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    Meet the Robots at Amazon

    Pedro Domingos: On the ranking of things to worry about, Skynet coming and taking over doesn’t even rank in the top ten. It distracts attention from the more urgent things, for example, what’s going to happen to jobs. Narrator: For a glimpse into the future, consider one of the largest companies on the planet—Amazon. Tye Brady: Amazon has tremendous scale. We have fulfillment centers that are as large as 1.25 million square feet. That’s like 23 football fields, and in it we’ll have just millions of products. Narrator: To deal with that scale, Amazon has built an army of robots. Brady: Like a marching army of ants that can constantly…

  • KMP 1500 – Intelligent & Autonomous Mobile Platform
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    KMP 1500 – Intelligent & Autonomous Mobile Platform

    Introducing KMP 1500 Autonomous, modular, omnidirectional, mobile platform KUKA Sunrise Controller for wireless programming based on JAVA Laser Scanner for safety and navigation Standard Interfaces ProfiNET, Power Supply, 16 I/Os and operator touch panel Powerful Mobility Payload of 1500 kg Lifting Precision 200 mm lifting height with position monitoring omniMove Drive Concept Precise omnidirectional movement Autonomous Navigation KUKA Navigation Solution with SLAM Litium Ion Batteries At least 8 hours run time and charging via floor contact plate Matrix Production The future of intelligent production Control and monitor KUKA mobile platforms and mobile robots

  • What’s it like to work with robots at an Amazon fulfillment center?
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    What’s it like to work with robots at an Amazon fulfillment center?

    [Narrator]: Have you ever wondered how humans and robots work together at Amazon? From the moment a product enters our Fufillment Center until it heads out to a customer Amazon technology helps our associates in so many incredible ways. [Amazonian]: Amazon introduced our drive unit robots in 2012 which led to three-hundred thousand new full time jobs. [Narrator]: These are the stow stations. They use artificial intelligence and computer vision! [Amazonian]: Yeah, pretty cool! [Narrator]: This is the palletizer. It uses computer vision to stack totes of products. [Amazonian]: There’s so much cool technology that goes into this! [Narrator]: Oh yeah? Like what? [Amazonian]: Well, like 2D Imaging, a laser…