• #105: Digital Transformation and Retail, Shashank Saxena, Director of Digital and eCommerce, Kroger
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    #105: Digital Transformation and Retail, Shashank Saxena, Director of Digital and eCommerce, Kroger

    Hello, digital transformation is one of the hot topics today, and retail is certainly a hot topic because we all spend a lot of time in stores. And on this episode of CXO-talk, episode 105, we’re talking with someone from Kroger, one of the largest retail organizations in the universe. I’m Michael Krigsman and I’m here with my you know, I’m going to say it. I’m going to say it, with my brilliant co-host Vala Afshar. Hey Vala. Wow what a great compliment. Another fantastic way to end a Friday afternoon, having a incredible thought leader, Shashank on the show with us and then now this compliment so this is…

  • Retail Wars: Amazon vs Walmart
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    Retail Wars: Amazon vs Walmart

    Amazon is preparing for a showdown with an unlikely foe Walmart this is a war that has been quietly building for some time and now making a lot of noise amazon is the king of e-commerce with 40% of online market shares supported by their prime service which provides value delivery merchandise and cloud services all for a low annual membership fee recently Amazon has been making a series of moves to also dominate logistics a territory dominated by super chain Walmart, Amazon is aggressively moving in this direction with the 13.7 billion acquisition of Whole Foods and by building more of their already 215 nationwide US fulfillment centers Walmart…

  • Ecommerce Fulfillment | J.M. Field Fulfillment
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    Ecommerce Fulfillment | J.M. Field Fulfillment

    Here at J.M. Field, we’re able to build a variety of different shopping carts from your basic .com page that you would have at home or in “about us” sections to a customized shopping cart experience. One of the additional benefits of using J.M. Field’s web based inventory management system is that it’s fully compatible with a variety of different shopping carts that everyone’s using on the web. We would be more than happy to look into creating a custom integration as well for your cart if it falls outside of that but so far, I have not encountered any sort of compatibility problems. For more information on fulfillment and…

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    Why Amazon is Worth $1 Trillion

    This video is sponsored by Brilliant. The first 200 to use the link in the description get 20% off their annual premium subscription. On September 4th, 2018, Amazon became a 1 trillion dollar company. That’s twice what it was a year ago, and only a month after Apple first broke the record. Now, if your name rhymes with Real deGrasse Bison, you might point out that 1 trillion is a pretty arbitrary milestone, that new years is fake, leap day is a lie, and the phrase “time flies” is scientifically inaccurate. But it’s still a good excuse to stop and ask, Why? Why is Amazon valued higher than Walmart, Samsung,…

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    We Bought Formal Wear From Amazon • Ladylike

    – Let’s face it. Deliveries from Amazon make it feel like it’s Christmas all year round. – Ooh, I got a package! – But can our favorite online retailer give us the gift of fab when it really counts? – A.k.a shopping for formal dresses. – [Jen] It’s Ladylike and today we’re buying formal wear off of Amazon. – I pretty much only online shop. I don’t like to physically go the mall. – I’ve definitely never bought a formal dress off of an online website. – When I buy clothes, they are almost exclusively purchased online because they do not sell fabulous clothes for me in stores. – I’m…

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    Spinning HDPE Grocery Bags into Cord by Hand without Spinning Tools | Plarn Yarn Upcycle by GemFOX

    I’ll be showing you how I made the cord to make this bag. You may have seen in a previous video We made plarn roving from grocery bags. This bag is more like a basket. It’s firm and a little bit more coarse because of the twist. So let’s make plarn twine or plarn cord. So now we have 16 loops. Instead of joining them together the way we did for when we made the plarm roving I’m gonna do it a little bit differently. For this I’m going to use a thin crochet hook. I think this is a 2.5 millimeter, and I’ll show you why it’s good to…

  • The Future of Ecommerce: Disrupting Business Methods Worldwide
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    The Future of Ecommerce: Disrupting Business Methods Worldwide

    So, what’s the future look like for the E-Commerce industry worldwide? Let’s talk about the details. Today, we’re going to talk about the global E-Commerce industry, and it’s impossible to talk about E-Commerce without starting with the world’s giant, Amazon. Amazon came out of nowhere, selling only books online and rapidly–very rapidly–growing into an online seller of virtually everything. Now, Amazon makes a lot of its money selling for other parties; that is, the Amazon marketplace lets all types of people, all types of vendors sell their products through the Amazon platform. In the same way, China’s E-Commerce giant, Alibaba, has become a massive reseller for other vendors; in other…