• Keynote Speaker Lital Marom: Talking platforms with Stelleo Tolda, Mercado livre’s COO
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    Keynote Speaker Lital Marom: Talking platforms with Stelleo Tolda, Mercado livre’s COO

    I’m here at Mercado Livre with the COO Stelleo Tolda. Its great to be here a day before your digital summit this year So as one of the largest e-commerce platforms of Latin America THE largest actually I wanted to ask you as you know Building and running a platform based business is very different than building and running a traditional business So what are your key KPIs and metrics for success? So we’re really about interactions between buyers and sellers were about connecting people We talked about democratizing Commerce in mercado libre as a marketplace allowing people who couldn’t buy because they lived far away from the centers in…

  • WebCitz – Ecommerce
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    WebCitz – Ecommerce

    WebCitz has been working with ecommerce businesses since 2006. At that time, the functionality of shopping cart platforms was very limiting, resulting in even the simplest features requiring custom programming. As the ecommerce industry matured, platforms such as Magento, WooCommerce and Prestashop set a new standard for what merchants could expect from their website. The majority of our experience is in Magento 1, Magento 2, and WooCommerce, but we’ve worked on numerous platforms, including custom-built applications. Our ecommerce team has more than a decade of knowledge and experience working with hundreds of online merchants and can handle any industry or sales volume. The tradition we’ve set to never outsource development…

  • Stripe Connect
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    Stripe Connect

    Creating a business that needs to accept and pay out money between different parties is challenging. You could stitch together numerous third-party solutions to support all the things you need, like verifying recipients, whether they are sellers or service providers, routing payments and reconciliation and you’d still need to dedicate engineers to successfully integrate everything. But that might not be the best use of precious resources. And let’s not even get into how painful it is to go international. What you want is to focus on building your product and solving for what your customers need, not on payments infrastructure. That’s why we built stripe Connect. Connect is software that…