• Echo Loop hands-on: Amazon’s smart ring
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    Echo Loop hands-on: Amazon’s smart ring

    – Hey everybody I’m here again at Amazon’s Hardware Event, and I have on my finger this big, ol’ thing here which is the Amazon Echo Loop. It is Alexa in a little, tiny, ring on your finger. And if you look at it here it’s titanium, it has a brushed, diamond-like finish on it. I think it looks okay, but I also have a wedding ring that’s brushed metal, so there you go. It’s sort of like a really nerdy, class ring if you think about it. Now, this looks pretty big, but it’s actually the extra large size. It also comes in large, medium, and small, and they…

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    Amazon-Backed Smart Glasses For $1,000: First Look

    They may not look like it, but these are actually smart glasses They’re called Focals and are made by North, a startup backed by Amazon You can get them with prescription lenses or clear Focals of the first pair of everyday smart glasses So wearing the product right now, it’s a pair of eyewear that has a hidden holographic display in it So I actually just turn it on and have a display floating about arm’s length out here in front of me saying it’s 2:48 on Thursday here It’s all built around this idea of how do we give people those magical benefits of technology and build something that’s…

  • Smart Home Products Demo: Home Automation Setup using Google Home in India,How I made my स्मार्ट होम
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    Smart Home Products Demo: Home Automation Setup using Google Home in India,How I made my स्मार्ट होम

    Welcome to my channel check video description for english video I have also provided the links of devices I use at my home in the video description Also I provided the link of related videos as well Visit www.shikhavivek.com to know more about Home Automation and Smart Home Gadgets Don’t forget to subscribe my channel and like my video

  • Amazon Robots!
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    Amazon Robots!

    Which with more than 10 million inhabitants with all those people clamoring for goods and services Can technology help us keep pace with our craving for Instant commerce? In Boston a robot Workforce is being built to meet our consumer demands Chris Eliasmith is about to test the theory that anything humans do robots do better Grocery shopping is a drag But could a robot do it any faster? So here’s a simple test? I’m going to find say a dozen items and check out. We’ll see how long it takes The average shopper spends about two and a half hours each week buying groceries Over the course of the…