• Retail Wars: Amazon vs Walmart
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    Retail Wars: Amazon vs Walmart

    Amazon is preparing for a showdown with an unlikely foe Walmart this is a war that has been quietly building for some time and now making a lot of noise amazon is the king of e-commerce with 40% of online market shares supported by their prime service which provides value delivery merchandise and cloud services all for a low annual membership fee recently Amazon has been making a series of moves to also dominate logistics a territory dominated by super chain Walmart, Amazon is aggressively moving in this direction with the 13.7 billion acquisition of Whole Foods and by building more of their already 215 nationwide US fulfillment centers Walmart…

  • Google, Facebook, Amazon And The Future Of Antitrust Laws
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    Google, Facebook, Amazon And The Future Of Antitrust Laws

    In July 2019, the U.S. government targeted America’s biggest tech companies. The Department of Justice and the FTC appear to be looking at whether the leading tech platforms have used improper means to acquire monopoly positions or to exclude promising rivals from contesting their position. Translation – Are these companies too big? And did they get that way illegally? These questions fall under a set of laws that until recently had faded from the public spotlight. Antitrust has gone from being this completely sleepy backwater discipline that was just a few people talked about to being very much in the public news. We’ve really started to see a lot of…

  • How Amazon Fends Off Unions
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    How Amazon Fends Off Unions

    We are not anti-union, but we are not neutral either. Well, we understand unions work in some industries, they would conflict with our culture, customer obsession and direct working relationship. Throughout Amazon’s 25-year history, there have been multiple rumblings of workers trying to unionize. The people united will never be defeated. But none of those efforts have been successful. Amazon remains nonunion, in part by training its managers how to handle union efforts, like in this video, which was sent to Whole Foods managers in 2018. We do not believe unions are in the best interest of our customers, our shareholders, or most importantly, our associates. Efforts by big businesses…

  • How to Sell on eBay
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    How to Sell on eBay

    How to Sell on eBay. Turn your possessions into cash and become an online selling machine. You will need Something to sell A computer with internet access An eBay account A digital camera Shipping supplies Something to sell A computer with internet access An eBay account A digital camera and shipping supplies. Step 1. If you haven’t done so already, sign up for a free eBay account. Before you auction off your belongings, establish a positive feedback rating by purchasing and promptly paying for a few eBay items. Step 2. Click on the “Sell” tab at the top of the page. Type in exactly what you’re selling and choose a…

  • How to Become a PowerSeller on eBay
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    How to Become a PowerSeller on eBay

    How to Become a PowerSeller on eBay. To join the free PowerSeller program, you have to sell a lot of items and keep your customers happy. Learn how you can rise to PowerSeller status. You will need A computer with internet access An eBay account and items to sell. Step 1. Make sure you are an active eBay member for 90 days and comply with all eBay marketplace policies. Make at least $1,000 each month in sales. Step 2. Put up an average of four listings per month to be considered a PowerSeller. Research how much the products you plan on selling are worth. Go to eBay Pulse to find…

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    How To Earn $100 Per Day With Public Domain Items (Make Money Online)

    Make money online and all of these is they’re gonna teach you how to bisque like build up a proper business So this will start with earning you $100 pair day and then over time you’ll be able to go ahead and scale this up So in this video, what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna go ahead and look at I’ll show you how it works I’ll show you how to set everything up, but this is available worldwide And you do not need any skills or experience to get started with this method that we’re going to be sharing today so ax men show you watch this video…

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    7 Best Ways To Make Money Online

    (dramatic music) – Whoa, here we are, selfie stick adventures, Canada! Ah, I’ve got my man Aaron, there he is, look! And have a look at that view, would ya? Hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo! This’ll do. – What’s up? – What’s up? – We’re in Vancouver. – Yes, Vancouver! Check out the view, check out the view. Check out the view right there, you can see that’s, that’s not Aaron, that’s Matt right there. (laughs) And see here is Vancouver right there! Lookit, check that out, yeah! – Hey! – Hey, friend – How’s it goin’? – Just love, love all the light. – Well, first of all, my…

  • How Amazon Uses Explosive-Resistant Devices To Transfer Data To AWS
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    How Amazon Uses Explosive-Resistant Devices To Transfer Data To AWS

    Cloud computing is taking over. Demand continues to rise from both companies and consumers that rely on remote storage and computing power accessible from anywhere. Tech giants Google, Microsoft, IBM and others are vying to be the go-to providers. But one company has remained the leader, Amazon. AWS has a commanding lead in the cloud right now. In fact, if you add up number two, three, four and five, they add up to what AWS does. Amazon Web Services is behind a lot of the technology we use. From calling a Lyft to checking your video doorbell, to streaming your favorite shows. When people are watching a Prime movie, or…

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    Why Alibaba Gave Up On U.S. Consumers

    Alibaba is China’s largest e-commerce platform. In its latest earnings report, Alibaba disclosed having 636 million annual active consumers on its China retail marketplaces. As a point of reference, that’s almost double the entire population of the United States. But despite its enormous Chinese following, Alibaba is still not a well-known brand to many Americans. There isn’t a lot of reason for Alibaba to go after the American consumer because their market in China is just so much bigger. And it’s still growing. When you think about how big the middle class is and how fast it’s growing, there’s 300 million people in the middle class that Alibaba can target.…