• Simple Fashion for E-Commerce: OnSet ep. 207
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    Simple Fashion for E-Commerce: OnSet ep. 207

    Hey guys, this is Daniel Norton. I’m here in my studio in New York City with Kaydence, and we’re doing a fun shoot today, but it’s got a little bit of a commercial purpose. Kaydence has excellent style… well, always has, and I love shooting with her, cuz she always has the craziest cool clothes, and now she’s started to sell them on Posh Mark, so you know you can do the lay down pictures, which are kind of cool but sometimes it’s nice to have the photo on a body, especially if it’s like you know certain outfits look so different. So we’re just doing like a quick little…

  • EBay Mystery Tires Review
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    EBay Mystery Tires Review

    EBay Mystery Tires. Hello thanks for watching. I want to show you these tires I got from ebay. Sometimes you are shopping on ebay for parts and you see something that looks too good to be true. I was looking on ebay and I found these cheap tires. Set of four. With wheels. With foams. The whole set is about 12 usd. Another 4.5 usd to ship them here to the us. This is what you get. I’ve been using these ones already. They have a few different tread patterns. They have different styles of wheel. And they have foams inside. They come like this. They are marked “www.kforce-racing.com”. When…