• Copernica TV – Thinkable Digital – Partner interview
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    Copernica TV – Thinkable Digital – Partner interview

    Hi and welcome everybody to this partner interview of Copernica TV and today we have Mike Gracia, Strategy Director of Thinkable Digital. Mike, welcome. Thank you. How are you today? Not too bad, actually it is a bit sunny today in England, which makes a change. How are you? Well, you managed to stay in house today to do this interview, so thank you for that. No problem at all. Could you give us a brief introduction to your agency? Yeah, Thinkable Digital, we are a UK-based digital marketing agency located in Bristol. We are really a collection of several independent digital experts. I generally head up the strategy, so…

  • What is a QR Code?
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    What is a QR Code?

    What if the world had links like a website? What if you could click on something in the real world and instantly get digital content at your fingertips? QR Code technology makes this possible, and it’s already available to anyone with a smartphone. QR Codes are the bridge between the real world and the digial universe, and Scan is the world’s resource for pushing the future of QR Code technology.

  • Mobile Commerce
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    Mobile Commerce

    Did you know that today, North Americans access the web through mobile devices more often than computers, and that they use their smartphones increasingly to buy items online? Mobile Commerce is booming, and if your company sells products online, it’s a great opportunity you don’t want to miss! Let’s take a look at some key facts! Today, more than a 3rd of e-commerce transactions are made on a mobile device. While ecommerce is growing fast, mobile commerce is gaining an increasing share of the whole pie… And it’s only the beginning! Smartphones are the dominant mobile channel worldwide More than 56% of North Americans now own a smartphone. iPhones are…

  • The Shift to Mobile Commerce | AWeurope 2017
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    The Shift to Mobile Commerce | AWeurope 2017

    So first of all, thank you all for sticking around. This is a strong group. You won’t regret it because I’ve written down the account IDs of everybody that left and I’m gonna disable their ecommerce ads even if they dip into my industry. So you’ve already gotten your ROI here. So some of you were here for my panel earlier. I’m actually gonna dive a little bit deeper into what it means to run ecommerce campaigns on Facebook but first of all, I want to tell you why I actually deserve your attention today. So my name is Darlene Thomas, I’m a client partner at Facebook. I’ve been at…

  • Three data collection tips for wearables…
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    Three data collection tips for wearables…

    it’s not the first time that you are seeing me on marketing news tonight and you may have noticed that I’m wearing one of these smartwatches on top of being such a great device for my everyday life rebels give a great opportunity for businesses to collect more data than ever about their potential customers here are three ways we see where balls impacting marketing and what you can do to adjust your marketing strategy as a result one convenience is key consumers crave convenience and so more than ever fact 2.1 billion consumers worldwide are expecting to use mobile wallets for payment or money transfers by next year mobile…

  • 1  Welcome!
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    1 Welcome!

    Welcome to the course. My name is Dhara and I’ve helped Cozzens of students just like you grow their business and career in this complete digital marketing course. Now in this course we’re going to cover market research how to set up a Web site e-mail marketing copywriting SBO YouTube marketing Facebook Marketing Twitter curagh Google ads Google Analytics Instagram marketing Pinterest marketing linked in Facebook ads and app marketing. And I’ve designed this course to give you practical skills that you can use right away at the end of each section is Anon’s as an assignment so you can implement what you have learned. Now if you want to…