• [Lesson 14] iOS Inventory Searches – Jamf 100 Course
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    [Lesson 14] iOS Inventory Searches – Jamf 100 Course

    Hello this is Jeremy Logsdon at Jamf and in Lesson 14 we’ll be talking about iOS Inventory Searches. The goal here is to understand the ways we can search inventory to find devices by particular attributes. Referencing the administrator’s guide we can see all of the searchable attributes. Some common searchable attributes are Mobile Device Name, Serial Number, Building and Department. So if we wanted to find the iPad enrolled in previous lessons we can search for Jeremy’s iPad which is its mobile device name. By default we’ll need to type an exact match into the search field to return results. Notice how just searching for Jeremy returns no results…

  • Retail Top Tips: Using Google Analytics
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    Retail Top Tips: Using Google Analytics

    Hi welcome to Retail 90, I’m Jason Stokes CEO of Eastside Co. Eastside Co is a specialist Shopify agency. We build ecommerce websites on Shopify as a platform as well as building applications that extend Shopify’s functionality and offering marketing solutions to clients on the platform. Custom dashboards will give you a snapshot of all of your data in one place and alerts will let you know if anything changes with your conversion rate or your traffic levels so that you can act appropriately and discover why those are. The next thing I would also suggest is looking at setting something up such as Search Monitor. Search Monitor enables you…

  • DATA GEMS: How to Navigate data.census.gov
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    DATA GEMS: How to Navigate data.census.gov

    [Music] Hi, my name is Tyson Weister, in today’s census data gem I’ll show you how to navigate data.census.gov. The new site to access Census Bureau data. With so many options available to start your search on the site, you may be wondering ” How do I get started?”. Today, I’m going to show you my favorite trick, let’s check it out. From the landing page of data.census.gov, there are 2 entry points to get started with your search. A single search bar and the advanced search. I like to give the single search bar a try, it often gives me a quick and easy answer to my question. To…

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    The FoxFury D3060 is a small platform drone light. It was designed to be compact and powerful combining short-range task lighting and anti-collision lighting. The D3060 is made for drone pilots looking for a lightweight, but durable light that can satisfy FAA 107.29 night operation regulations. It mounts on smaller platform drones like the Autel Evo, Parrot Anafi and the DJI Mavic The D3060 features one 30 degree light that faces forward and another 60 degree dorsal light. Each light has three modes, high, low and strobe. The D3060. It’s the ultimate light designed for small platform drones. Visit FoxFury.com for more information.

  • Back-to-School Shopping Insights 2016
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    Back-to-School Shopping Insights 2016

    Books closed, pencils down, and laptops packed away. School’s out for summer. Vacation may be top of mind, but back-to-school shopping isn’t as far off as it seems. Did you know 63% of consumers start shopping as early as June? With sales expected to top $70 billion this year, back-to-school is the second largest shopping season of the year. Be ready to allocate budget, and begin advertising by June for three to four months. There are 170 million searchers in the US, 60 million are exclusive to Bing. That’s 35% of searches you may be missing out on. Not to mention, the 29% of clicks on the Bing network that…

  • Image search comes to e-commerce – Digital Minute 30/05/17
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    Image search comes to e-commerce – Digital Minute 30/05/17

    Hello and welcome to Digital Minute where this week we’re looking at the rapid development of visual search. Sometimes it takes more than a text search to find what we want, like if we wanted to discover the name of a dish, or the artist behind a painting, Brands like Pinterest and Amazon have started to use “machine learning solutions” to deliver the answer to our everyday dilemmas, all with the aid of image search. In online home retailer, Wayfair’s case, customers may be searching for a product they’ve seen in a magazine, Using the camera icon on Wayfair.com’s search bar, they can take a picture or upload one from…