• The Internet of Things (IoT): How It’s Changing Customer Relationships
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    The Internet of Things (IoT): How It’s Changing Customer Relationships

    Remember the 1999 Disney Channel Original Movie, Smart House? In case you missed it, 13-year-old Ben Cooper enters a competition to win a Smart House after the death of his mother leaves the family unable to keep up with the household chores. Women, we have to do everything. Am I right? Pat, the home’s personal assistant, does it all, from ordering groceries to adjusting the lights. Everything is great until Pat becomes so overbearing that she locks Ben and his family inside the house, believing the outside world is too dangerous. Back in 1999, Smart House seemed so far-fetched and futuristic that Google actually classified the movie as Comedy/Science Fiction.…

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    Why Big Companies Make Bad Products – Steve Jobs

    today’s episode is brought to you by morning brew, the free daily newsletter that delivers the latest news from Wall Street to Silicon Valley. People get confused. companies get confused when they start getting bigger they want to replicate their initial success what happens is like with John Sculley. John came from PepsiCo and they at most would change their product you know once every 10 years I mean to them a new product was like a new sized bottle right? so if you were a product person you couldn’t change the course of that company very much so who influenced the success of PepsiCo? the sales and marketing people…

  • Testimonials | Product Marketing Summit
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    Testimonials | Product Marketing Summit

    I am Vitaly. I’m a senior director of product marketing from Vimeo. The event has been really great. There’s nothing like that on the market today Friday market is sort of a new field and come into an event like this hundreds of people that were in a product marketing area and getting all the best practices and you know things I can learn from and teach others. It’s really amazing. And I’m really glad that this event is taking place. What I learned today is how different companies are structuring product marketing in a way that works for them. So going back to my day today I will be…

  • Scaling a Product Marketing team at a fast-growing startup | Product Marketing Summit
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    Scaling a Product Marketing team at a fast-growing startup | Product Marketing Summit

    How many of you get this question pretty frequently. What would you say you do here. This has been a theme throughout the conference of the fact that product marketing is different at different companies and where you sit on the spectrum between product, and sales, marketing may be different. And I totally agree with this. This is common in our industry. I like to think of PMS as superheroes. We can come in and fly in to help solve different problems in a company. So we can help with activation we can help with engagement. As the previous speaker was talking about. We can help in a lot of…

  • Oprogramowanie Multi Sales Platform
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    Oprogramowanie Multi Sales Platform

    Software Sales support system Manage efficiently Sales channels – stationary shops – mobile commerce – online shops Goods movement Employee Connect into one system Central Online shop Stationary shop Warehouse Dealer Online shop Integration with E-Commerce platforms Functionality Synchronize item inventory Synchronize contractor files Update product prices Synchronization of orders Other functions… Dealer Mobile commerce service View warehouse inventory Preview route Service surveys Analysis of payment Warehouse Processing inventory documents Order picking Prewiev goods Stocktaking Online shops integration with any systems in terms of Sales Orders Warehouse management Manager Reporting and analysis Monitoring traders Scheduling meetings and routes Create surveys and tasks synchronization with popular ERP systems System ready for…

  • Prism Customer Story: Store of the Future
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    Prism Customer Story: Store of the Future

    Customer behavior is evolving as new technologies make it easier for them to find and purchase what they want. Retailers need to adapt to these changes and used the cutting-edge tools now at their disposal to improve their in-store experience. In the Netherlands Frank Quix is improving customer experience by deploying retail innovations in the Store of the Future. What I really would like to do is also have cameras on the shelves so that we can see how people are picking up the shoes or here, at the cosmetics. Frank created the Store of the Future to showcase technology that engages customers and helps retailers run their stores are…