• Product Peek: Identification
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    Product Peek: Identification

    Everybody wants a more targeted list. The ability to identify a new client, a new supporter, a new investor, a new partner, a new donor. Nobody has the time to waste on cold outreach or dead ends. Everybody knows the prize is to get in front of the key decision-maker. Imagine having limitless capability to query a proprietary database of over three million of the most influential decision-makers and over 1 million important organizations. Decision-makers in a particular industry, the ones that went to your school, decision-makers that support a certain cause or candidate, individuals involved in certain types of transaction, those with certain expertise, experience and specific roles, or…

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    Brightpearl Product: Inventory Management

    hi I Beth and I work at Brightpearl where we provide you with a retail management platform allows you to manage your inventory in one place every business is different and has its own unique product set with Brightpearl inventory management you can manage your products across multiple locations including details such as size or color variation you can manage many unique prices as you need so you can price differently across all of your market places or give wholesaler or loyal customers their discounts. When it comes to purchasing, Brightpearl combines your up-to-date inventory levels with low stock thresholds historical sales data and powerful costs of goods accounting to…

  • Job Roles For Marketing Representative – Sales,Inbound,Outbound,Event organization
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    Job Roles For Marketing Representative – Sales,Inbound,Outbound,Event organization

    Hello all this is Priyanka from Freshersworld.com welcome to our video channel on jobs and careers today i will be talking about the job role of a Marketing Representative Job questers who love to meet more customers and have a flair for selling can opt for marketing career. The career has an excellent opportunity and enhanced amount can be earned in the marketing field. Here are a few aspects about the career growth and main duties involved in marketing. The primary duties of any marketing executive are to formulate new strategies for promoting a product. The roles for marketing executive are many where a few of them are distribution, planning,…

  • How to Sell E-Commerce Merchants
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    How to Sell E-Commerce Merchants

    Hi, my name is James Shepherd. Today I want to talk to you about how to sell E-Commerce merchants. This video is the first in a series of five videos, that I have created, that are going to be over at instantquotetool.com in the courses section. I wanted to make the first one publicly available because this is a topic that I’ve actually never covered before. Thank you very much to one of my Youtube subscribers, who actually mentioned this to me in a comment and said, “Hey, you never talked about selling E-Commerce merchants. The funny thing about that is I’m actually really surprised I’ve never done videos on…

  • Sales: Product Classification in Surveys
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    Sales: Product Classification in Surveys

    Products in a survey can now be classified to simplify survey execution. Open a visit and check the products in a survey. Select the classification icon and filter the products based on the classification: Essential and Promoted. Based on the classification, filtered products are displayed in the survey. A product can have many classifications based on the rule framework. Now let’s filter the products based on the ‘Mandatory’ classification. Products classified as ‘Mandatory’ are indicated by the mandatory icon. Now let’s submit the survey without supplying a mandatory product. As you can see, the submission fails. Fill out the mandatory products and submit the survey again. The submission is successful…

  • Retail Store Management Software for Distributors & Retailers  Doogle Solution
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    Retail Store Management Software for Distributors & Retailers Doogle Solution

    Hi I am anna I am having my own Retail business for what i am searching an affordable business software with this i get ease to run my retail store and website finding a proper software is over whelming i have seen many systems from multiple vendors but they were either out dated or too new to suitable but then one day! some one told me about Doogle retail POS software. which is web based solution hosted on the cloud The specialty of this software is that one complete POS software. with Products categories and pictures purchase, stock details, easy to use, multiple vendors to use reports, accounts financial records,…

  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customers Insights product demo
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    Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customers Insights product demo

    (upbeat music) – At the core of every organization’s digital transformation journey, we believe is building a deep understanding of customers by centralizing key data and infusing AI-driven insights into business processes. Today, I am super excited to announce Dynamics 365 Custom Insights, our newest addition to the Dynamics 365 portfolio. Custom Insights enables every organization to unify disparate data, be it transactional, observational, or behavioral sources to gain a single view of the customer, ultimately helping them derive insights and drive key business processes. Let me show you how organizations can realize the full potential of their customer data across key personas. Specifically business users, analysts, and administrators. I’ll…