• IBM mobile shopping and payment experience demo for iOS
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    IBM mobile shopping and payment experience demo for iOS

    Hello and welcome to our demo of the Mobile Blue Shop for iOS. This is a demo of a mobile shopping and mobile payment and wallet experience using the payment gateway provided by IBM Payment Systems. Let’s open the Blue Shop app and let’s switch over to the User tab for logging in first. I’m logging in with our [email protected] demo user account using email and password. Now that I have logged in, you can see the user data – name and address information of the user which he has provided earlier. Let’s go to the user’s wallet. The wallet as you see it here is provided by IBM Payment…

  • StyleChat announced at Plug and Play’s Demo Event
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    StyleChat announced at Plug and Play’s Demo Event

    the opportunity for retail growth has never been greater with an omni channel strategy social and mobile customers can shop with you anytime and from anywhere but technologies been slow in providing solutions to fashion for creating the aspiration that inspires customers to buy until now Megan receives a StyleChat message from a friend Kristen Megan pulls up for style board browses online, adds items that coordinate and creates a new look and then she forwards it back while shopping in store Megan fines two dresses she snaps mirror pics and sense the images side by side to friends Megan can’t decide and buys both making curates a holiday party…

  • The Mobile Movement: Understanding Smartphone Consumers
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    The Mobile Movement: Understanding Smartphone Consumers

    there’s a mobile movement going on. The rise of smartphones is creating smarter Consumers, creating more opportunities for smarter marketing. Smartphones are always on, always with us, and always connected. In one week we’ve browsed the internet, used a search engine, watched a video, and connected with our friends– all our smartphones. But that’s info you might already know. Here’s some you might not. We’re using smartphones almost everywhere, even while consuming other media. Smartphones have become such an important part of our lives, that many of us would give up high heels, cable TV, even chocolate-just to keep using them. They’re becoming important to our shopping habits too. Smartphones…

  • Voice-EnabledM-Commerce
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    for anything in this state tablets will support films are everywhere they’re being used more and more for shopping consumers already spend billions of dollars shopping on their mobile devices undoubtedly they will spend even more in the years to come there are huge opportunities in mobile shopping those opportunities will be even greater if the mobile shopping experience were better shoppers want to focus on finding items they’re looking for not learning the user interface for shopping at we believe the most natural and easy is to use interaction from mobile shopping is based on a graphical and spoken interaction within the intelligence software agent or shopping assistant here…

  • Future Impact of eCommerce on Hotel Industry – Futurist Keynote Speaker for hospitality industry
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    Future Impact of eCommerce on Hotel Industry – Futurist Keynote Speaker for hospitality industry

    I’m here in Ireland with the Irish Hotels Federation and we’ve been looking at all kinds of global trends which will impact the hotel industry and of course online is so huge. And by online I really mean mobile because if we look at say, what’s happening in the UK, 12% of all sales in the UK are already conducted online but over half of them are now on mobile devices. So it is true to say that the online world for making research or for making decisions is now mainly mobile in the UK as of 2014 and will be even more so in 2015, 2016, 2017, add this…