• Selling “Good” Products On Amazon FBA Is A FAIL (Here’s Why)
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    Selling “Good” Products On Amazon FBA Is A FAIL (Here’s Why)

    Selling good products on Amazon FBA is a huge fail. Let me explain. I see so many sellers selling really good products on Amazon FBA but it turns out to be a huge fail. In today’s video, I am going to explain to you why good products are a huge fail and why it’s just not enough to make your sales explode selling on Amazon FBA. Now, maybe you found a really good product. I am sure some of you guys have really good products and I’ve seen this over and over again, especially from people that post questions and comments in my FBA Winners Facebook group. I see people…

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    Subscribe Intellectual Indies, press the bell icon and never miss an update In order to develop our business we’ve tried many ways There was this person Ansof who made this method called Ansof Method. Which is called product development matrix He told us How can you expand your company In this matrix, we have divided products and market. Where we’ve talked about New product, new market, existing product How can we expand our existing product? One: in our current market Means our competitors We’ll try our consumer don’t buy from our competitor. or we capture new market. This is called Market Penetration. Means Expanding the product in the existing market.…

  • The Bungie Product Owner with Carsten Lützen
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    The Bungie Product Owner with Carsten Lützen

    Hello and welcome. My name is Carsten Lützen. I’m a Scrum Master and Agile Coach. Today, I’ll share a pattern called “The Bungie P.O.”, that I have encountered several times. If you like these videos please subscribe and share that would be awesome! The term “Bungie P.O.”, I have seen it, I have not given it a name until I read this book from Roman Pichler: “Agile Product Management with Scrum. Creating Products that Customers Love”. And one of the patterns that he introduces here is “The Bungie P.O.”. I have seen it many many times, unfortunately. And it is actually interesting to see and dive into why this happens.…

  • Philip Kotler: Marketing
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    Philip Kotler: Marketing

    On behalf of our President and CEO, Greg Case, and our chief marketing officer, Phil Clement, it’s a real honor for Aon to be the sponsor of this event today. And for many of you, you might know that Aon is now a UK-based company, but it’s also important for you to know that the Aon Foundation, for the past 25 years, has made it a priority to support educational activities and cultural institutions like the Chicago Humanities Festival and the Charter Humanist Circle, that does so much to enrich the lives of all of us in this room and everybody in Chicago. And even though we’re now in the…

  • Boycott of Japanese products rumbles on in S. Korea, 7 months after Tokyo imposed export curbs
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    Boycott of Japanese products rumbles on in S. Korea, 7 months after Tokyo imposed export curbs

    now despite seven months passing since Tokyo first imposed trade curbs against Seoul the boycott of Japanese products rumbles on here in South Korea according to data from the Korea Customs Service the amount of consumer goods imported from Japan stood at just one hundred ninety million dollars last month a 36 percent drop on year imports of Japanese beer plummeted 98 percent on-year which was a 45 percent drop from the previous month imports of Japanese vehicles also dropped by nearly 70 percent on-year

  • Features – Commerce – Part 3 – Rich Product – 47AppSt
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    Features – Commerce – Part 3 – Rich Product – 47AppSt

    Today, we are going to check out the “Commerce” feature – Part 3 How to create a Rich Product Let’s edit a product created earlier We are able to enrich it by adding “Formats” and “Options” Let’s start with the “Formats” It’s the best setting for product sizes The product’s price changes accordingly to the selected format You can also use this setting for different variations, like flavor, ingredient/materials, etc. Once you are done, click on “OK” at the top of the page Now let’s head out for “Options” First, create the group. For our coffee, a topping option could be great You can make at least one option mandatory…

  • 10 Ridiculous Cooking Products!
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    10 Ridiculous Cooking Products!

    oh look at that it’s working I don’t even think it needs to be hot it looks like you’re popping a pimple yeah that’s disgusting what’s going on guys I am Matthias and welcome to a brand new video Tanner has joined me the man who will eventually take over my channel has joined me down in the comments let me know do you really think Tanner’s a horrible person that he can’t accomplish such a task if that’s what who you are as a person I guess write it down in the comments below or if you’re just so afraid of change anyways today we’re looking at cooking products…

  • Lea’s Favorite Hair Products
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    Lea’s Favorite Hair Products

    Hi, I’m Lea. I’m the Merchandise Manager here at C.O. Bigelow. I have curly hair. I tend to have a 2B curl. I really like the Oribe Moisture and Control Collection, I think it really works for my hair. After I get out of the shower and comb my hair, I use the Priming Detangling Lotion to set my hair. And then I use about a dollop amount of the Curl Silkening Créme. And I flip my hair upside down and scrunch and use it to form my curls. A couple times a week, I also use the Deep Treatment Masque, if I feel like I need some extra hydration.

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    Brightpearl Product: Inventory Management

    hi I Beth and I work at Brightpearl where we provide you with a retail management platform allows you to manage your inventory in one place every business is different and has its own unique product set with Brightpearl inventory management you can manage your products across multiple locations including details such as size or color variation you can manage many unique prices as you need so you can price differently across all of your market places or give wholesaler or loyal customers their discounts. When it comes to purchasing, Brightpearl combines your up-to-date inventory levels with low stock thresholds historical sales data and powerful costs of goods accounting to…

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    How to Analyze Product Lines For Licensing Potential

    (upbeat electronic music) – [Stephen Key] Okay everybody, this video is extremely important because as you know, we’ve had a little trouble with people submitting ideas to companies that just aren’t a good fit. And one particular company reached out to me and said, hey Steve, your community is sending me ideas and they’re just not doing their homework. They don’t know what we’re looking for, they’re sending us bad ideas that don’t even fit our product line. So, what I wanted to do today was to show you how to look at someone’s product line, how to find a company that’s looking for ideas, such as this company here,…