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    They Are Making Millions of Dollars Off of Influencer Marketing?! | DailyVee 361

    – What up, guys? The other day I spoke at a really interesting food and agricultural keynote. This is an incredible keynote for a lot of people in the B2B sector or the traditional $100 million dollar plus business sectors, this is a keynote that you should forward to a bunch of your dads and grandpops and grandmas and grandpas, it’s just a very interesting talk. I felt, I mean this was, I was really in the zone. I hope you agree. (uptempo music) Morning. Very, very happy to be here. Really enjoyed the opening monologue. In the context of today’s morning, I tweeted just now, it’s been interesting over…

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    5 Online Marketing Strategies For Beauty Businesses

    – Hey it’s Marquetta and today, I will be answering a question about online marketing. So I got a question asking if I could share some tips about online marketing or online marketing strategies. So before I go any further, I just want to give you a little bit of background about who I am and the reason why I got that question. My husband and I have been online marketing or building our beauty business online for over 13 years. Back in 2003, we started with a website called BraidsByBreslin.com. And after Braids by Breslin came the Lace Wig Training Center, MillionDollarStylist.com, and some other things. So I don’t…

  • 10 Fast Hacks to Grow Your Ecommerce Print-on-Demand Store
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    10 Fast Hacks to Grow Your Ecommerce Print-on-Demand Store

    Small things can add up to some real growth! Whether you’re trying to get your first or your 10,000th sale, there is something for everyone in this video. 10 Fast Hacks to Grow Your Ecommerce Print-on-Demand Store Hey, it’s Wes from Printful! Let’s be real for a second. There’s never enough time to do everything you could to boost your store’s sales. We’re all busy. We often get overwhelmed with everything that we should be doing, and end up not being able to find time for any of it. The next time you have spare 15 minutes, take a look at this list of fast hacks and check off something…

  • How To Grow Your Online Business Fast
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    How To Grow Your Online Business Fast

    [inaudible] Jaymi with a ‘y’ recently messaged me and said this: “So I own a couple businesses. I’m still in startup mode, year two. I’m at the early stages of positioning myself as an instructor and consultant and I plan on creating a digital course to sell within the next six months. And that adds up to I’m currently very, very poor. Jaymi wanted to know if Instagram could actually help a photography instructor like herself grow a business. If you’re in the same shoes and you need to figure out how to get clients, like, yesterday, stay tuned for today’s video. I’m covering how to grow an online business…

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    Facebook Marketing Strategy: How to Build a Six Figure Business in Under 90 Days With Facebook Ads

    Everyone says it’s hard to make money, and that you need money to make money. That’s a bunch of bullshit. Today, I’m gonna share with you how I built a six figure business in 90 days using Facebook ads and how you can too. (happy music) Sign up for Facebook ads, yeah you may say, ‘oh I need money to do that’. No, you don’t. Credit cards are net 30, that means you can spend money on ads, and then you can pay it off as you’re getting the revenue. And the beautiful part about this is as long as you follow the tips and the tactics that I’m gonna…

  • Facebook Analytics Tutorial 2018
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    Facebook Analytics Tutorial 2018

    Facebook analytics can be super difficult to understand right especially if you’ve never worked with Facebook or any type of analytics before whether that’s google analytics or reading Instagram analytics so in this video we’re gonna go over what those analytics are what you need to know about those analytics and how you need to use them to make more money with your ads that you’re running online stay tuned here we go all right guys so like I said in the intro in this video we’re going to talk about Facebook analytics alright and here’s the cool thing about Facebook analytics it really applies to just about any other…

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    Facebook Watch vs. YouTube | Which One Is More Important for Video Marketing?

    everyone is Neil Patel here I’m here with Adam from viewership I guess today we have another Q&A Thursday again if you have a comment or a question and you want to answer it on a Q&A Thursday video leave a comment below and we may pick it for next week’s video so Adam what’s this week’s question this is your best opportunity to get your questions answered by Neil I’m reading every single one of your comments so make sure you do that this is from Dion and this is outstanding content Neil quick question though how would one access Facebook watch Facebook watch is available to everyone if…

  • Brian Peters (Buffer) on Digital Marketing and Facebook Ads – Class Excerpt
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    Brian Peters (Buffer) on Digital Marketing and Facebook Ads – Class Excerpt

    – If I were teaching this class five years ago, I might sit here and tell you that a paid strategy on social media is not worth your time. Organic reach was booming, businesses and brands were seeing a ton of organic engagement, and success with social media without using any sort of paid ads. The fact of the matter is in 2017, even a small paid strategy will help businesses reach new customers because of the increasing decline in organic reach on social media. So, this paid strategy is meant for beginners, it’s a great starting point for anybody looking to dive into the paid strategy world, and I’d…