your doctor if your heart is healthy enough for business growth. Magento, by Jamersan. If you enjoyed this video go ahead and hit that…