• Privacy and smartphone apps: What data your phone may be giving away (CBC Marketplace)
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    Privacy and smartphone apps: What data your phone may be giving away (CBC Marketplace)

    ♪ ♪>>Asha: This ismarketplace.♪ [eerie] Four Canadians, one big surprise.>>Hey, Jason.>>Hey, how are you?>>Asha: They’re about to find out we’ve hijacked their phones. Text messages, we had access to that.>>Everything?>>We also had access to your camera phone.>>What?>>Asha: About three quarters of us own a smartphone with a dozen apps or more, but when we download them, how much personal information are we giving up?>>I’m in shock. Now I’m just going through my head, what else was I doing on my phone?>>It makes you feel violated.>>Asha: We’re putting your privacy to the test like never before. [rewinding] ♪ [upbeat] We’re creating our very own app. So that’s our home page. Using…

  • Introducing Microsoft Dynamics 365 Product Visualize
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    Introducing Microsoft Dynamics 365 Product Visualize

    >>In sales, work is about building customer relationships. Dynamics 365 for Sales with Product Visualize can help you communicate more effectively with your customers, streamlining the sales process.>>Hi. Thank you so much for meeting with me today. Of course. Thanks for driving out here. So, why don’t we head on up to the conference room. I’m just going to level with you. I’m having some trouble deciding between your company’s product and a competitor.>>You know what, why don’t you take me to the factory floor, and I can show it to you. Really? Okay, well let’s try that out.>>Product Visualize allows you to show your customers a mixed reality view…

  • Wireless Technologies for People with Disabilities
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    Wireless Technologies for People with Disabilities

    With the application of suitable technology people with physical disabilities are able to participate in various activities of daily living When the Neil Squire Society was formed much of the applied research of that time focused on developing devices to provide greater independence in the home environment For example, personal computers have been adapted to provide people with entertainment, communications, and the necessary toools to allow them to return to school or get jobs. There are also other specialized devices that are more portable and can be mounted on a wheelchair to give people greater mobility and let them access power doors, windows, telephones, lights and appliances and entertainment products…

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    The Grand Theory of Apple

    Thanks to Squarespace for sponsoring this video, where you can create your own website in minutes. For many people, Apple is a confusing company: On one hand, it’s an unquestionable success – creating and then dominating entire categories of products, and making more money than any other business in the world. By far. But somehow it also seems unable to understand its customers: removing features we love, neglecting its own products, and making bizarre trade-offs we never asked for. So how can the world’s most profitable company also be so foolish? Many would say they can afford these mistakes because of their exceptional marketing. Others see them as disorganized and…