• How to Share eCommerce Product on Social Media :MoreCustomersApp
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    How to Share eCommerce Product on Social Media :MoreCustomersApp

    hello, friends welcome to the youtube channel of MoreCustomersApp Today in this video i will show you how to do social media integration as well as how you can share the products to the post on your social media pages .so lets start we will just login to are MoreCustromers Application now first i will show you how you can share your products on the social media pages so just go in the product section now form here you have to select the product which you want to share Suppose i want to share yellow green banarasi saree this product on my social media page so i will just click…

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    How to Share Your Squarespace Store | Squarespace E-commerce Tutorial (Ep. 4)

    In this video we’ll show the best way to share your store with social media integrate promotional blogging and create announcements for your customers. An important way to help promote your store is by improving your SEO. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. A good SEO standing will place your website higher in the search results of your target audience. The best way to improve your website’s SEO is by frequently creating content related to your brand and industry. This includes, but isn’t limited to blogging tweeting and posting Facebook updates that link back to your site. The more your site is being shared on social media the higher your…

  • HostShop: Resell Domain Privacy with 20i’s Free Ecommerce Tool
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    HostShop: Resell Domain Privacy with 20i’s Free Ecommerce Tool

    Hi there, this is Andrew at 20i. With HostShop you can resell domain privacy as an add-on to the purchase of domain names themselves. In order to set up domain privacy you’ll need to first make sure that you’re logged into the my.20i control panel. Once logged in you’ll then want to head to the HostShop section and then from there you’ll then want to select the ‘Product catalogue’ icon. After doing so you then want to select the ‘Domain names’ tab. From here you can give your domain privacy product a name and a price. In our example we’ve given domain privacy a price of £5.99 per year meaning…

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    Building a product page | Webflow Ecommerce series – Episode 2

    – Hey designers, welcome back to my new online store series where I’m showing you the full process of building out my online store using Webflow Ecommerce. If you’re like, “Series, what series?” And you missed the first video, then you can go and watch that in the description, or there will be a link up in the card up there as well. In that video I gave you an introduction to Webflow Ecommerce, showed you how all the settings work, showed you how to set up products, and custom fields, and things like that. And basically got everything ready to go with my online store so that today, we…

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    Ecommerce News #8

    hello and welcome back to ecommerce news so today I’m going to talk about a new app that Facebook have launched which is an analytics app and it allows marketers to measure their metrics while they’re out and about and on the go the app works alongside the web version of Facebook analytics and it allows you to track your growth engagement and your conversions the app also notifies you about any changes in your data so that you constantly kept in the know and you’re updated on what’s going on but in case you didn’t know Facebook also have quite a few different apps that you can download and…

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    Printful – Push generator Tutorial

    Let’s look at the basic features of Printful’s Push-generator. The push-generator lets you add products from your Printful account to your store more easily. This tool is available for most of ecommerce platforms, for those few exceptions you’ll have to add products manually. We’ll use Shopify for this tutorial, but the basics of how our push generator works – applies for all other integrations that support this feature. You can click the “Add” button here or go in to your Sync settings and hit “add product” at the top. Let’s go ahead and add a product. Here you can see list of all our products, this time we will add…

  • Getting started with Printful
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    Getting started with Printful

    Let’s look at how to get started with Printful! After signing up, you’ll see this window with the first steps you need to take to create a basic store. If you’re not ready for a store yet, you can choose to “order products directly”. If you’re looking for a warehousing & fulfillment service, click here. Since Printful is your drop shipper and production service, you’ll need an actual store. In order to create one, click on the “create a store” button. Stores are usually created on ecommerce platforms, so choose the platform you want to use, register there and follow the instructions. If you ever get lost, go back to…

  • How to Design the Best Mobile Product Detail Page (8 Bullet-Proof Tips)
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    How to Design the Best Mobile Product Detail Page (8 Bullet-Proof Tips)

    Open your Google Analytics data. Which page has the biggest number of entrances and page views? Of course product detail page. I don’t mean a particular page of a single product but the whole template. Today, I’m going to show you how to design a highly-converting mobile product detail page Hi everyone! My name is Pawel Ogonowski and I’m the Ecommerce Optimization Guy. Imagine you’re looking for a new MacBook Air on Google. You type that in and what you see are product ads that lead you straight to a product detail page. And other campaigns do that too: remarking, PPC, emails, social promos. They more often than not lead…

  • E-commerce success story : Make-up Atelier, a successful online cosmetics store
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    E-commerce success story : Make-up Atelier, a successful online cosmetics store

    Hello, I’m Maxime Bouillard, CEO of Make up Ateliers. Make-Up Atelier Paris is a professional makeup brand. We take great pride in manufacturing our products, which cater to all types and shades of skin in all areas of makeup, from fashion to Special Effects. In 2008, we decided to publish makeup videos on Youtube in order to promote the brand. These videos were a big success. People from all around the world wanted to buy our products! We were faced with an enormous demand, so we decided to quickly launch our online offer. Our first customized store was not at all optimized. Choosing too quickly our web agency was our…

  • The Ecommerce Journey – Land of Confusion with Phyllis Khare
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    The Ecommerce Journey – Land of Confusion with Phyllis Khare

    I think this is a magical place that I would very much like to visit… Welcome to episode 12056 or Episode 3 depending on how you look at it. For those of you who are confused about my episode numbers go check out my episode 1 or 12,054 and I explain it all there. I’d like to take you on a little ecommerce journey that I’ve been on for a very long time. I am very frustrated in this ecommerce journey I’m on. I used to make physical products back in the day and then it moved all online to online courses and our School – Social Media Manager School…