• You Won’t Believe What This | Electric Towing ATV | Machine Can Do ▶10
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    You Won’t Believe What This | Electric Towing ATV | Machine Can Do ▶10

    MTT has developed ecological and eco-friendly products which produce no smelly air pollution. These machines are completely electric and can be plugged in to recharge (just like your cell phone) for work or leisure purposes. They are safe and reliable and represent a means of transportation somewhere between snowshoes and a motorized vehicle. These devices will adapt to all types of activities to increase hurnan productivity and enhance transportation in a non-polluting Models of the MTT can be personalized to meet individual needs like transporting people with reduced mobility, carrying critical first aid equipment for First Responders, or providing electrical energy in an emergency. Electricity is an essential need in…

  • Inventory robot – What can StockBot do for your retail store?
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    Inventory robot – What can StockBot do for your retail store?

    As a retailer, you know how difficult it is to have an accurate control over your stock. Inventory is a time-consuming process that could be better spent helping your customers find the product they need. Manual inventory-taking is expensive, infrequent, inaccurate and subject to human error. Working this way ends up in unreliable inventories that affect your bottom line. Service robots are here to assist you: StockBot exhaustively controls your inventory with its cutting edge technology. Only one set up and StockBot is ready to work whenever you need it to. As the robot safely navigates inside your store, its RFID antennas and vision cameras detect and count your products.…

  • Automation of Robot Data Collection for Business Insights
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    Automation of Robot Data Collection for Business Insights

    – All right, guess we’ll go ahead and get started. Got a nice big crowd over here, really excited about that. So today we’re gonna be talking to you about the automation of data collection for business analytics, specifically, in the robotics context. And just to give you a little bit of information about myself, my name is Abraham Duahajre. I am the Head of Solutions at Formant and I’ve been working at the intersection of hardware and software for a very long time. And I’ve had a lifelong passion for robotics. That’s me as a kid at a robotics competition, maybe 20 years ago. So, sort of in my…

  • Grassroots data collection to empower Detroit youth
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    Grassroots data collection to empower Detroit youth

    [music] What are two or three of your favorite places along the riverfront and why do you enjoy them? Well, there’s this place that has like a map….>>I am working with some really talented youth from Voyager Academy to do some surveys, interviews observation and collect sensor data so we know how people are using the space at the Detroit riverfront Conservancy [music]>>So every time somebody walks past that signal line’s gonna go from 0 volts to 5 volts and then back down once that person was passed by.>>The actual technology that’s going behind this we built it from the ground up the hardware and the software for this project.…

  • Accenture Interactive at Online Retailer 2016
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    Accenture Interactive at Online Retailer 2016

    We’re here presenting about the future of retail and in particular how robots and Artificial Intelligence will play a part in that. So I’m here with my friend NAO the robot and let’s say Hi. Hi NAO Tim; I like your jacket. Did you know we have a similar one on sale currently? oh; no; I didn’t know that. Where’s a near store? The closest store is Westfield Bondi. My friend -a robot- will be there to greet you I just told him to give you a discount. Oh, great. Thanks a lot, NAO. So NAO is one of the Softbank Robotics family so there’s three different robots, NAO is…

  • TORY – efficient automated RFID inventory robot
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    TORY – efficient automated RFID inventory robot

    With an annual revenue of 500 billion Euros, retail is one of Germany’s most important branches. Millions of transactions per day make constant and accurate inventory a time and cost intensive necessity. We at MetraLabs asked ourselves: How can this task be done in a more efficient way? TORY is our answer. It is the first fully autonomous inventory robot to see continuous live deployment in a public environment. Our innovative user interface makes setting up and operating TORY a straightforward task that requires no further training. TORY’s day is completely automated: At any desired time it will start the inventory process and return to its charging station once it’s…

  • Amazon’s newest robots mean new jobs
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    Amazon’s newest robots mean new jobs

    (gentle music) – This is essentially the robot highway. These are my babies. Our entire operation depends on these. I started at Amazon just looking for a part-time job, just manually scanning boxes to pallets. And my senior leadership approached us, and they said, “Hey, this is the project that’s coming in. This is the job opportunity we have. Start thinking about it.” And now I get to play with robots all day. An associate will place the package on the robot. The robot knows exactly where to drop it. Each of those little chutes is a specified destination at the bottom. (dispatcher talking) So a big part of my…

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    Meet the Robots at Amazon

    Pedro Domingos: On the ranking of things to worry about, Skynet coming and taking over doesn’t even rank in the top ten. It distracts attention from the more urgent things, for example, what’s going to happen to jobs. Narrator: For a glimpse into the future, consider one of the largest companies on the planet—Amazon. Tye Brady: Amazon has tremendous scale. We have fulfillment centers that are as large as 1.25 million square feet. That’s like 23 football fields, and in it we’ll have just millions of products. Narrator: To deal with that scale, Amazon has built an army of robots. Brady: Like a marching army of ants that can constantly…

  • KMP 1500 – Intelligent & Autonomous Mobile Platform
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    KMP 1500 – Intelligent & Autonomous Mobile Platform

    Introducing KMP 1500 Autonomous, modular, omnidirectional, mobile platform KUKA Sunrise Controller for wireless programming based on JAVA Laser Scanner for safety and navigation Standard Interfaces ProfiNET, Power Supply, 16 I/Os and operator touch panel Powerful Mobility Payload of 1500 kg Lifting Precision 200 mm lifting height with position monitoring omniMove Drive Concept Precise omnidirectional movement Autonomous Navigation KUKA Navigation Solution with SLAM Litium Ion Batteries At least 8 hours run time and charging via floor contact plate Matrix Production The future of intelligent production Control and monitor KUKA mobile platforms and mobile robots