• Interview with the Marketing Manager of Veemo.ma – Rezki El Mokaddam – Episode #34
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    Interview with the Marketing Manager of Veemo.ma – Rezki El Mokaddam – Episode #34

    Welcome to episode 34 of the Business in Morocco podcast I’m here with the marketing manager of Veemo Rezki El Mokaddam Welcome to the podcast Rezki, please tell us a little bit about yourself and where you grew up and what your education was like. Hello Ryan thank you for having me I’m Rezki, I’m 29 years of age I come from a small city in the northern region of Morocco Nador to be precise and this is actually just my third year here in Casablanca so after high school I took some I got enrolled in online school specializing in internet marketing which gave me this unfair advantage of…

  • Consejos para ecommerce
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    Consejos para ecommerce

    …poco más de este tema yo no sé qué pasará con el disco y aparentemente no tiene lógica que tampoco tiene lógica que tesla haya hecho un camión enorme que va de un dineral y medio y que ya tenga pedidos tampoco tiene lógica que hubiera ya ha comprado cientos de millones de dólares a volvo de un vehículo para tunearlo y en cuatro años sacarlo de manera autónoma entonces hay cosas que no sabemos qué va a pasar yo no me atrevo a decir si facebook está vivo entre un año dentro de dos aparentemente sí pero lo cierto es que todo cambia y quién va a sobrevivir a…

  • How Gary Nealon Scaled His Ecommerce Store to $40M/year By Building Social Media Assets | Ep.1
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    How Gary Nealon Scaled His Ecommerce Store to $40M/year By Building Social Media Assets | Ep.1

    – Welcome to the Minds of E-Commerce podcast where you’ll learn one key strategy that made leading E-Commerce companies grow exponentially. We cut the bullshit and keep the meat. In a 15 minute episode, founders and executives take us through a deep dive of a strategy so you get to learn and grow your online sales. This is the very first episode of that podcast, and I couldn’t be more excited. In today’s episode, you’ll learn from Gary Nealon who founded RTA Cabinet Store that he now sold, and he’ll walk us through a social media strategy that allowed him to scale RTA’s E-Commerce sales to over 40 million dollars…

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    Why Ecommerce Is Changing: The Consolidation 2.0

    a couple of years ago Amazon was this wide open west period and during this time idiots got rich you could just throw up anything you wanted and and and take sales on Amazon and I called for what was going to happen was a consolidation of brands that that was going to window was going to close and then it would take a branded approach to be able to succeed selling physical products on Amazon that happened bar none without question and the people who survived that and grew through it sold companies for millions and millions of dollars myself included and a lot of our backroom members did…

  • Ep.01-Scotch avec David GrĂ©goire, PDG Fondateur de Mister eCommerce!
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    Ep.01-Scotch avec David Grégoire, PDG Fondateur de Mister eCommerce!

    Bonjour et bienvenue dans le premier épisode du podcast de La Tranchée. Donc, première chose qu’on va mettre au clair c’est que le podcast de La Tranchée c’est vraiment pas un bon nom de podcast. Donc, qu’est-ce qu’on va faire, c’est qu’on va avoir besoin de vous pour aller dans les commentaires nous donner des idées de nom qu’on pourrait utiliser pour le podcast. On va faire un vote et on va utiliser un nom qui va avoir été donné par la communauté pour être capable de nommer notre podcast. Donc, allez dans les commentaires, donnez nous vos suggestions. Ok ! C’est quoi exactement ce podcast, en fait ce que…

  • Getting Started with eCommerce Ecwid Podcast ep 25
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    Getting Started with eCommerce Ecwid Podcast ep 25

    Jesse: Richie, how’s it going today, man? Richard: What’s happening, Jesse? I’m excited, as always. Jesse: As always excited. Today is a day to kind of close the books on 2018 and, you know, closing the books is no fun. But looking ahead to 2019, that’s always fun. Richard: Yeah, and I get reflectful all the time this time of the year, you know, kind of: “What are the things did right? What are the things wanna improve upon?” And, you know, we were really just hoping.. As, you know, we were reflecting on the show itself, and what we really want, and obviously, we want people who already use…

  • The 10 Best Email Marketing Services
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    The 10 Best Email Marketing Services

    I’ve been doing email marketing for almost 10 years now across a bunch of different websites and have list of over 13,000 email subscribers. So, I’ve done a lot of research on all of the email marketing services out there. Today, I want to share with you the 10 best email marketing services that are available right now. I’m going to assume that you’re an internet marketer, a small business, a medium business or an e-commerce store. If you are a super large business, Fortune 500 company, then you may want to go with something that you need a sales consultant in order to buy. But I’m going to assume…

  • GFU #26 Neto Shopping Cart Software Review
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    GFU #26 Neto Shopping Cart Software Review

    – Good day Australia. I’m Chris Hogan, Founder and CEO of MeMedia. Let’s Get Fact Up! Today, we’re going to be commencing a three part series on selecting a shopping cart for your business. We’re going to cut this across three separate episodes and in part three we’ll write out a comparison for all of the shopping cart software. The three shopping cart platforms we’re going to cover are Neto, Shopify and Bigcommerce. So let’s get started. I think it’s important to note that all of these platforms can host your custom domain. For example, myshop.com You won’t be able to host your emails on these platforms so they all…