• Händlerportrait | Rameder | eBay für Händler | Deutschland
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    Händlerportrait | Rameder | eBay für Händler | Deutschland

    The company Rameder started with selling used trailer hitches. The business grew very fast, we were forced to resell new ones. In 1999, when we first thought about selling trailer hitches on a large scale the idea was born to build a own packaging machine, in order to ship more quickly and on the other hand for environmental reasons to produce as few packaging material as possible. Our first sale on eBay happened very quick. We sold the first 100 items in a short amount of time. From that point on we tried to list more and more on eBay. When I look back, we started 2003 with 100 listed…

  • Händlerportrait | Bikefriend | eBay für Händler
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    Händlerportrait | Bikefriend | eBay für Händler

    For 12 years I was a mother of four and at home most of the time. We moved a lot, so I couldn’t go back to my old job. eBay gave me the opportunity to be more independent from an employer. In the meantime, eBay became my fifth child. I started super small with just few items. At that time I invested 1,000€ into that project. I just wanted to try it out and put the items online. I was very surprised how much customers liked it. I started in our basement in my spare time. After a while, I had to stack the boxes in our corridor. Then we…

  • She Makes $40,000 Per Month on Amazon at 23 Years Old
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    She Makes $40,000 Per Month on Amazon at 23 Years Old

    Hey, everyone, this is Stefan from ProjectLifeMastery.com and in today’s video, I’m being joined by my lovely girlfriend, Tatiana, who’s gonna be sharing with you guys a little bit about her journey to building a successful online business today. She’s gonna share with you guys a little bit about how she got started, building her business, starting on Amazon doing physical products, and then building her own store, and building her brand, Luxx Health to where it is today, to even venturing into affiliate marketing and different income streams. And the purpose of this is I’ve been wanting to bring to you guys different references, different role models, different examples…

  • eBay for Business | How to set up an ad campaign | Promote your listings | Sell on eBay UK
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    eBay for Business | How to set up an ad campaign | Promote your listings | Sell on eBay UK

    Getting found on eBay is the key to making a sale but what if you’re launching a new product or you’ve got lots of competition how do you stand out from the crowd? There’s a great way to do this it’s our advertising service called Promote your listings it can help you boost the visibility and impact of your listings and the best bit is you only pay for the service when it leads to a sale. To use this feature you need to have an active eBay shop subscription. Here’s how to set it up. Go to Seller Hub and click Marketing. Select Promote your listings followed by Create…

  • eBay for Business | Seller News | Autumn 2018
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    eBay for Business | Seller News | Autumn 2018

    Today we’re releasing our third and final Business Seller News of the year. We make periodic changes to make sure eBay remains a powerful selling platform. We know you’re busy, so I’m here to sum up what’s happening. Loyal customers and repeat purchases are important to the success of your business. So we’re adding new marketing tools to Seller Hub for you to create coupons to encourage buyers to shop with you again. We’re also making sure we display only the most relevant promotions to buyers. So while you try out the new promotional coupons, have a look and make sure you’ve optimised your existing promotions as well. We’ve been…

  • eBay | How do eBay fees and invoices work? | Sell on eBay UK 2018
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    eBay | How do eBay fees and invoices work? | Sell on eBay UK 2018

    We strive to make running a business on eBay as easy as possible, and there are two basic fees when you sell on eBay. They’re called Insertion Fees and Final Value Fees. Let’s take a look at how they work when you have a business account. If you placed an ad in a newspaper or magazine, you’d pay a fee. It’s the same on eBay. You’re charged a flat fee when you create a listing. When you subscribe to an eBay Shop, you get a set number of free listings included each month. The amount you get varies depending on whether you sell at a fixed price or sell using…

  • 📲 How Social Media Is Destroying Your Business
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    📲 How Social Media Is Destroying Your Business

    In this video I’m going to explain why you’re sick, broke miserable, can’t make any money online no matter what “method” you try and how to take yourself from that state and how to transform yourself into an entirely new breed of entrepreneur in my mind. The first thing I want you guys to understand is that every method to make money online, whether that’s eCommerce, affiliate marketing, selling info products, coaching, whatever it is, wherever you learned it or whomever you learned it from, every single one of those methods, works. They are all ways to make money online and there are people every single day making millions either…

  • eBay | How to offer Click & Collect on your listings
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    eBay | How to offer Click & Collect on your listings

    Click & Collect is one of the fastest growing delivery methods in the UK. Adding this as an option to your listings will help meet your buyers expectations to have a choice of delivery options, at no extra cost to you. Keep watching to find out how it works. We know buyers love Click and Collect, as it gives them the freedom of choosing when and where to pick up their items. By opting in to offer Click & Collect, you’ll be adding great value to your listings and you won’t need to make any big changes to the way you currently sell. Using Click & Collect is just like…

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    Ecommerce on Facebook | AWeurope 2017

    Thank you so much guys for coming today. Really excited to give the audience some insights in the ecommerce space because there’s a huge window of opportunity there, from building your own products to marketing other products on ecommerce. So I’m gonna kick it off with a question for Roland. Yeah sure. So Roland has a lot of experience in the field of making your own product to marketing to advertising and what not. So a lot of people in this room are thinking of the next flashlight or fidgets spinner or whatnot. You have experience in this. What would you advise the audience in making your own product, marketing…