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    Amazon Keyword Optimierung

    In this video I would like to explain keyword optimisation – the second, important step in our Five-Step plan. Your product should be as relevant as possible for those searching on Amazon. Relevance factors are key in determining whether or not a product will be displayed for a specific product search. The performance factors, on the other hand, influence the placement of the product within the search result. If the product isn’t relevant, the performance will not have much of an impact. The quality of the reviews, click-through rate, conversion rate, or sales volume will never be able to make up for a lack of relevance. Whether you are seen…

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    Ecommerce Success Show Episode 5 – On Page Product Optimization

    Hey guys its Nikki Purvy, your host of the ecommerce success show. Today is our fifth episode and we are going to talk about on page on page product optimization, some Google changes and how video can help you grow your business, how to use video to help grow your business. And let’s hop right into it. First thing were gonna talk about is on page product optimization. How you can structure the content on your product pages so that people will be more likely to actually buy. The first thing is you need to have high quality pictures. First thing, high quality pictures. People wanna see what their buying,…

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    Actually Impossible Rubik’s Cube! | 10 Strange Amazon Products

    What’s going on guys i am Brady lanahan welcome to another video what today is an april fool’s? Special i am going to let you know What are the best prank products and if they work and if they don’t tanner has picked out 10 hilarious prank products And he’s gonna give them to, me, and i’m gonna let. You know, whether these are laughable or practical ain’t that right tanner All right first item Classic practical jokes and pranks 34 piece super set including classic, whoopee i’m sorry i can’t it’s just Odd with you here now Yeah, you, did obviously this isn’t tanning it’s actually the real tan…

  • Amazon Mini Course: Identifying X-Factor
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    Amazon Mini Course: Identifying X-Factor

    Step number seven – the X Factor. So guys, you know, most of them as sellers, don’t know anything about it. And no wonder why they lose products which are not getting traction, ranking and sales So let’s explore what is an X-factor and how does it look like So you can see results for search letter board As you see the first two are sponsored products So when you release your product, this is the only way you can be number one or number two is when using Amazon ads and to pay for advertisements. So when somebody now will click this product, or this product then they will…

  • Online Marketing Strategies | CurtinX on edX
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    Online Marketing Strategies | CurtinX on edX

    DR BILLY SUNG: The online world is changing very rapidly. The digital world is moving into every single aspect of the consumer journey. By 2025, there will be 75 billion devices that are connected to the internet. What these sensors could do is notify you when you need a product. Even when we look at offline marketing, we also have the digital aspect – digital signage. They’re now equipped with facial recognition software that actually recognises your gender and your age. And they will actually serve you the most relevant advertisements that they have, based on your age and gender. What customers expect is the most relevant ads to them.…

  • EBay Mystery Tires Review
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    EBay Mystery Tires Review

    EBay Mystery Tires. Hello thanks for watching. I want to show you these tires I got from ebay. Sometimes you are shopping on ebay for parts and you see something that looks too good to be true. I was looking on ebay and I found these cheap tires. Set of four. With wheels. With foams. The whole set is about 12 usd. Another 4.5 usd to ship them here to the us. This is what you get. I’ve been using these ones already. They have a few different tread patterns. They have different styles of wheel. And they have foams inside. They come like this. They are marked “www.kforce-racing.com”. When…

  • Profit First for eCommerce Sellers: Proactively Running Your Business and Prioritizing Profit
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    Profit First for eCommerce Sellers: Proactively Running Your Business and Prioritizing Profit

    Hey everybody, I’m really excited to welcome Cyndi Thomason We are gonna be taking a deep dive into a book that she has launching very soon January 22nd Profit First for E-commerce Sellers, Cyndi Thomason is the founder and CEO of books keep and Is a Profit First practitioner she’s, well known within the e-commerce Ecosystem and she is a regular contributor to the InventoryLab newsletter as well as our InventoryLab blog and we our InventoryLab is we just love Cyndi! We believe a lot in what she does and and just the mission of bookskeep and we’re really excited to be able to talk with you today about your…

  • The Best Car Products on Amazon
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    The Best Car Products on Amazon

    rev up your engines, in my never-ending quest to find interesting and useful car products for your car there’s some great products that I’ve discovered it took a long time to test this stuff and as usual nobody’s paying me to talk about it I got all kinds of products in the garage I try them out, some people get mad at me cuz their products are junk, some like these win and they’re probably really happy, it’s called SUV door step and that’s exactly what it does now I got a tiny SUV here of course you need it more for a bigger one but this is just demonstration…

  • Flipkart !!! WATCH THIS BEFORE YOU BUY FROM FLIPKART ‘s Seller ( Name in the video ) #Ei_Manipuri_E
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    Flipkart !!! WATCH THIS BEFORE YOU BUY FROM FLIPKART ‘s Seller ( Name in the video ) #Ei_Manipuri_E

    Hi ! Everyone I have been waiting for this product for such a long time, Abunao has also done a vlog on this product earlier the product delivered at that time wasn’t working, so i have requested for replacement, through Flipkart’s customer service after communicating customer care, they have finally made the replacement now lets find out if the product they have sent is working or not !!!! the packaging is not up to the mark now lets open this , using my Dad’s Fav. knife whenever i buy product online , I video record them at the time of unboxing asI have seen many fraud delivery cases, and recording…