• IBM mobile shopping and payment experience demo for iOS
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    IBM mobile shopping and payment experience demo for iOS

    Hello and welcome to our demo of the Mobile Blue Shop for iOS. This is a demo of a mobile shopping and mobile payment and wallet experience using the payment gateway provided by IBM Payment Systems. Let’s open the Blue Shop app and let’s switch over to the User tab for logging in first. I’m logging in with our [email protected] demo user account using email and password. Now that I have logged in, you can see the user data – name and address information of the user which he has provided earlier. Let’s go to the user’s wallet. The wallet as you see it here is provided by IBM Payment…

  • What’s an acquirer?
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    What’s an acquirer?

    What’s an acquirer? Good question. It’s a bank that helps you accept payments. It routes transactions via the card networks, to the shopper’s bank, and asks for approval. It then either collects the money, or tells you why it was declined. All in the blink of an eye. It can be complicated. But it doesn’t have to be. Adyen manages this whole process from start to finish. Making it easy for you to sell to shoppers… anywhere.

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    Point of sale payments for the store of the future

    International expansion brings many exciting opportunities, but also presents new challenges. James is head of payments at a fast-growing retailer. As new stores open in different countries, managing payments is becoming complicated! Each country has its own rules for accepting cards, its own bank contracts and service level agreements As a result, James is swamped in contracts and reports. His team spends all its time managing partners and international money-flows. Something’s gotta give! This is where Adyen’s point of sale payments solution can help. Adyen now process payments across all stores with just one integration and one contract giving James a centralized view of all his payments. And, as Adyen’s…

  • An Introduction To Payforit – Pay By Mobile Phone
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    An Introduction To Payforit – Pay By Mobile Phone

    Payforit is the UKs mobile micropayment scheme. Payforit is effectively a set of guidelines and an agreement that has been made between all mobile network operators about how to handle mobile payments. Mobile payments are exactly how they sound. You pay for goods by charging the amount to your mobile phone credit. You can purchase digital goods including Facebook games, Sony products and even music on Spotify. All you do is select the pay by phone bill option. A text will be sent to your phone confirming the amount, and you simply reply to authorise the payment. You don’t get charged for the anything but the price you agreed to…

  • Digital IQ Index® – Specialty Retail UK
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    Digital IQ Index® – Specialty Retail UK

    British shoppers continue to migrate from the bricks of High Street to the clicks of brand sites. And some retailers are following suit with their omnichannel investments, including flexible fulfillment options, in-store returns and click-and-collect pickup a service that 54 percent of UK shoppers have used in the past twelve months. To ensure consumer loyalty, 39 percent of index brands have partnered with third-party delivery and return services like Collect+ and Hermes Parcel shop, which meets fulfillment expectations and combats Amazon, which controls 25% of the UK’s internet retail market share. Meanwhile, two thirds of retail site visits originated from a mobile device in Q1 of 2016, and m-commerce is…

  • Contextual Commerce
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    Contextual Commerce

    Contextual commerce. Phase? or phenomenon? Hmmmmmm. Let’s see how it works. It’s when you can buy something closer to when you discover it. Like that cool shirt. That’s contextual commerce. Anything. Anytime. Anywhere Without interrupting real life. Meet Bruce. He’s got problems. And, he’s exhausted. So he’s found a fast recipe and ordered groceries. Plus a pacifier. Because, well, you could always use an extra. Adyen helps turn browsers into buyers. Say hi to Mia. She likes exploring. She was going to request a ride. But she sees that she can rent a bike instead. She’s going shopping. When she gets there, she’ll have a latte waiting. Delicious. Adyen helps…

  • DOCOMO Digital | Solution
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    DOCOMO Digital | Solution

    DOCOMO Digital brings to life next generation mobile commerce platforms. Through our platforms people can enjoy digital content and make real-world transactions on their mobile devices. In order to make things happen we need to work with mobile network operators, service providers and merchants. Of course payment and direct carrier billing is important but it is not enough to enable this complexity in bringing it to life. DOCOMO Digital is working together with mobile operators to develop their digital transformation strategy to make mobile commerce ecosystems possible. We are designing, implementing and operating mobile commerce platforms using our own capabilities. But sometimes we need to work together with the operators…

  • Mobile Interactions and Payments – CTIA April WOW Insider Interview
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    Mobile Interactions and Payments – CTIA April WOW Insider Interview

    Starting back in 2007, 2008 A lot of the merchants were saying, you know, the promise of mobile is really Powerful, we’re starting to see a lot of consumers coming into our stores not just talking on their phones but, Using them to interact, you know, looking up product information Merchants back in that time were thinking about mobilizing their loyalty programs. And then of course the promise of being able to leverage the interactivity of the phone to do things with payments Really presented an opportunity to be comprehensive. So everything that a consumer thinks about as it relates to spending money, saving money that Includes coupons, that includes…

  • The Chinese Consumer: Understanding what they need
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    The Chinese Consumer: Understanding what they need

    From the very beginning of the customer journey when they decide that they are going to come over to the UK you really need to engage with them. What we are seeing is more Chinese spending a longer time and spending more money. You cannot do what you are doing in Germany, Spain, Italy, France, UK, America and expect it to work in China. The Chinese consumer will be loyal to a UK brand especially those heritage brands that sell a great story and provide a really quality product. They are absolutely also wanting to be able to communicate with brands and use their smartphone and technology in order to…

  • Wences Casares: Role of Retailers in Mobile Payments
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    Wences Casares: Role of Retailers in Mobile Payments

    So the question is what do you think retailers need to adjust as, as more people start to interact with our phones? I think that the retailers are in the best position of all. Ah, they control the experience at the store. They control the value that they’re willing to give each one of us for our business, ah, for us doing our shopping there. So actually I, I, I will argue that they’re right now if you look at the landscape they’re being offered from ten different companies. Access to more and more ways of generating value at the store. So it’s the other way around. I think that…